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Getting Back to Work · 3:38am Aug 21st, 2014

Now that I've got my juices flowing again, which of the following quick fics would you like to see first?

-My OC shipped with his filly girlfriend (CLOP, oneshot)
-Discord and Chrysalis' origin (oneshot)
-A two-chapter, very niche fic about my friend's OC and futa Vinyl Scratch (CLOP, with a very specific and distasteful fetish - scat, along with futanari)

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Hello Minions! · 3:25am Aug 18th, 2014

Huh... so I've had this account for AGES, and I'm only now starting to put it to use.

I may only have 32 followers now, but I intend to see this number grow! To entice this growth, I shall be posting stories soon. Stories with CHAPTERS.

-New clopfics coming out
-Determined artist needed, email link to works for chance to be selected
-Will write nearly any request

In the coming weeks, expect the following:

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