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I write horse words. Sometimes people pay me to.

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I saw this image today on Deribooru. What a coincidence

That's not surprising, given it's popularity. I hope you like the fic.

I read it when I get the time. I loved the previous story, so I am sure I will like this as well

Aww, thank you! That first story was my first time writing clop. It makes me happy that people still like it.

You're welcome! Clop isn't actually my thing, but I read romantic ones from time to time, romantic sex the best for me.

The door to the room opened up, and an astounded looking Velvet Remedy stared at the two of us. I lit my horn and grabbed the door, before shutting it in her face. Hard. We heard a gasp and a curse, before the sounds of the prissy unicorn storming off reached us through the door.

Calamity and I just laughed, because we had found each other, again.

Yes, yes they did:twilightsmile::rainbowkiss::heart:.

Aww, thank you for the comment. It's super fun to write a cute couple.


How nice of Shino to make this cover art easily croppable for you.

we need more sexy nude all inducing MLP Fallout fanfiction


I think I know what you're saying, and thank you! I'll probably write more.

Awesome! I love your sex scenes Sunny! They're so engrossing! This is definitely gonna make it into my 'Stories I've nutted to' folder... Just need to save up a little! :twilightblush:

Haha, I hope you bring lots of tissue!

And thank you again for the compliment on my lewd writing!

Another amazing fic Sunny. Keep it up man!
Hoping for a sequel to this or more Piplamity from you

Really well Made, you Really have Talent! Frankly, i could Imagine calamity having both mares as herd

Thank you! I might have more planned for these two in the future.
That's an awesome compliment. I think he might just do that.

Heck yeah! You also forgot to add a lil' footnote thingy at the end of every chapter

Yeah. I just thought that could Balance it out if he and Velvet have Feelings for each other as they do in Canon.

Also, how your Story progresses reminds me of something familiar i had in mind Once

In project horizons it’s implied that Littlepip and homages “special” memory orb also had glory and blackjack take part in it. Perhaps you should write a scene of all 4 of them together.

I could do that. I'll think about it. If you want some lesbian action involving pip and blackjack, look at my story Fallout Equestria: 76

The lewds are at the end of the first chapter

Was a good read.

Time to wait for a sequel to a sequel to an AU. We cannot let this rabbit hole not go deeper, after all.

Near the end of my own Fallout Equestria Side-story, I was going to include a sneak peak at exactly what is was that littlepip did in the last memory orb...

Shit well, I might just have to write it then. I do love me some Piplamity...

L-lewd! Well, you can always write it as a stand-alone.

Love that you made this a kind of sequel to the other one where LP & Calamity get drunk.

Thanks, but yeah, I always wanted to write a sequel to my first ever clopfic.

Woohoo! I liked this. I always kinda shipped pip and calamity as occasional lovers. I figured he'd be the only stallion she could trust like that.

Thank you, and thanks for the follow!

Well, he is the right stallion for the task

Just gonna leave this stupid joke here.

Looks like, Velvet just got... Chapter 32'd.

“I’m kind of considering putting it off… I mean I could go work in the train yard. Practice shooting… You could help me with that…”

Could this possibly be something that Littlepip would do if she retires from doing Wasteland heroine work. Living in Appleloosa, having a (somewhat) happy life there, with Calamity by her side - and quite possibly - their foal, together.

She would do odd jobs for Ditzy Doo and the Appleloosa residents, that could also be a way to regain their trust after her ban from staying inside the settlement.

I've been reading this story day in and day out for the past three months that I think I need some help XD I love it so much!

I'd love something more romantic from them. The little touches that you use to set up how LP is totally crushing on Calamity are too adorable.


What would you want in a sequel?

More romance of course, and the love that Pip and Calamity shared; I want to explore that more and also Velvet's reaction to the both of them. But whatever you write about them, I'll be sure to read that front to back cause you make good stories and thats a fact.

Also, that line about Klepto foals and Pip stating that Calamity's breeding her... Is that some foreshadowing I see~?


