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Hello there, I'm a slightly original writer trying his best to improve and meet unreasonable deadlines, that are already due.

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Wait, wait, wait - Sensual Fisting?

This is immediately how I can laugh and decide a story is very much not for me, but have the urge to upvote it anyway.

Sensual Fisting will forevermore replace the lyrics to "Sexual Healing"

>Sensual Fisting

I have genuinely never seen those two words combined before.

I don't know how to process this.

Eh? The implication is that the activity is done in a slow and precise method as to achieve maximum intimacy and sexual gratification. Basically it is a not Jack hammer, it is a loving touch.

ayy new england:moustache::moustache:

You up loaded it, cool. Also you fixed the issues. Thanks for writing it, loved it. :yay:

Wicked pissah

A well written, Female x Pony lesbian clopfic, in which neither of them has a dick? Truly this is a rare sight to behold!

No but seriously, this was great.

hot stuff :heart:

this was great, its always wonderful to come across an HiE clop thats written for female bronies, lately theres been a few and that really makes me happy, thanks for writing this! it was very sweet but sexy and written well

o and dont listen to idiots criticizing the term sensual fisting, its always hilarious when ppl who clearly have never had any firsthand experience and arent even women themselves try to criticize lesbian practices

Super adorable and very well written to boot, this is really nice.

That was awesome!

Where the fuck am I :rainbowlaugh: sensual fisting :rainbowlaugh: im dying Omg somebody's fantasy/fetish was to fist fluttershy :rainbowlaugh: and its HiE I'm on the wrong side of fimfiction :trollestia:

[sensual fisting intensifies]

Nice to see another human girl/pony mare relationship fic.

So sweet!
Anna really picked up homo-fur-fever from her moose-loving friend, and who can blame her?

tfw no one got the BioShock reference :fluttercry:

sweet very very sweet i love it :pinkiehappy:

6577722 don't worry I did ;)

I like it was nice and simple

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