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A Pole by birth, a Lawgiver by trade and a Trickster by choice. Altogether a most friendly, sociopathic madman. At your service...


Starlight Glimmer's defeat at the hooves of Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends leaves the mare wandering the caverns and mountains, escaping from her failure of creating the perfect society.

And yet there is somepony she cannot run away from. Somepony who keeps her awake at night, who follows her no matter where she is headed, who does not want to leave her alone despite her best efforts.


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Starlight basically in heavy denial. Is it sad I see a lot of people on earth feeling the same thing here?


There is indeed something to it, no?

This is... awesome!


Thank you kindly... :twilightsmile:

Great story, I like how you manage to put express Starlight thoughts on the subject of all the pressure that she had endured in the course of her foalhood from her parents and the constants and judgment in relation to cutemark.


Thank you, I was trying my best. Glad you find my story praiseworthy. :pinkiesmile:

Is it wrong to say that I read the italics parts in Discord's voice, as though he was trying to ensure that Starlight wouldn't threaten Equestria again by Discording her?


Feel free to. Ultimately, we might never know if it's her own voice in her head... or perhaps it is somepony else...

This was nice to read. At first I found it a little bit too "crazy" to fit Starlight Glimmer (it sort of felt like her ideology was explained by a pathology), but then I remembered how she lost control of herself rapidly after her Cutie Mark was discovered (plus she locked ponies in a room without toilets).

I rolled my eyes when I arrived to the "parents always disappointed about the daughter who's trying hard to please them" part. Probably because I'd like to think that her ideas came from years of observation of the pony society, instead of a painful past. It could also be (and the two reasons are not incompatibles) because failure and parents' disappointment are sensitive subjects for me at the moment; it's hard to stay objective.

I also prefer to believe that she didn't do that just so she could mean something, but because she really believed that she was bringing true friendship to the ponies.

However, I was caught in her conversation with herself. I think it explained who she became quite well, I could even feel her pain (then again, I'm not totally objective, but who is?). It felt uncomfortable, but not irrational, her "other" self had good arguments, For those who might find the parents exagerated or too direct in their words, unfortunately, this could happen.

Comparing me! Measuring me!

Oh yes. I couldn't put the finger on it, but I think I'm starting to understand why these words struck me. In a way, we're always comparing ourselves to others. As long as there will be differences, their will be comparisons. It might seem obvious, but I had to mention it.

Finally, special mention to Sunset Shimmer and her :

“Sorry, Starlight. It’s a competition after all.”

because she was terribly right.

Oh and...

Licking my wounds.


I can only hope that when we hear about Starlight Glimmer in future episodes her story will be just as ... deep as this one. :pinkiesad2: (I'm beyond words.)


I am happy to receive such thorough comments. They help me realize what parts were strong about my work and which ones perhaps need improvement. Thank you for the time and effort you put into evaluating my creation. :twilightsmile:


Thank you and, yes, I am too looking forward to learning more about Starlight. :pinkiesmile:

5827323 You're very welcome, I enjoyed reading and commenting your story. I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I could probably have written more, but I had to restrain myself as these are busy times for me. There's nothing better than a nice story to read to take some pressure off though. :twilightsmile:

How did you make me actually feel bad for her?!:rainbowhuh:

I would love to see maybe some future chapters in which she returns to further her vision, driven only by the voice in her head


:takes a bow:


Depending on my schedule and readers support for this piece, I might consider it. :twilightsmile:

5827384 I would love to see it in the future :twilightsmile:

5827379 that would be cool.

I could see Starlight having a conversation like this in her mind. It's a fine story and quite well-written. :pinkiesmile: To go into it a little deeper: Dinnaria touched on something important by saying a basic pathology might not completely explain SG's actions, as this story implies. The crux of 'The Dream of Equality' is Starlight's own secret belief that she is weak and worthless, that the dream is a lie and deep down she knows it.

That's a very compelling possibility and the story explores it well, but my view is somewhat different. Starlight is not weak, nor is she simply in denial. She is clearly a hypocrite with a troubled past and sociopathic tendencies, and her methods are abhorrent--THAT I agree with. :ajbemused:

But as Lulu said in Final Fantasy X, "when weak people are driven, they can't go very far before they break." For Starlight to take such drastic steps, there has to be more driving her than a simple inferiority complex and fear of failure. Many of us struggle with those same issues and self-destructive thoughts, but we don't start up authoritarian cults. And that extra something that takes her down this dark path is genuine conviction. She truly believes in her philosophy and that its ends justify the means.

5827167 Considering how she managed to manipulate Fluttershy into joining her cause, I'd say he'd take a certain dark pleasure into going back to his old ways to deal with her...


I hope the show will explore her past a bit more for us, to reveal her true motivation. And that it shall be something that will cause us to ponder on how one's life can be full of twists and turns. My view of her is based on the notion that there are some wounds, sometimes perhaps even considered "superficial" by others, that can rot and fester until they lead to abhorrent and vicious ideas and deeds.

A mental scar obtained in earlier stages of life can have tremendous effects on the development of our character. And masks of arrogance, self-praise and conviction can hide absolutely broken people. And yet they can cling to their ways with surprising strength, to their ideas with unyielding confidence, because they are their last hope. Because if those are ever taken away...

Thank you for your time and effort put into evaluating my story... :twilightsmile:

I actually empathize with Starlight here. She wasn't trying to take over th world, or enslave anyone. Rather she was trying to create a utopia based of equality. The problem with that is you eliminate what makes people or ponies special.

See just because there is conflict and even though people fight thats okay. As long as you do so respectfully and don't go to far. Look at the main 6 each of them is totally different and yet theirs a certain...Harmony.


And yet something made Starlight believe otherwise. Let us hope that the rest of the season shall explain her motive.

That's heartbreaking. Poor Starlight! :raritycry:

I really love these fan-created back stories. Thank you for writing this one.


It's a pleasure. Glad you've liked it. :pinkiesmile:

This actually makes sense and is written beautifully. I cried.


I'll take those tears as a great compliment. Thank you. :pinkiesmile:

Fascinating story!
well...Could you please authorize me to translate your article into Chinese and put it on website? I will appreciate for your approvement, and the orginal authorship will be clearly stated.:twilightsheepish:


Why, it shall be a pleasure and an honor. I shall send you a private message about it too... :twilightsmile:

Ohohoho 4 for 4, look at you

Well, this does explain a lot of her drive. Nicely done.


Yeah, an old concept of mine, trying to give her a bit more motivation than just the "oh, my friend got a cutie mark and was not my friend anymore".

The show is not handling villainous reasons too well.

Still I wonder where her insane determination comes from


Desperation can be a perennial motivator.

The question about desperation is "motivator for doing what?". What happened with her is enough by far to pummel basically anyone into learned helplessness. Either she had quite a history of being rewarded for determination somewhere else offscreen, or she's a some kind of extremely rare genetic freak :rainbowlaugh:

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