An Unexpected Sequel

by SunnyDontLook

First published

Littlepip and company find a strange device in an abandoned facility. Later, on their R&R day, they manage to turn the mystery device on. Turns out, it was a very lewd device. Things get a bit steamy for the lesbian and her stallion best friend...

Littlepip and company find a strange device in an abandoned facility. Later, on their R&R day, they manage to turn the mystery device on. Turns out, it was a very lewd device. Things get a bit steamy for the lesbian and her stallion best friend...

Written as a little thing in a couple days by me. I hope you all like some straight pip action...

Image by Shino! With permission from him!

Piplamity For The Win!

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The facility was dark, and as much light as my pipbuck let out, it was instantly swallowed by the darkness. To my right Velvet Remedy lit her horn and I levelled Little Macintosh at whatever was coming up the corridor in front of us. With a pneumatic hiss, the robot came into the light and was instantly torn apart by the large calibre round slamming into its unarmoured chassis. As if that wasn’t enough Calamity fired a rifle round into the thing’s head from above us. The ejected brass nearly fell on Velvet to which she glared up at the hovering pegasus. He shrugged and tried to suppress a smile at her annoyance.

“One down, untold many to go,” Velvet said with a sigh.

“I mean, it didn’t even have a ranged weapon,” Calamity replied instantly.

“That isn’t the point!” Velvet began as we all walked down the hallway, well, Calamity flew above us, in the suspiciously tall hallway.

“If it doesn’t have a gun or a directed energy weapon, then we can take them out without a hitch,” Calamity shot back, holding his ground, like the stubborn buck he was.

“Velvet, if something still has functioning security systems then it has to have something worthwhile in it,” I reasoned to her as I slipped another round into the chamber of my revolver.

“I’m so taking a day off when I get the chance, maybe the two of you can find some nice hole to explore while I’m getting massaged,” Velvet replied before redoubling her light. Calamity had a strange look on his face as she said that. Part of a memory tugged at my mind at that. I shook my head and started forward, my perfectly adequate legs doing their job just fine.

“Okay, Pip and I can have all kinds of fun when you’re away,” Calamity shot back as another robot made itself known. With a double shot from his battle saddle, the civilian robot stopped moving. The reverberations from the suppressed gunshot made our ears ring.

“Sure you will, you’ll probably get tetanus while taking apart some old gun,” Velvet shot back as we spotted a doorway with a legible sign above it.

“Testing chamber?” I read out loud to our little group. “Should we open it?”

“If we didn’t come down here for some dangerous or rare technology, I don’t know why we came down here,” Velvet said with a snide edge to her voice.

“We found you that pretty battle dress one time!” I replied as Calamity and I started to mess with the control panel on the side of the door.

“Heh, the one that hugged my flanks?” Velvet said as I let Calamity have full access to the panel.

“Y-yeah,” my words were quiet. Velvet giggled slightly as she watched the Pegasus stallion from behind.

“Okay, sometimes we get something good out of it,” I heard Velvet say as Calamity gave up on the door. “But I don’t think we’re getting anything out of this room.”

“I wouldn’t say that. Y’all, you’re forgetting about our secret weapon,” Calamity said before looking at me. I flushed slightly at the look Calamity gave me. It was so full of confidence at my abilities. I looked at the dirty floor for a second as I collected myself.

“You don’t mean-” Velvet started to say before baulking at my action. I grasped the two separate doors pieces of the blast door, before hitting each of the actuators, in turn, manually spinning the locking mechanism in the centre of the door. My horn was glowing with two balls of light as I forced precision and raw power out of my magic…

“Don’t overdo it Pip,” Calamity warned as a third overglow sparked above my head. Velvet’s light was being outshined like a nova beside a regular star, that made me happy for a moment. I might be plain, and only have one spell, but I could move the world with it-

“Holy buck,” Velvet exclaimed as the door came open. I stood there breathing heavily after moving the two halves of the door into the wall where they belonged. I knew I was getting close to another magical burn out when I used my magic like that, but impressing my friends and getting into a hidden space outweighed that concern.

“W-wooh!” I said as I stumbled forward into a large cavern, concrete plastered rock columns served as structural supports but in the centre of the room, a pedestal made of stainless steel reflected Velvet’s light.

