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And it all leaked out onto the mattress.

Thanks, being not bad is all I ever hoped for!


>200 year old hotel mattress

To be honest, the subject's alright and the grammar is decent, but you seriously need to rediscover the world of using a comma. It's always periods all the time, and that makes the story sound stilted a lot.

This isn't a very Christian story, that and the fact that these two seem to be unwed is another cause for concern. I'm sorry but on the grounds of moral purity, I need to downvote this story.

Weird... I actually do feel different after reading this. I can't really describe this in words, so I won't attempt it. The description of sensations was great, the characters were written properly, and the few grammatical flaws were not immersion-breaking. Like and Favorite, all that good stuff. :derpytongue2: I'll even throw in a Follow, considering how much I liked the writing style you use.

Also, please ignore Don Kefistor. He is a troll, and take it from one who is, he isn't Christian.

Tenth #9 · Jul 6th, 2017 · · 10 ·

I want to read this, but since I know for a fact that Littlepip is a lesbian, I just can't.


Did he bring her a stick?
Bitches love sticks

Unless she's bi in this version

Attraction is all between the ears.
Glad you like it~
This is an older thing that I just kinda uploaded on a whim. I've gotta a little better with them now.
But thank you for your compliments!
Thank You, that's a glowing review!
Well, if you like writing style feel free my other stories up. I also plan on throwing some more writing down in the near term, see you then!

Ehh, it's a little bit of an AU
She's always seemed like more of a Kinsey five to me, even in the OG story.

He brings her a bone!

Dear God! It's real! When my friend sent me this link I thought he was joking. Thank you, good sir for writing this magnificence! It's too hard to find things where Littlepip is anything but gay.

Comment posted by Tenth deleted Jul 7th, 2017

In a canon side story, she was against penatration. Add that, and her crush on Velvet; there shouldn't be any doubt of her being gay, and if there is, then I don't know what won't.

But, as you said, it's an AU. So, I'll get off your case.

I'll take your word for it. Not gonna read it myself, just make fun

Actually... well, if mares of this story are like human females, then orientation would be fairly malleable, them willing to sleep with a male should they have an deep enough emotional connection. Its doesn't make pip bi, more like she'd be gay for Calamity. She's certainly closer to him then anyone, even Homage, so them screwing is quite well within the realm of possible.

As for Velvet... well, I kind of think she'd owe them both a mulligan, so it wouldn't be cheating, would it?

The point I'm making is that she is gay in canon. As in, no-male-sexual-interaction kinda gay, even if they are close. Going past the evidence for it, Kkat has directly said so.

But, it doesn't matter in this case. This story is AU.

I already have your Escort story marked for a Read Later, but it may take me a good bit to get to it. I myself have writing to do, and both my editor and a friend of mine are growing impatient. :rainbowlaugh:

Laughs in heard butthurt.

It really does annoy how much people seem to detest gay characters in straight situations, then go ahead and seem to be OK with straight characters getting a dick up the ass.


Head canon alert!

It is my head canon that Calamity is, "The exception" to Pip's gayness. This is a common thing in some stories, or even real life, where a gay person has an "exception" with someone, which they either feel strongly for, or, in this case, enjoy having sex with. For a good example of "An Exception" you should look up the comic, Filly Fooling by Vavacung.

That's always the feeling I got from her and him.

I really liked the Filly fooling by Vavacung. :rainbowkiss:

You're on the wrong site if that's what you're gonna be spewing.

Eh, Fallout Equestria isn't really my thing. The whole series just has too many OC's, and it's basically not MLP anymore with all the characters from the show dead. Also, guns and mega spells and all the other tech just seems really out of place, since the standard-issue weapon for the Royal Guard is a spear.

I still cant see straight littlepip

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