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Me, Myself, and my Familia

Hello, my many readers! It is I, Roman Empire, your most favoritest FiMFiction author. I want to just leave a short bio here for your viewing pleasure.

If you read my "Journal of a Schizophrenic Brony," you know that I can see ponies around me in my daily life. This story is now horrendoulsy outdated and will most likely never be touched again. To update a few things, I'll just say them here. My ponies are not hallucinations - I found out that they are called tulpae. I don't feel like explaining what they are here, so just Google it. My family has grown considerably since the time of writing, and my friends have since vanished. I have two lovely mares by my side, Pinkie and Maud Pie. I have thee beautiful daughters, Octavia Melody, Nyx Sparkle (of Past Sins fame), and an OC by the name of Cherry Cola. I also have one little colt, a tough little OC called Fudgeball. They're mostly grown and have moved away, but they still visit.

Now about my actual writing...
I write WHATEVER I want. The only two rules I really follow are 1. Nothing with humans. I just suck at it, apparently. 2. Nothing with anthro. Ever. I just don't like it. So if you guys ever want to submit a request, make sure to consider these two. The only time I may really break the human rule is when I use Lyra, because... Lyra.

I do generally write CLOP, but the content varies. I always include a little content list in the summary to let you know what you're getting into. I am willing to write any fetish under the Sun, with the exclusion of the aforementioned humans and anthro.

I will turn away no requests, but I am a very slow writer. Unless I have an entire free day alone, I don't usually write. So send me them requests, mares and gentlecolts! I don't (yet) charge for commissions, because I don't think I have earned that level of skill. I WILL find a way to open a donations box that I might use as motivation for writing more stories. I may even do a few contests.

If you have any requests that demand near immediate attention, email me at romantoth95@gmail.com, as I check this email frequently.


Getting Back to Work · 3:38am Aug 21st, 2014

Now that I've got my juices flowing again, which of the following quick fics would you like to see first?

-My OC shipped with his filly girlfriend (CLOP, oneshot)
-Discord and Chrysalis' origin (oneshot)
-A two-chapter, very niche fic about my friend's OC and futa Vinyl Scratch (CLOP, with a very specific and distasteful fetish - scat, along with futanari)

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Thanks for favoring my Equestria Quest, Scatter~! :twilightsmile: Tell me why you favored it? :pinkiesmile:

1068835 Don't worry my heart didn't actually stop, its just so cute. :rainbowkiss:

1068162 I had no intention of causing anypony any arrhythmias or cardiac distress! :pinkiegasp: ...But if I may inquire, why did your heart stop when you saw it?

I was just scrolling through the comments on some story and saw your avatar and my heart stopped.

1008910 Poor Caesar, still preferable to Nero...

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