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Whats funny is there is the same story with a zaku in it as well a few hours ago which was pretty good and then all of a sudden in a few hours this appeared, in rushed induced state and just my god. This was pretty bad, I could not even read the whole thign it was that bad.

Is this some sort of crossover? No offense, by but I'm confused with that description

5129356 It should say that in the tags then, because I'm confused on what this is crossing over with

5129401 Also, there are some spelling errors, and you should simplify the description somewhat, at least tell us who these guys are. I've watched a fair amount of Gundam and I have no idea who these are.

5129414 there zeon special forces as to how they are there not from the show its just another unit in the war. I am doing the introductions proper in the next chapter. Ie when the ponies meet them. Also yeah I need to adjust the description. I rote the whole thing that's up now in one sitting. So there is some work need.

5129452 Also, spelling errors/wrong word choice. You forget a w in wrote, there instead of they're, etc.

Your story description and your comments make the ghost of Noah Webster cry.

5129616 oh I don't really care. I just never herd of him. I'm trying my best here. What I don't get is why every pony jumps on me about my work on my page but up vote and fave the hell out of my ghost writing for a friend and my co-op works. I mean I wrote most of Gundam UC: Distant crossing, I have 3 co-op stories with Bryan Luna one was head lining and yet I try to post anything on my page it gets attacked.

I've never heard of these other stories you're talking about, but if that stuff gets upvoted, maybe it actually gets edited for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the like.

That doesn't explain why the grammar in the story is so poor.

Pre-reading and editing would have prevented such problems from being shown to the masses.

There's no excuse for not fixing a story before it's published.

5136075 I did read over it I don't see anything that needed to be fixed.

Seems rushed, and there is quite a bit of errors. Slower pace, a bit more explaination of situations, and maybe even a bit of backstory for the non-M.S.G. fans who don't know about the series' history. Best run the story by an editor or pre-reader before posting chapters.

5142877 I ment to rush the prologue/1st chapter. The next one is going to be introducing the pilots there suits and weapons as well as explaining why they fight for Zeon.

I am a vary big gundam fan and have read a lot of the background story they chose to leave out of most of the one year war based gundam shows and movies. So I know why and how the war really started and who is the real bad guys are. This will be shown as the pilots talk about their past and why they fight.

Thumbs up for standing your ground G.

5149953 lol please I'm too stupid to not fight.

5149966 :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: Touche my friend, I'm that way at times as well.

5150686 thank you, and here is a hint of next chapter Fritz and the CMC.

just remember that both sides committed atrocities during the one year war. Like Zeon's famous Colony drop on the City of Sydney Australia, the attempted Colony drop on jaburo, the use of G3 gases in inhabited colonies, and the use of Nuclear weapons during the battle of Loum. and Yes the Federation did horrible things as well, sadly their not listed.
Both sides are guilty of something.

5154695 Yes they are listed in a back ground book that covers 30 years of federation abusing power. I'm using the supper cannon of all official events of the UC timeline. The zeon did what they did cause to fight monsters you often have to become one. And the federation is the biggest monster in gundam. Every group up instill the Jupiter conflict rises up for there freedoms and independence from the government do to its tight fisted and corrupt control. This includes 2 neo zeon wars, the axis war, mars zeon rebellion, and the crossbone pirate conflicts.

5154697 and you are indeed most correct. but what I'm curious is seeing wether or not the members of 666th talk about what they did and how they felt about what they did during the war before coming to Equestria. But overall I like the story's theme, and how it shows the face on the otherside of the battlefield and war. I hope to read more chapters of this good fic. :heart::pinkiehappy:

5154704 next chapter is about that a little Fritz is spending time with the CMC and discord has a talk with Priest, both will cover there views of what they did. Also remember Fritz was at loum in a Zaku one he saw the zeon doing what the federation did before the war. So he has some strong views on it

5172262 Another awesome chapter to an awesome story. Don't worry about the likes/dislikes.:pinkiehappy: Just keep up the good work man:pinkiehappy:!

The story is good hes u good story line and i love it as for the down vote
let damn you get up vote from my :pinkiehappy:

5321238 lol cute thing with words you did. Did my editor mess something up?

No so far i can se now no mess ups
i reread all my fave story on u day to day bases my engles stil rusty
som time type som thing wrong :pinkiesad2:

5322625 Good to now Speaking english i em good type i not
sins read dis story i have dusting off my old Zaku model and gundam Heavyarms model

5322770 get the new gunpla kits you can combine them in to one machine the Zaku Heavy lol:rainbowdetermined2:

5512621 thanks wait till you see what comes next things are going to get fun.

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