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An injured Rainbow Dash is rescued by Zecora after a rogue natural
storm crashes her into the Everfree Forest. But with an even fiercer
storm on the horizon, will Rainbow Dash be able to recover in time?
Can they figure out how to tackle this tempest and keep it from
blowing Ponyville to pieces?

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I loved this story! It's so great to see this really neat interaction between two of my favorite characters who've had little to do with each other: Rainbow Dash and Zecora. They're both really in character and you capture Rainbow Dash's strengths and weaknesses and her ability to develop and grow. Love it! :heart::heart::heart:

Another amazing story. I'm having flashbacks from when I first read these.:yay:

Your portrayal of Dash
is very sweet
and writing Zecora
is no mean feat.

453259 You have no. Idea.
Getting her to say what was needed AND have it rhyme AND have it be in the proper rhythm was almost impossible.

Not bad, not bad at all. Serious props for Zecora's lines. 4/5 stars.

Mad respect for how well you handled Zecora's rhymes.

EPIC! :pinkiehappy:
Especially Zecora, uhg I could not imagine trying that at all *shudder*

That unrhyming part was GREAT!:rainbowlaugh:
For some reason Haiku doesn't seem to fit a Zebra from the savannas, but if I were you, I would've done the same.
Great job! :pinkiehappy:

Expect a few more views on this fic. Thanks for the help writing mine when I was stuck, so as a way of saying thanks, I've linked to this story in my latest chapter. :twilightsmile:

Great story!

Great story! kinda lol'd at the end!
Seriously, how do you do it, writing zecora's character that is. Very well done!
keep up the good work!:heart:


With great difficulty. You wouldn't believe how often I got bogged down trying to get Zecora to say what I wanted her to say while having to do it in rhyme and meter.
They keys as far as I see her personality is that she 1) is wise and is more powerful than she lets on. When it comes to the Everfree Forest, it's her home turf and she knows every inch of it, and how to deal appropriately with anything she comes across. 2) Has something of a quick fuse. She has little patience to deal with foolishness, and gets frustrated easily. 3) Has a love and fascination of the wild, powerful, and untamed.

As for her rhymes, she tends to stick to iambic quadrameter. Although there is a little wiggle room for a syllable more or less that you can get away with.

Ooh. I read this in GDocs! Glad to see it here :rainbowkiss:

Faved and upvoted!

Did anyone ever tell you you're excellent at writing episode-style fics? You're excellent at writing episode style fics. I've slipped up more than just a few times getting Sunny Skies mixed up with actual episodes when discussing them on different FiM MU*s.

Anyway. This is yet another pitch perfect episode story featuring a pair of feature characters that I had never even considered placing together. I loved seeing Rainbow Dash's growth with Zecora's mentoring, and I know this story is one I'll listen to over and over again. Thanks a bunch for sharing!

I know right?this could be an episode script!!

1842191 There are MLP MU*'s? Where?

2937142 There's several. I've spent the most time on Equestrian Dawn MUSH, but I keep a link to every FiM-based MU* I've encountered over on http://storytime.revelromp.com/mlpfimmus.htm

The only two I know of that I'm not listing is an unnamed Fallout Equestria MUSH that's looking for builders and coders to get off the ground, and Equestria Today, which is an anthro-Equestria based MUSH that's not ready for public launch yet and might not see the light of day.

Very well-written story. Good job getting Zecora and Rainbow Dash both in character. Some of Zecora's lines are off-meter, but I applaud the effort. Liked and faved.

Fuller review here, but in brief: a better-than-average Zecora and a near-show-tone pleasantness. Have a like.

This was exciting. Nice character building with Zecora.

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