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Pen Mightier

I proved my namesake in a duel of honour. The crayon never stood a chance.


"No, uh, that's my name. I've got better pickup lines." - Warm Hug, the Crystal Pony/Windigo -

Windigos, the frost spirits of Hearthswarming legends fame, are Equestria's secret peacekeepers tasked with preventing war at all costs, freezing any who dare threaten peace and harmony. Crystal Ponies, on the other hoof, are peacekeepers tasked with spreading Hope and Love through the Crystal Heart. They are one and the same, two sides of the same coin - Windigos in war time, Crystal Ponies in peace time. 'Frostfires', Starswirl once called them - ponies who grow cold in hate, who become warm in Love. With Equestria finally at peace Windigos are few and far between. It had been centuries since the Crystal Empire was last led by a Frostfire Emperor.

Warm Hug is a young blank flank crystal pony, seemingly incapable of the happiness and love required of his kind. Shunned by his kinsman, he spent years wandering. That was until Tirek's invasion of Canterlot forged an unexpected friendship between him and the unlikeliest band of friends.

But their friendship would be sorely tested when an apocalyptic snowstorm strikes all of Equestria and freezes the entire surface world. With Princess Celestia and Princess Cadence frozen solid and Warm Hug accused of high treason, will their Fire of Friendship light the way or will they fall prey to the frost consuming their world? With the world once again in turmoil, never have the Windigo peacekeepers been more loathed yet needed.

WARNING: Season 4 Finale Spoilers.

Now has a prequel - A First Hearthswarming's Tale - the story of Clover the Clever and the Windigo.

Written to the sound of pretty much the entirety of Socratic Brony's Upload List. This guy's music is simply amazing.

Cover Art: Did you know that crystal ponies are difficult to colour? Neither did I. Now I do. All them sparkles. So many sparkles.

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You made that art yourself? Impressive.:moustache:

Before I read, these Windigos wouldn't happen to be based on the mythological creature Wendigos, would they?

Because that would be bad

4711840 Thanks. :twilightsheepish: I've developed a penchant for drawing ponies lately. They are slowly but surely beginning to look like ponies. :pinkiehappy:

4711849 In MLP canon 'Windigos' are the frost spirits that feed on hate and conflict, freezing those who breed anger and contempt. They featured in the episode 'A Hearthswarming Eve'. They almost froze the world back when the 3 tribes were still fighting over Equestria.

Their name was a pun on 'Wendigos' which are, as you rightly say, are mythological creatures originating from North American folk culture.

4712115 Ooops! I was admiring your work so much I forgot to fav and liked the story:facehoof:

This looks promising.:twilightsmile:

Minor nitpick: I don't think Spitfire is the type to use the word "hon" so casually. Let alone in every other sentence.

I knew I should read this. This is pretty darn awesomazing~! Also, may I point out that around halfway through, the italics just don't stop. Have a good one~! ❤

God all the butt puns! Someone needs to nip them in the butt!

Hey, he took a gamble, and it paid off.
Butt puns are a real crapshoot, after all.

Interesting. I've just realized, this is your only changeling character since My Little Queen, isn't it?

I now really want to see a Chrysalis story from you where she... doesn't die painfully in the beginning.:fluttercry:

Well that was a fun as hell start to this.

Very mature. :ajbemused:
Oh, don't get me wrong, I loved it; it was just what I needed. (just read something depressing, so a pick-me-up was in order)

Pen Mightier, you are now officially my third favorite author on FiMFiction.

I feel like this chapter was a thinly veiled excuse for you to use a bunch of butt jokes.

This is not a bad thing.

"Which makes my next preposition much, much easier."

I think you want proposition, not preposition.

So far, I am really enjoying this. I hope you find the time to continue writing, cause the idea is really quite interesting and I don't mind the OC, in fact, I find him quite fun! Looking forward to more!

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