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A lot can happen to a pony between the moment she rappels out the town hall window and the moment she bursts in the front door with news of the bugbear's defeat.

The original, mini-fic version of this story came in, oh, 79th or something in the August, 2015 Writeoff, "Best Laid Plans."

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I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.


There seems to be:

A pattern developing. The things I'm interested in writing about aren't usually things you're interested in reading about. :twilightsmile:

But thanks for giving it a look-see!


Some good expansion here from the Writeoff version. I think this is the first time I've heard an explanation for the bugbear going after her that squared with the idea of her as a hunter of non-sapient monsters, and it's about as odd as I expected, but in a clever way.


That's me:

Always trying to impose order on a chaotic world. :scootangel:



Now I wanna put some bat wings on my little Baal Bunny picture... :pinkiehappy:


she started down the aisle toward her friend.

Bon Bon walking down the aisle to Lyra? At a wedding? This is obviously foreshadowing. :heart:


Get those:

Fireless fireworks ready! :pinkiehappy:


Poor Bonnie, least she can find a future now.

This is some glorious headcanon. Glad I read this.


I'm all about:

The "happily-ever-aftering." :pinkiehappy:


Thanks! I've had this idea sloshing around in my head since about an hour after the "Slice of Life" episode first aired, so I'm glad I finally got a chance to squeeze it out through my fingers to a place where other folks can see it, too.


A gamma wave has a high frequency, but rather short wavelength. A radio wave has a low frequency, but longest wavelength (got inspired by Physics class). If I were you, I'd prefer radio waves since the message might be unclear, but it gives you a sense that it would never give up transmitting whether you have figured out the message or not. It would remain broadcasting its message. If the message was "I love you", I'm sure you'd definitely want to hear your lover, husband/wife, or soulmate say it to you everyday :fluttercry: (These are happy tears, don't worry). Rather than a gamma ray which you can clearly hear, but only for a limited time. It the end, you're so called partner might say those last words for the last time before he/she moves on or finds another. :raritydespair:

Going back to the topic, Bob Bon and Lyra are the bestest of friends... But I'm sure one of them or even both of them are transmitting a radio wave that they'll surely figure or have figured it out. It's hard not to notice your future when it's always beside you everyday :heart: . When they do decode the message, would they (and even you) want it to continue like a radio wave or come to an end like a gamma wave?

Sorieez for bringing the feels, every time I remember the 100th episode (Slice of Life), it just puts me in deep thought about how far this whole fandom has reached :fluttercry: :pinkiesad2: . That's just about all I can chatter at the moment. Not going in full detail.

Anyways, this story really shows there is something to look forward to in the future. Don't just focus on ones flaws because you're only beating yourself up or the people around. There will be those people who we meet that come and go, but only few get to stay with you... Forever!!!!! (So yes there is forever so don't be bitter about it! :rainbowhuh: :ajbemused: )
-MysticCptTidalStirling ;P (Just new to FimFiction so sorieez if I have broken a rule or two)

Finally got around to this one, too.

A fun and exciting piece, I enjoyed the insights into the characters and thought it all worked well with what we saw on the episode.

Aww, this was really clever and cute. And it fits really well with canon too!

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