“That looks important,” I said as I started towards the pedestal holding up a small device. It had a pyramid-shaped casing, and it looked remarkably intact. Calamity jumped into the air and floated over to where I was standing, as Velvet slowly advanced towards the mystery device. With an effort that caused me to wince, I picked it up with my magic, worried about some extra security measure popping out of the walls and shooting us.

Nothing happened.

“What is it?” Velvet asked with a hint of curiousity.

“It’s kinda heavy?” I replied with a shrug. I sat it back down on the pedestal.

“I mean, do you want us to take it?” Calamity asked as he poked the device with a hoof. It was about the size of a toaster, and not one of those four sliced abominations. A proper stable tech toaster…

“Sure? I mean, I’m probably gonna have a headache tomorrow from opening that door,” I said softly. There was a control panel on the device, but whenever we touched a dial or pressed a button, nothing occurred.

“Well, you two can have fun with it,” Velvet said as she turned around and started towards the door. “You know, I can only just imagine the kleptomaniac foals you two would have.” Her loud laugh afterwards echoed around the chamber as I met Calamity’s eyes. He smiled at me softly. I rolled my eyes at Velvet while she had her back turned. His smile became a grin. For some reason, I really wanted to hug him right then.

Calamity was my best friend, my first friend, and I loved spending time with him. That deja vu from before hit my brain and I remembered a flash of something. Calamity laying in the bed beside me, his warm body holding me close to him the morning before we went to Appleoosa… I stopped in my tracks and shoved the memory down. He was a stallion. And other than some drunken cuddles when I was feeling down, he and I had never-

He was looking at me with concern now, as I had been standing there in torpor for a few seconds now. I just smiled back at him and started walking forward, mind trying to square a circle. That circle was my warm feelings towards the rust red pegasus, and the fact I remembered waking up wet as a filly in heat the morning after we slept close together...


A week passed, and we were living in a suite at Tenpony tower, having just rescued a group of Gryphon mercenaries from a bunch of Alicorns. It was our rest and recuperation day, at least, that was the plan. My leg still ached from the pain of knitting flesh. But as I got out of bed to go to the restroom, I realized the pain was mostly in my head, just another memory of agony that I had acquired. Whatever healing magic did, it didn’t keep you from remembering things that had occurred to you.

When I finished up, I walked into the living room of the large suite. Calamity had the pyramid device on one of the many tables in the room.

“C’mon, you’re gonna get grease and wires all over the breakfast nook!” Velvet bitched from across the room, her mane done up in a tight bun.

“We already have dinner table!” Calamity shot back, he glared dagger at the prissy unicorn as he talked with a screwdriver in his muzzle.

“Aaaah!” Velvet said as she walked through the door and shut it with exaggerated force.

“That’s the filly you had a crush on?” He asked me as I trotted over to him and his in-progress tinkering.

“She has a really pretty singing voice,” I said with a laugh.

“Anyway, how’s your leg feeling?” Calamity asked as he let the Screwdriver slip out of his mouth. It struck the wooden table with a thump before I answered.

“Itchy, and sore, but not horrible,” I replied. He nodded at that, looking a bit brighter at my words.

“I’m still sorry about that Pip,” He said after a moment’s collection of his thoughts.

“Hey, it would’ve been worse if you hadn’t exploded a whole parking lot,” I said with a lighthearted laugh. I poked him with a hoof as he sat in the chair. “So smile, we lived another day.”

“Yeah,” he said with a sour tone in his voice. “I guess that’s the best we can hope for.” Without thinking about it, I stood on my hind legs and wrapped my forelegs around his withers, before pressing my head against his neck. He was warm, especially when he wrapped a wing around me and held me for a moment. We didn’t say anything as we hugged, we just enjoyed the experience for what it was.

“Anyhow,” he said after I dropped back to the floor and pulled my own chair out to sit on. “Can you help get this open? I stripped one of the screws.”

“Sure,” I chirped as he spun the thing and showed me the screw in question. I lit my horn and visualized the screw turning in place. A moment later it was sitting on the table, a little warm to the touch from the friction the turning had exerted on it.

“Those boneheaded ponies…” Calamity said under his breath.

“What?” I asked him, he just shrugged and pretended he hadn’t said anything. Typical. “So what do you think it is?”

He cleared his throat and looked inside the device with the panel removed. I stretched my neck and managed to peer into it as well. It looked like the inside of a Pipbuck, all arcanotech wires and circuitry. Calamity hoofed one of the large pieces of the device, one of the parts unfamiliar to me.

