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Six fates, tied into one. A single moment that transformed the world, and set six young fillies on a course that was to intertwine them forever. How strange the ways of friendship and magic, and how mysterious the handmaidens of fate that work behind the scenes to make miracles happen...

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And so the gambit is taken to its logical hyperbole of cloak-and-dagger and conspiracy theory. For a story that could have quite easily been a long a string of theory and exposition, this was a pretty interesting read. Nice job on putting the plot into scenes rather than the alternative.

#2 · Jul 25th, 2011 · · ·

Really great story!
I enjoyed reading every bit of it, and feeling the chills go down my spine when the story was unraveling it's mysteries and secrets. Already knowing how it would all end up was a great experience itself, but finding the reason why and how it all came to be was simply breathtaking. Excellent use of figurative language and I especially liked the foreshadowing in the story. This is fantastic work and it makes me want to see it as an episode in the actual show. Perhaps at the start of the second season as a sort of pilot episode explaining everything more clearly, like how the mane 5 (at the time) came together.

I noticed a few little errors in there but nothing really major. One of them just being a capitalization mistake (it was something like everythIng or something like that).

Overall, I think this is a very good story and I personally enjoyed it.

And you as a writer, have potential.

#3 · Jul 26th, 2011 · · ·


all because of...

:fluttercry::rainbowdetermined2: BOOM :rainbowkiss:


I couldn't have put it better myself ;).

#5 · Aug 18th, 2011 · · ·

She moves the Heavens as part of her daily routine...
When she has something IMPORTANT? The Heaven and Earth.
As Sun Tzu said in his review of the show: "Celestia Invictus does have her charms."

This is great!^_^

Really good fanfic!^_^

I like it!^_^





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