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Hey guys, im rock slide hope you enjoy my stories!

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Oh god, Sonata's mental pilot light has gone out. :D

I noticed a few tense changes, and there's a messed-up italics tag...

"i]Well, the other day I told Adagio she looked like she was gaining weight which I thought was super weird because she was always so obsessed with her figure then she told me she had a bun in the oven and I was like 'oooh buns’ and ran to the kitchen to see how far along they were and the oven was empty!”

But other than that, it's good. Funny as all hell. :D

Fixed the tag send me the tenses and ill fix those too thankies ;)

"Okay, I think I've got it. You said that sex could happen between any two people right? So how would two girls have sex?” Sonata asked with a wink.

It was in that moment Twilight realized she'd fucked up.

time after time(4) Heir to a silenced blood(3) heartbeat(2) and duet beneath a setting sun(1).

Oh ok! I loved those stories! Can't wait for future Time After Time chapters!

Im glad im working on the third chapter its just taking me alittle bit longer then expected cause of a combo of writers block and wanting to write this story

Ive got about 1/3 done and squeee im so happy this is doing well

Was this chapter deleted and then reposted?

yeah sorry i accidentally hit the wrong thing when i edited it

Very sexy, and very funny way to end it. :D

Cute and sexy. Great job:twilightsmile:
Sonata was adorably innocent throughout, which was a nice change for the usual 'seductress sirens'. Yeah, gooood show. Hope we see some more of these two at some point!

Sonata hummed in confusion as she felt into the bag and pulled out a remote along with a rather graphically detailed rod. “W-what’s this do? And why do you have a dick in a bag?” she asked as she took out a small purple dildo.

That's gotta be one of the funniest lines I've read in a while. :D This was sexy, and also romantic. I loved them trying to find out how to do the sexy fun-times. Pretty natural.

Sci Twi and Sonata together. It's an interesting idea.

Not a masterpiece but it's a cute and solid clopfic.
Yeeeeeah, solid...
There are mistakes here and there, but overall it's a nice one.
Twili-ruttor is a thing. Having a cutiemark-branded toy is rather... ridiculous, but also fun. Anyway, if you want some light and uplifting reading, you'll probably like it.
Yeeeeah, uplifting.

I guess Adagio's *ahem* state *ahem* is explained somewhere in your other fics?

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