“What’s that?” I asked him with pursed lips, even as I floated over the device to myself and tried to understand what it was meant to do from looking at the pieces I recognized.

“A spark battery,” he replied dryly.

“Oh! I’m used to Pipbucks, they don’t have batteries per se,” I said with a slight squeak in my voice.

“How do they work then?” Calamity asked as he pulled one of his tools from his saddlebag.

“They basically drain a little bit of a ponies natural magic to function, but like, nearly none,” my words put him at ease a little as he lifted the device onto the table. “What’s that?”

“Charge tester, it has settings to test magical circuits and potential,” he explained as he took the battery and flipped it onto its back. The two exposed electrodes were pointing at the ceiling. “Ah hate this part-” He said as he took the wires from the tester and tentatively brought them to the battery.

“I can do that,” I said as I grasped the lines deftly with my magic, before pressing them to the terminals of the battery. Calamity’s eyebrows raised as he viewed the display.

“Well, that might be the problem,” he said. “It’s dead.”
“Yeah, that would probably do it,” I said with a loud smack of my lips.

“Good thing I have a spare battery!” Calamity exclaimed excitedly as he pulled another battery from his bag.

“Pssh and Velvet gets to miss out on whatever this thing is,” I said with a beaming expression on my muzzle.

“I am mighty curious about what it is,” Calamity said as he placed the battery back in the casing. He connected it with practiced motions, before placing the device back on its bottom end. We both stared at the control panel for a moment, wondering just how to proceed. At the same time, Calamity flipped the big switch to the left of the panel and I turned the biggest dial on the right side.

“I guess it does nothing?” I said after a few seconds of silence. Calamity rubbed the back of his neck with a hoof.

“I guess,” he said before giving the thing one last look. “So whaddya wanna do today?”

“Day drink?” I said with a shrug. “I mean, you are a fun drinking buddy.”

“Thanks, we’ll probably have more fun then Velvet anyway,” he said with a laugh as we got out of the chairs, deciding that the device could be dealt with some other day.

He went over to the couch before sitting down in it with a slump. Something told me the old pegasus had some wounds that made his body ache regardless of his actions in the day. I moved over to the fridge, flipping everything else out of the way and finding the hidden booze. There was a bottle of stalliongrad vodka and a six-pack of hard cider. We had bought the latter and found the former in the same facility that the device had come from. My horn lit up and easily hefted two of the bottles out of the wooden case they came in.

I trotted over to the couch before sitting down on the comfy, yet old piece of furniture.

“Did ya get the bottle opener?” He asked as I levitated the cider before us.

“I don’t think I need it,” I said with a smirk as I popped the bottlecaps off of the bottles with my magic and tossed them towards the direction of Velvet’s room.

“Guess not,” he said as he grasped the bottle with his foreleg and brought the bubbly, cold beverage to his lips. He murmured happily after his first sip. I brought mine to my lips and drank heavily. I fucking deserved a drink after the last couple weeks.

“You know, we could probably work out some kind of commercial deal if we wanted to,” I said as I looked at the bubbles sprouting and popping inside the glass container.

“Whaddya mean?” He asked between sips of the cider.

“Well, we killed a dragon, and have probably killed more alicorns than anyone else, that ought to be worth something,” I mused before tilting the bottle back and opening my muzzle.

“Ah see,” his eyes met mine for a moment. “I guess we could become mercenaries, it’s always a possibility. I’m not a big fan of the idea though-” I pressed my hoof to his lips and stopped him.

“No, not mercenary work, like: ‘Hi, we’re the dragon slayers, and this is my favourite gunsmith in Tenpony tower!’ You feelin’ me?” I said as I pulled my lips away. My face was warming up, and I felt the rest of my body loosening up as I sat there beside him. A good friend and a drink could be nice.

“Ah,” he paused and looked down at himself for a moment. “Maybe?” He crossed his hind legs on the couch as he stretched them out. This couch was long enough for both of us to sit like that, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt anything to lean against the armrest and let my hinds splay a little as I sat there. We kept eye contact as we thought about the strange sensations hitting us.

“These are just ciders right?” He asked curiously, but there wasn’t fear or anything in his voice. It was just an abstract question giving the novel feeling hitting our brains.

