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I write horse words. Sometimes people pay me to.

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Oh wow! You actually made a sequel! I loved the first one and I thought my hopes were in vain for a sequel.:pinkiehappy:

Yes! I'm glad people were looking forward to it.

We need more sequels.

Okay, now this NEEDS to be a trilogy. You can't leave her like that!

EHehe we made Ivy sad horse

A lot of your ‘she’ ended up as ‘he’

but only if you let you watch you dick the other mare down,”

that one line is bugging me so much

I'm really liking this couple.

I can’t beleive it took me this long to find out there was a sequel. Holy crap. Good job.
Now we need to finish it up and find out how they do.

thank you, and I do plan on finishing up their story sometime.

Take your time! Don’t rush perfection.

Loved the sequel keep up the good work. 👍

Hehe, thanks, I really do need to finish it

I imagine ivy is pregnant after this.

Perhaps... I'd have to talk to the owners of those OC's

Will there be a sequel for this sequel? I am curious...

in the future, possibly. it won't be anytime soon.

Ok! Love your work though!

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