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Princesses Luna and Celestia are close, despite their past conflicts. But when Luna begins to spend more time with another pony, Celestia finds herself jealous of her little sister's company. Celestia has always been the one to assign friendship lessons. Could it be time for her to learn one of her own?

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:rainbowlaugh: oh Twilight, You never call a mare old, especially if said mare can send you to the moon. :facehoof:

I thought it went pretty fast. You could probably double the length of this story by adding detail to it. I liked it though!

Well. from the perspective of a mortal. Celestia is really old.

It was meant to be pretty short, because in a way it's about something that happened between me and my sister. But thanks for the feedback!

'She didn't know how she'd been so foolish' I think, in the Equestrian world, it's 'foalish.' Not foolish.:pinkiesad2:

1115943 They use both, just like they use both "filly" and "girl"

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