“Uh, yeah,” I said as I looked into my remaining cider. With a single fluid motion, I dumped the rest of the alcohol down my gullet. I belched a little and blushed as Calamity looked away comically. Really making my mom proud there, if she could’ve seen that.

“Well, Velvet would’ve called you on it,” Calamity said before chuckling a little. “Ah won’t though, you’re a good friend, someone I’d die for.” My heart raced a little at his words. “Kinda ironic given all the times I’ve hurt you.” The laugh that followed had a sardonic quality to it.

“I feel the same way Calamity,” I replied softly, smiling broadly, even if it was a forced smile. He let his legs fall off the side of the mattress as he turned to his side. “This whole wasteland blows, all of it, and I hate this place because it feels like a false reality,” I said as I watched him polish off the last of his cider as well.

“Ayep,” he said with a sombre tone.

“I wonder what Velvet is getting at the spa,” I said trying to change the subject. My mind was calm, but I could feel that warmth growing throughout my body, but it was concentrating near my marehood- Somehow I didn’t mind it. It just was.

“Ah reckon a massage, probably a steam room, the works,” Calamity said as he got off the couch and started towards the fridge.

“Are massages good?” I asked curiously. Now that he was away from the couch, I spread my hind legs out a little more and looked down. I was beginning to drip and my pussy was warm when I touched it with a hoof absentmindedly.

“Depends on the person giving it, mostly,” he said as he brought over two more ciders to the couch. I closed my legs again, sitting my left leg over my right one as he sat down and waited for me to pop the bottlecaps off. My eyes drifted down from the cider clutched in his left leg, to his stomach-

He was coming out of his dark brown sheath. My eyes widened at that. I guess the ciders were having that effect on him too. Somehow, I didn’t seem to mind that my very masculine companion was aroused just a few feet away from me.

“So you’ve had good massages and bad massages?” I asked curiously as I opened the ciders and levitated mine over to my dry lips.

“Pip, I’m a connoisseur of massages,” he said with a chuckle, “Ah’ve even had some with happy endings.”

“What-” I said before I made the connection. “How was that? Was she cute?”

“She had really good control over her hooves, Earth ponies are best at massages, that’s just a fact,” he met my eyes before he realized what he was talking about. “Uh, y-yeah she was attractive.”

“Does she do the same for mares?” I asked with a blush on my face. My pussy winked between my legs, hidden from the stallion with an ever hardening cock-

“Massages, sure, happy endings, I’m not sure,” he admitted. “I never had a reason to ask.” A few moments passed as I watched that cock of his grow a little more and twitch before my eyes. Every few seconds he looked to the corner of his vision, at my legs.

“My back actually hurts a lot from sleeping on the ground,” I lied. Okay, it wasn’t quite a lie, but at that moment, I wanted a massage from the stallion sitting on the other end of the couch.

“Uh, do you want a massage?” He asked with hesitation and hope mixed in his voice.

“Are you good at giving them?” I said with a smile and an attempted bat of my eyebrows. I uncrossed my legs as I said this, letting them stay splayed out on the couch cushions. His eyes darted down without any hesitation though. My smile got a little wider. By now my marehood was throbbing with the same heat as the rest of my body. He seemed to notice, as his cock twitched hard even as he half attempted to hide it.

“Good enough I suppose,” he said with a grin and a shrug of his shoulder.

“Okay, I’m sold on the idea,” I said with a laugh. I took my cider in my magic and drank the whole thing in one drink. His jaw dropped open as I rubbed some of the drink off of my lips with a hoof. The belch that followed just made him shake his head. I climbed off of the couch and got to my hooves well aware that he was watching my ass with an interest that was usually a lot more hidden. But it was still there, this stallion found me attractive, I tried to hide that fact from myself, but it was true….

“Where do you want it?” He asked before realizing the implications. I just looked back over my shoulder and flicked my tail out of the way for a moment, giving him a tantalizing peek of my marehood. That made my heart race despite the warmth filling me.

“My room,” I said innocently, even as I saw his tongue loll out of his mouth at the sight.

“Alright,” he said as he wobbled slightly under the effects of the warmth before getting to his hooves. Now he was looking down at me, and from my position, I could see his hardness hanging below his belly. I felt my cunny wink under my tail.

“C’mon, I want it today,” I said with another bat of my eyelashes. That was something sultry mares did right?

