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"'Cause I'm a brotherlover, you're a brotherlover, we should fuck each other's brothers, fuck each other's bros!"

This looks fun. fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2013/056/f/4/clapping_pony_icon___shining_armor_by_taritoons-d5w67ti.gif
Cadance will be pissed though.

Send in Chapter two... but if I recall right... there is a story similar to this but with an April fool's joke or comedy mixed in. Still, nice work.

4825958 Yes. I cited the story and its author you are referring to in the author notes.

I know just wanted to at the least justify why I said 'Still good' as my rating for it, for now.

"Well, Twi, to be honest-"
"Duh." Twilight giggled.

"No. We made the same decision not to." AJ said. " 'Sides, we didn't want to be contributin' to a country stereotype."
"Well I wasn't going to say anything but-" Twi smirked.

These two made me crack up so hard!!

That reference though made this so much more enjoyable:twilightblush::heart:.

4826111 I was already enjoying this then when I read that I enjoyed it more.....and started singing the song:twilightblush:

Totally NOT incest!

Are you serious, this lie could not be more obvious, EVEN IF IT WAS BLINKING, HAD ARROWS POINTING TO IT AND HAD NEON BANNER THAT SAY'S "IT'S INCEST"!

Shining: "Here's my full report of what happened."
Cadance: "Why wasn't I invited?"

I've read enough of your stuff. You lied to us.

You weren't sorry. You weren't sorry at ALL.

shhhh shhhh it's ok

People attracted to this story like ponyfagsflies to futa semenhoney.

So uh planning on continuing with a sequel:twilightblush:.

Totally NOT incest!

I read this but it was a lie and now I've been triggered. How do you plan to compensate me for this shameless, horrifying triggering? And what if someone younger would read this without realizing they're being deceived? Would someone please think of the children?! :pinkiegasp:

4826436 Now, I haven't read it, because the comments are entertaining enough, but if they do what I think they do, isn't that EXACTLY who they're thinking of*?

*May or may not be of the future variety

Dude, it's just first generation incest. The children will be fine, maybe freaky smart or strong but not totally inbred....


Wait him? I thought he exploded a while back.

(Not actually going to read the story that just caught my eye) :twilightblush:

I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist.

And none of us are blaming you :rainbowlaugh: gotta love Lonely Island!

a) Twilight had already begun to give Applejack a few slow thrusts, preoccupied with watching Twilight getting pegged by the red stallion.

Great. Shining's just future-Twilight with a sex-change, come back in time to bone her best friend. (Also, pegging is female on male, not male on female, unless Mac put the strap-on on.)

b) What's with all the 'no homo' stallions, but the mares are the bi ones in the foursome? That's sexist discrimination, you know! When Sisters' Day rolls around, AJ & Twi are going to watch their brothers fence with their mighty swords as payback!

a) Fixed.
b) Write it, filly!


*groans and tosses it on the pile of 'Fic Ideas that MAY One Day Be Written*

4827132 Don't do that! THIS story was because Softy8088 did that! Also the event you're thinking of is the Sisterhooves Social.


Oh, there's a mental image. After the pie eating, the obstacle course, and the barrel racing, it's the cock-fencing.

that lonely island though lmao stopped reading to comment kudos...also he couldnt resist it

CanNOT believe you made that brotherfucking reference you vile genius hahahhaa

"Oh really? How about this? All stallions in favor of this idea, raise your dicks."

I cannot begin to fathom to describe the amount of genius in this single sentence, TAKE MY STASHES AND INTERNETS!

"Rut me! Big Brother Best FUCK Forever! NNNggghhh!"

"Do you like corn dogs?" Mac gave him a sideways look. "Oh, uh, no homo."


Totally NOT incest!

They're not biologically related, so it's not weird at all!

Loved the SNL reference! Now I'm going to be singing that damn song in my head all day!

I'm glad you decided to pick up the baton from Softy, otherwise we would have had to wait many years for his promised release of this tale.:rainbowlaugh:

More Chapters, man! You're sitting on a varitable GOLD MINE! Ride this sucker out till the wheels fall out, give us MORE!

Was the second one a matrix reference near the end?


4828564 You mean, "It's just a kiss?" No. As rampant as they are in my writing, not everything is a pop-culture reference.

Haha, no, I meant the "Hey Twilie, i think he likes it" line. Though, in the Matrix, the guy saying that was (mis)referencing something else (It's references all the way down.) I got the implication that there were multiple to look for and i didn't notice any other than the Motherlover bit.

4828612 Wow. Yeah, that was in the Matrix. But THAT itself was actually a reference to an old Life Cereal commercial.

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