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Shining Armor has faced off against three of Equestria's greatest threats and with each time he has faced them, he has failed to defeat them. As a result, he goes into a deep depression of his actions where he meets his mentor who attempts to help him regain his confidence. However, he must attempt to prove himself when a Changeling General kidnaps Cadence and Twilight in an effort to avenge Queen Chrysalis' defeat.

*Special Thanks to Jarkes for his contributions.

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5807838 The steeljaws from "Age of Extinction" and a little bit of the Diamond Dogs.

5820475 Honstly, I actually don't know how to do a line break.

5823127 Of course, you can. I'd love to see it. Actually, looking back, I wasn't a big fan of how this chapter turned out. Perhaps maybe I could make it like Thorn vs. Azog from "Battle of Five Armies," What do you think?

First queen Chrysalis, then King Sombra and finally Lord Tirek, what next Grogar?

First Queen Chrysalis, then King Sombra and finally Lord Tirek, what next Grogar?

5827176 Absolutely. BTW, I extended the fight scene in Chapter 5. Let me know what you think of it.

Nice start to the story. I bet this will be awesome!:twilightsmile:

This was a really good story. I never thought of how a prince would feel not be able to protect the kingdom he helps rule. Especially Shining. There were a few spelling errors, but other than a very good read.

I honestly wish there were more princes in the show, I mean they make the stallions so scarce and it's good to see the princesses aren't always brave and than that sometimes they need to be saved.

I have wondered how Shining Armor felt being unable to really contribute during the serious villain attacks and how his younger sister, who's not military trained, was the one who saved the day everytime. After Tirek, it must hurt and no wonder he's self-loathing right now.

I thought Lock Down would express his disdain over Twilight. Ah well.

I know this is supposed to be dark, but Twilight and Cadence being kidnapped seems pretty funny.

Now it's time for Shining to regain his confidence and his courage to save everything he cares about.

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