He just nickered softly to himself before following me as I trotted into my room. Calamity took the time to shut the door with a hind leg, before meeting my mischievous eyes with an equally lewd look. I laid down on the middle of the mattress with my hind legs splayed slightly, with only my tail covering up my dripping marehood, he looked at me with undisguised hunger.

“So, I’ll just climb up on that there mattress,” he said as he reached the edge of the bed, giving his wings one hard flap at the same time as he jumped. He landed with his forelegs spread over my flank. I looked back at him, eyes drawn to that alien appendage between his legs, something I had never had more than the faintest curiosity about.

“That was quick,” I quipped to him as I let my face sink into the soft fabric of the covers. Then I felt the pressure of the large stallion’s hooves ending up on my upper back. His hindlegs set down just to the rear of my rear, and with an audible gasp, I felt his hard stallionhood pressing into the space between my ass cheeks. My tail flicked up and teased it unintentionally. I heard a growling noise from above me as he shifted his heavy weight on top of me.

“Oooh,” I moaned as I felt his hooves start to press into the space between my withers. His breath hitched as he heard my response, before nickering softly.

“I take it you like my work,” he said after he shifted one of his hooves to my the top of my withers above my left foreleg. He shifted his weight to that leg masterfully, before moving it in a circle over the knotted muscle. I let out a loud moan of mixed pain and pleasure as the stallion above me breathed heavily. His cock twitched above ass, even moving up and down my ass crack. The head of his cock pressed against my dock for a moment, and I flicked my tail out of the way for him. Might as well keep him entertained, it didn’t matter that my cunt was winking like mad from the sensation of a stallion above me. Nope, it was probably even fine…

“Y-you know me, always a glutton for p-punishment,” I stuttered in my speech as he shifted his position down slightly while working my right shoulder heavily.

“If you think this is painful, you should try a deep tissue massage,” Calamity said with a laugh.

“Calamity, I’ve been shot with a guns, lots of times, including by you,” I belted out just before he pressed against a particularly sore spot. I winced audibly before gasping as he moved his body backwards atop me. His cock slid down my body too, with the tip of his cock pressing against my dripping lips…

“T-that’s basically what it feels like the day afterwards Pip,” his breath hitched as he felt the new position of his cock. “Except if you get shot, you have a better excuse for why everything hurts.”

“T-that bad?” I asked as I felt him move a forward slightly, maybe half an inch. It was enough for his cockhead to spread my lips and press against the entrance of my pussy. I gasped as I realized what he was doing-

“Pip, are we gonna keep doing this?” Calamity asked suddenly, before pulling his cock back and shifting his weight even further backwards.

“Yeah, I want a full massage, your big fucking cock rubbing against me isn't going to change that,” I moaned out as he attacked my lower back with his hooves. My lungs emptied as he let his right foreleg press into my upper flanks, just above my ass.

“That’s my point, we’ve done this before,” he said with a huff.

“No we haven’t, all we’ve ever done before is cuddle when we got drunk in Appleoosa,” I heard him snicker above me as I said that.

“Pip do you not remember anything after we got back from the bar?” He asked and intensified his massage as he spoke.

“Uh-” I paused and tried to think through the arousal that filled my body. “N-no?” He stopped and dropped onto his back on the other side of the bed. I picked my body upon muscles that felt sore but much less tense. “You know, you could’ve kept going.”

“Ah know Pip, sometimes you get like this, ready to jump my bones,” he sighed and looked at me as I met his eyes. There was a tiredness in them, a wound that I had inflicted without meaning to.

“I honestly don’t remember us ever- Wait, I’m not a virgin?” I asked excitedly.

“You wanted to lose it before we died in Appleoosa,” Calamity said before pulling me closer with a hoof. Our barrels touched and I looked up into his Amber coloured eyes. My hoof came down and rested on his hard cock, which twitched when I touched it, spurting a little bit of pre-cum over my hoof.

“So, somehow I forgot about sleeping with my best friend?” I said sadly, even as I began to toy with his cock softly, stroking up the girthy sides and teasing his ring. My extensive porn knowledge, even of the straight stuff, had told me boys liked that kinda thing-

“There’s no somehow about it, you drank like a thirsty draft stallion,” he said with a laugh as he let one of his hooves slip down my chest and towards my stomach. He gently rubbed my slightly chubby tummy before letting the frog of his hoof bump into my dark teats. The small breasts had always made me feel inferior until that moment, but the way that Calamity looked at them, it changed my mind. That and the feeling of him throbbing in my hooves.

