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I write horse words. Sometimes people pay me to.

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Nicely done! I love the romantic ones the most and I like your detail of hesitation due to being virgins. A fellow author advsed me of this when I tried a clop story once

Why does Cutting look like Littlepip?

And here we are once again forced to debate over whether or not this counts as wanking or not... Also a bonus debate on if a child between two of the same person counts as a clone. :rainbowlaugh:

Well done, SunnyDontLook, as expected. You managed to get a good amount of build-up and content into just 3,000 words, again without a feeling of it being rushed. Well done once again.

Likely because of the filter.
Tho they tend to mistake me for Derpy.

nbq #5 · May 5th · · ·

It's short and hot, but at the same time it's sweet and passionate :heart:

Every time I read about horses smoking my brain cells are committing suicide! :pinkiecrazy:

This was a fun read. keep it up.

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