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When the Princess gives Twilight an opportunity to compete in the
Arcane Arts Competition, Twilight is thrilled. But when doubt creeps
in, and preparation turns into obsession, will she push away her
friends too far in the pursuit of success?

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welcome to fimfiction. all the cool ponies hang here. good story.

I am adding this to my "Read Later" list. Which, sadly, is 24 stories long. So... Looks good though.

You uploaded this one too, awesome!!!! :heart:

Good as I remember, even though the prose is a little on the dry side.

That said, you might want to check the formatting of the story, because some parts are indented twice.

You know, I'm loving the idea of 'Sunny Skies' by now.

Awesome fic, hope to see you make more!

How come I missed this on EqD? It is as good as I would expect from you.

Hah, this one. The one with the coffee. Oh man, I'm not sure but I think your Celestia is my favorite of all the fanon Celestias.

Ah, this one too! Great memories, great story too.

'That afternoon found Twilight dashing about in her library, creating tall stacks of books around her desk.'



Everypony should read this. NAO. :flutterrage: GO!

Just plain good. :eeyup:


ok i like this sunny skies arc it puts celestia in a better and more realistic light. *thinks of molestia* and is not even close to molestia so thats another up. good job.:twilightsmile:


Dude. Of course it's not close to Molestia. Molestia is a joke based on nameplay and has no place in "serious" fics.
Tyrant Celestia is just as silly but in the reverse direction; just a "darker and edgier" trope.
Trollestia on the other hand was actually based on Celestia's mild canonical trolling.


456589 i was just pointing out this did not even touch molestia so i am glad for that.


As are we all.
Very few versions of Molestia are actually funny. And no I do not include the 2 MAIN versions in that list.


456620 yes that is correct. molestia should stay in clop only (i mean molestia is kinda a clop thing in its own right)


Molestia works well as a comedy non-clop trope. Try Interference and Distorted Perspective by Vimbert the Unimpressive.


456674 yeah but in most cases it should of stayed in clop...

Oh hell yeah, now that was fantastic.

I like Sunny and i would like to see more of her... if you don't mind. :yay:

OMG I know you hear this a lot, but that could totally have been two episodes. You could use some editing, but seriously This and the previous story about Sunny Skies all day long would totally be my favorite episodes. Your style is rough, but oh so good! I will definatly favorite.

That could very well be a two-parter for the opening of season 3, you know. It does show the magic of friendship and doesn't have a pompous, arrogant villain to mop the floor with. :pinkiehappy:
Sunny Skies, I know I've seen her before somewhere... Oh, right in another one of your brilliant fics. :rainbowlaugh:

I thought I recognized Sunny Skies...
SPIKE! le brilliant face please!

Spike: "My PLEASURE!"


To be honest though... this one felt a bit rushed. Not much, but enough that it seemed to be trying to hard to portray a message. Am I the only one getting that feeling? I could easily see it as an episode in S3, but I don't think it would necessarily fit as the opener or season finale. It might just be my preference for the epic battles in those set episodes as a tribute to Lauren Faust's wish.

This can be a good episode :pinkiehappy:

451517 You're lucky that 93,000 word story isn't on there.

I could seriously see this as an episode! Probably a two or three parter. I read up to Pinkie passing out and I could just visualize the scene zooming out with a fade out of everyone laughing. You did a good job on this one! :pinkiehappy:

Y'know, this story would probably get a bit more attention if you had a link somewhere on the original 'Sunny Skies' that labelled this as its sequel. Actually had a hard time finding this one again after the first time I read it a few months back, and I already knew where it was!
That aside, I'd also like to congratulate you on a job well done!

Well, it's not so much a sequel, as much as that it shares continuity. Sequel would imply that this story is about Celestia doing more undercover stuff, which it's not.

1200389 Yeah, you're right. I just noticed that this story had quite a few less views than its older sibling, and thought I'd suggest a way to draw a bit more attention.

Sunny Skies?
Oh, it's a sequel! :pinkiehappy:

GO TWILIGHT:twilightsmile: also nice Sunny Skies add in....great job


I like. :pinkiehappy:

Twilight's performance seriously reminded me of a certain game, though. "Twilight Sparkle, origin of all that is good and mother to us all?"

Yes, that was completely intentional.

Spellslipping. If there's any one concept that defines this story for me, it's that of spellslipping. I say this because I had apparently read this story on Equestria Daily at *least* some months back and completely forgot about it. Just re-read it a few days ago (or rather, had it read to me via Text-to-Speech) and was thinking to myself "Whoa, this is a nice story." And then Spellslipping came up. "OH GEEZ WAIT I KNOW THIS FIC IT WAS AWESOME!"

And it is still awesome. Thanks for writing and sharing!

Rarity trotted over and loomed over the discombobulated unicorn.

discombobulated :raritystarry:

Insta fave :twilightsmile:

Poor Spike; a potted plant, for ever more.:fluttercry:

Comment posted by Radius deleted Jan 22nd, 2014

This is a job for TooMuchCoffeeMare! :pinkiecrazy:

When I got to this point:
With a shout, Twilight brought her hooves to bear at the tree.
I half expected Twilight's shout to be, "Live!" in a tone of command.
For a split second nothing happened. Then the entire tree exploded into bloom, pink blossoms appearing on every branch.

But bringing the dead to life might be a little bit over-the-top, even for Twilight. :twilightoops:
She just gave it a little nudge.
Magical Miracle-Gro :twilightsheepish:

I really in joy this story and Sunny Skies All Day Long are you going to do any more stores where Princess Celestia is Sunny Skies again

Great story! I also love how you hinted at ‘Sunny Skies All Day Long’

Only just discovered this story. Favorited for the description of how each element of harmony figures into magic itself. This is an idea I've yet to see executed elsewhere, and I'd love to use it.

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