“R-right. So did I like having that in me?” I asked Calamity as his hoof drifted a little further down, before gently teasing my mound. I moaned softly as he touched my sensitive marehood.

“Yes, you even sucked on it,” he replied with a devious smile. I baulked a little at that thought. I had been drunk and horny enough to suck a stallion’s cock… Then again, looking at the throbbing length at that moment, it didn’t seem that bad of an idea.

“I see,” I said with a laugh before meeting Calamity’s eyes. “Well, whatever is hitting us at this moment, I like it. I’ve always liked you Calamity, and well, I know you like checking me out when you think I’m not looking…” His smile changed to a look of shock at that revelation. “So uh, maybe we should just try this and see how it feels.” I finished speaking and looked into those amber eyes for a moment. His blocky muzzle descended towards mine with deliberate slowness, I closed my eyes and waited for contact-

His lips were warm against mine, and there was a roughness in the hair on his face that seemed so utterly masculine that I couldn’t help but mewl softly as his hooves pulled me closer to him. I liked it though. And then he pressed his tongue against the flimsy barrier that was my closed lips, I opened my mouth a smidge and was surprised at the force the pegasus could exert on my lips. He slipped inside and instantly found my tongue, he tasted like cider, as did I, I suppose. Something in me compelled me to light my horn and wrap my strong magic around his cock. He grunted into my mouth, with a little bit of fear in that grunt. My magic stroked up his shaft before returning to his base. Before we broke apart from the kiss, I made my play and tried to enter his mouth. He let my tongue inside, and I got to explore his much bigger mouth…

But then it was over and we were staring into each other’s eyes breathlessly, but lustily. I took the moment to nuzzle his neck and nip his neck lightly.

“You liking it so far?” He asked as I just enjoyed his warm body and little moans.

“You could say that, a few times,” I replied before lifting my head up and meeting his gaze. I smiled at him before continuing. “So, I never got my happy ending.”

“Oh, well that just won’t do,” he said as he gently pushed me onto my back and looked between my legs hungrily. My magic died as he climbed on top of me, before kissing my neck and starting a line of nips down my body, over my stomach, before giving me a pair of kisses on my nipples. I moaned hard as he touched the sensitive nubs. That wasn’t even the beginning though, as his muzzle touched my ticklish inner thighs. He stuck his tongue out at me before aiming his head down and attacking my marehood. Long strokes over my outer lips were mixed in with deep thrusts of that big tongue into my tunnel. My hooves grasped at the sheets of the bed as I let moans that echoed off the walls.

“I remember this from last time,” Calamity paused and looked at my reddened face. “Better than your hooves?”

“S-so m-much b-better,” I barely managed to say as he went back to melting my brain with his tongue. My pussy was aching from the attention it was receiving-

And then he met my clit with his tongue, wrapping the dexterous muscle around my winking button, and I screamed as I came on his face. He didn’t stop though he just went back to the routine, with the addition of a couple hard nips to my inner thighs. I was going to have hickeys back there, some part of my brain realized. That idea just made me wink again. This time he let me wink like mad without giving it the slightest bit of attention, only tongue fucking me and licking around my outerlips.

“C-calamity!” I moaned before he finally gave me what I wanted. Instead of wrapping his tongue around my clit, he shoved his lips against it, bringing most of the winking thing into his mouth, before attacking it as it couldn’t move. My hooves went down to his head and held him there as I rode out my second orgasm… My eyes opened and I looked over at Calamity, he looked half worried and half cocky.

“Ah remember that part too,” he said as he climbed up the bed before laying down beside me again. My pussy was still winking lightly, and it was fucking drenched. And so was my entire crotch, Calamity’s muzzle and a good section of the bed.

“Calamity, if your cock is half as good as your tongue-” He cut me off with a hoof to my muzzle.

“It is,” he said simply. That ever-present grin was plastered across his muzzle. His hoof moved away. I guess that made us even. “So how’d you like your massage?”
“Pretty good,” I said before moaning a little and running a hoof over his cock before finishing. “I want my insides massaged too.”

“It’ll be a deep tissue massage,” he said with a wink.