Littlepip not understanding her actions result from her feelings for Calamity was both perfect and perfectly in character. I'd like to see Velvet and Calamity pick up on that before she could. How would Calamity react? Would he act more gentlemanly? Tease her a little? What would it be like when Littlepip realized it, and what would she do?

Breeding is a solid pick for the next sex scene, but an adorkable romance between an oblivious Littlepip and the stubborn Calamity that's too willing to keep his mouth quiet about his own feelings but is protective over her and growing more possessive... A+ You know, all while Velvet embarrasses the hell out of Calamity with her knowing looks and aggravatingly vague comments that Littlepip just misses the meaning of but that make Calamity get flustered. I'd like her to be just an observer though, just as Littlepip wasn't involved in the romance between C and VR in canon. It seems sweeter that way. Plus, Littlepip needs a little more of a firm hoof and careful attention paid to her. Given how much Littlepip has problems with throwing herself into danger and being fiercely independent, maybe that could work its way into the story somehow, with Calamity wanting to look after her more.

As far as erotic elements, there's a strong dom/sub component to this story that underpins both the sex and the romance that both characters react to positively. Look at her attraction to Calamity and how it makes her act. It consumes her thoughts and makes her do silly things for his sake. The attraction is unlike the attraction she has for other characters in canon. It draws her in, like she's being seduced by it, giving into it. Perfect match for the submissive undertones. Likewise, Calamity acts more caring and protective of her, though he holds himself back from bossing her around. In sex, Calamity says that Littlepip is his now, and she gives in immediately.

How does them being more open change their relationship? Would Calamity be more forward about looking after her by telling her what to do? That whole sacrifice streak of Littlepip's could fit in neatly to him being more possessive and taking charge more. Littlepip would likely even give into that and appreciate his care after she got used to it. It would naturally be a problem in their relationship, the way Littlepip so often ignores her own safety, and playing up the d/s elements to address part of it would be a way to keep the tone lighthearted and erotic, which seem to be the two words that characterize your writing. There's the lighthearted romance to being able to taking the lead from her due to him wanting to keep her safe and be a good partner to her, and the obvious d/s subtext (or just plain text, because you may want to play up these elements more) that make it erotic. Both characters do have strong wills, but Littlepip's attraction to him seems to be expressed by impressing him or doing things solely to satisfy him even though she may not want to. It only seems fitting that she'd be willing to want someone to listen to and that looks out for her, even though she wouldn't much take to it at first. So her coming to grips with that and letting Calamity take charge has appeal in both ways. Littlepip seems perfectly willing to give up control to Calamity in return for being loved and cared for, as well as taking to his possessiveness VERY positively.

What I'd say is that as the romance is delved into more, it makes a hell of a lot of sense to flesh out the d/s elements to that romance, and as such, it'd be a bit of a missed opportunity not to play up that up pretty heavily for eroticism.

Works well with how Littlepip has initiated everything so far in the series. too. I'd like to see Calamity turn the tables and both seduce Littlepip and stop holding back around her romantically now that things are in the open. Maybe he wouldn't necessarily be so open as to ask her out, but he'd tease her and make his interest more known, at least before too much time has passed.

I'd like to see some of what happens after they get together and after Littlepip and Calamity have worked things out with how Littlepip will act in the future, whether it winds up with him leading the group (the least sexualized, but fine), or Littlepip in a collar (outrageously sexualized, though certainly not unwelcome), just to see how whatever arrangement they've come to changes how the story plays out, if only just giving us a small taste of it so we can form a general impression of it.

Whatever it is, some resolution would be nice. As in, the two start dating. Maybe we get some teasing reactions from some of the other characters in the setting afterwards, and maybe a sex scene will be involved, but the romance being the highlight.

Holy shit XD you did it better then I did! Then again, I was working at that time and didnt ge lt to go into detail :T But it's still a good wish list nonetheless. 💖

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