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The Abyss

Thanks for all the memories.

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Huh... seriously, no comments at all? Wow, this is a first. And in the featured box too. Damn, I've never seen that happen before. :applejackconfused:

4585692 I know, right? I'm as confuzzled as you are. :twilightblush:

I guess people didn't care to comment? I mean, the fic was pretty cut and dry most of the way through, but seriously, there are usually up to a dozen comments before any fic gets into the featured box. Weird. :applejackunsure:

4585710 Hmm... maybe it was the OC tag that threw people off?

I dunno. My best guess is that all the groups and reddit got it in there through fav/view count alone (since upvotes don't apply to a story getting featured), but at how speedily it got featured resulted in next to no comments, or people didn't really bother to comment in the first place because the story was bland to them. Either way, this sure was an interesting oddity.

So how much would it cost to get you to write a wonderful tale about Spike finding a boob in his basket?

Also nice story.

can you do a sequel where they have a foal and theyr life expands from there?:trollestia:

You're an oddity.

also, batpone shmexytimes FTW

Ur face in an oddity, bby. :heart:


I swear abyss, with all the amazingly amazing stuff like this you've written, anyone could confuse you for a wizard, well done. :heart:

4585790 If you get permission from the commissioner to use his OC's and want to pay for it, sure. :twilightblush:

4585756 Send me a PM, we can talk there.:heart:


batpone shmexytimes FTW

Batpones r sexyest pones

Well this was good

Dat groups.

Nice story btw:twilightsmile:

ME GUSTA :pinkiehappy:

4587176 Gracias, mi amigo!:twilightblush:

Thanks to you, you write really amazing stuff.

Mhh cute, though I usually dont like unwanted pregnancy it was a very sweet story and the ending was very sexy :rainbowwild:

4585734 You're right. The story was very bland and pretty much felt like a Midnight Blossom/ Cloud Skipper clone. The usual reasons for sex was apparent (heat turning the mare into a sex craving fiend :facehoof:).

the unwanted "cum" happening was actually a nice touch as she wanted him to all along.

So very very hot! I love how it started with the sexy bits almost immediately. Who needs story for a clop fic anyhow? Really great writing and love the attention to vaginal detail.

4591816 but that makes a good clop in my book! Sex and no boring backstory. If I wanted a backstory I wouldn't read a clop one shot. And this isn't bland. The attention to the genitals and muscle contractions makes this really hot. I don't like all those other fics that put filler in like needless foreplay or jarring transitions with kissing while neglecting to mention the dirty bits happening underneath as much. As is, this is only my opinion. I might read this latter when I'm not horny and with a level head to see if it really is bland or not.

Really sweet! And I agree with everfree, I love how you paid attention to the bits that most people wouldn't, like muscle contractions and stuff. All in all, very nice work ^^

Sweet Luna Abyss..... this, this story right here.... I don't even know what to say.........:fluttercry:
This was just so freaking hot, it catered to practically everything I love in a clopfic:pinkiehappy: and that creampie eating scene at the end! amazing!:rainbowwild:
This romantic clop is what I love to see in a story Abyss...
10 out of 10 Keep up the good work:moustache:

4598293 Thanks, glad you liked it!

4585969 :facehoof: Really...your...ugh just another thing to add onto the list.
To do List
-Kill some newbies on March of War: Check
-Eliminate any mention of the vamponies species: Still in progress of 'borrowing' 50 kiloton surprise
-Burn any oddities that are confusing: ???

Oh the hell with it, BURN BABY BURN!!! >:D

great story i hope you make a sequel i am curious to see what a half thestral half pegasus wold look like:twilightsmile:

Twas cute. :pinkiesmile:

I love this. It's so good!!!

Very unusual yet interesting short stories you have. I do like this one. :twilightsmile:

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