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It was the night of the first Hearthswarming Eve. With the end of the world closing in, Clover the Clever leaves the Cave of Friendship to meet her special somepony, a young Windigo. Will the world's last true love prove enough to save everypony?

Contains straight shipping with canon characters. No OCs.

Cover Art: Poniponi now with 100% more full-body shots and backgrounds, oh my!

Like it? There's a sequel - The Windigo Peacekeepers and the Frostfire Crystal Emperor

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Windigo Emperor's identity

Do I seriously need to say "Sombra" at this point?

Exhausted and tired, but I'll certainly read this later when my head stops spinning.

Such a heartwarming story.:heart:

Have you ever considered submitting this story to Equestria Daily? You can find out how to do so here.

Great story. You seem to have a lot of headcanons about Sombra. A dark, evil demon in Overdude, an inventor who accidentally invented a suit of moral-stealing armor, and here a Windigo Emperor.

Headcanon accepted

Now that is a strange ship! Is this an AU to something, because the AU tag feels misleading now that I've read the story.

Also, there is a Clover tag now.

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