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Young medical student Scatter Brain has lovesickness, and he has it bad. With a little advice, he finally plucks up the nerve to ask out the younger Ryuko Matoi (no relation to the Kill la Kill chick).

Will our hero get the mare of his dreams? Will he be left as many teens are?

Even I don't know - only time will tell.

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A few short months after their wedding, Harvest Moon is ready to give birth to her and Stormy Weather's foal.

A quick trip to the hospital and out they pop, ready to join the world.

Written to cheer up Miss Harvest Moon, who needed just this kind of pick-me-up. Hope it worked, sis. Cover art by the Stormy Weather, found here.

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Pinkie Pie has always been strange, but now her unique behavior has landed her on the psych ward. Her friends are distraught, of course, but none more so than Rainbow Dash. The cyan pegasus is unable to function in daily life without that ever-present party pony by her side. So when Twilight finds a spell that can save their friend, will Rainbow be able to risk the ultimate sacrifice? Will she be prepared to enter the mind... of Pinkie Pie?

Short oneshot I thought up for my creative writing final. It's my first MLP fanfiction (at least, the first that's fictional). Credit for the cover goes to Canor98 of Deviantart.

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