“Well, let's see if I like that too,” I replied in a husky voice. My eyes kept coming back to that cock of his. It looked so big, and my pussy looked so small-

“Only one way to find out,” Calamity said before kissing me on the lips once. And then, he grabbed me by my withers and flipped me onto my stomach. He pulled himself up and grasped my body, making me push my rump up into the air. My tail flicked out of the way as I felt the cool air of the room touch my dripping slit.

I moaned as I felt his weight press into my back, his broad forelegs still keeping most of his weight off of me. He was such a gentlestallion-

“You ready Pip? Because I’ve been wanting another go at your snatch since that night,” Calamity said breathily, his words whispered into my ear, his breath tickling the back of my neck. My reply wasn’t a word, I moved my rump back against him, my magic grabbing his cock and pointing at where it needed to go. Where I wanted it to go-

He pushed forward and I let out a yelp as I felt my tight tunnel get stretched out by his bulbous cockhead. “Aaah,” I moaned as the first inch or so managed to slide into my pussy. I winked against his cock, the pleasure running up my spine, and caused my brain to short circuit. My tongue lolled out as he drove forward with his strong hind legs and spread me out even more. Maybe a quarter of his cock was in me now, and I already felt a delicious fullness.

“You doin’ okay?” The massive stallion above me said huskily. His concern for me made my heart warm.

“M-more,” I got out as he brought his hips back for the first time, I felt the void at the heart of my soul open up as he left me. Then, he nipped my neck hard enough to leave a mark as he pushed back into me. More than before, more than ever. I moaned heavily as I felt this stallion take me. My friend was fucking me, and I was loving it.

“You’re mine now, got that?” Calamity said before kissing the spot on my neck where he had bitten down.

“Y-yes s-sir,” I said as I felt him pull back again. Anything but that!

“Good,” he replied as he let out another warm breath. This time he bent forward and nipped my right ear. I moaned in pleasure and pain as he forced the last few inches of his cock into my tight slit. My words failed me as I felt him kiss the back of my tunnel with his cock, just as his sweaty hips came into contact with my tight little rump. “A perfect fit.”

Oh my gosh, the whole thing is inside me! I thought to myself as I realized what had happened. All at once the warmth that had suffused my whole being died down and I realized that I had a stallion deep in my cunt.

This is so embarrassing! I thought after that, especially when he brought his hips back and started fucking me like a slow piston, his twitching cock and growing flare making the sensations of him spreading me feel so-

It feels really weird!

It feels really good!

“Aaah!” I moaned as I felt him push into my velvet folds again and again, his warmth breaths and occasional bites only adding to the experience of being fucked by a stallion.

“Ya really like my cock, dontcha?” Calamity said breathlessly, as he picked up the pace, his balls smacking into my slit and his cock rubbing up against my wildly winking clit every few seconds.

“Yes!” I said as he grabbed my withers with his forelegs, letting his full weight fall onto my hind legs as he drilled me with a quickly degenerating rhythm.

I felt his cock twitch deep inside of me, and his flare grow even wider, I was so full! And then I felt him bite down on my neck one last time as he pistoned in and out without any sort of rhythm, just fast, animalistic strokes. He just wanted to breed me- That thought sent me over the edge as he pressed his hips to mine one last time, his flaring cock head nearly battering my cervix as he bellowed one last time. I felt a spurt of warmth flow from his cock into my marehood, filling me up even more than I thought possible. Whatever magic had gotten us going, we didn’t need it to finish…

After a couple of spurts of cum and a bestial whinny as his orgasm finally died down, we stopped and just stood there. My cunt was so sensitive as he pulled his softening, but still hard cock out, that I let out a little pleading moan. But soon enough, it was over. He fell heavily onto the mattress, and I felt my hind legs give out a moment later. I still wanted one thing though…

“Pip!” Calamity moaned as I brought my muzzle to his half hard cock, giving the cum and Pip-juice soaked rod a lick with my tongue. His hips bucked a little at the sensation, even as I balked at the taste…

“Eww, does it taste like that because of me, or you?” I asked him with a laugh as I gave it another experimental lick.

“Probably because of me,” he replied in a tired voice. I had read about that, boys got all tired after they came. I pulled my body up to his so that our barrels were touching again, and our muzzles were inches apart.

“It’s okay, I like getting dicked a lot more than I like tasting cum,” I said quietly. My marehood was leaking onto the covers, and the room absolutely reeked of sex. It was okay though. I had Calamity, and he had me. That was further confirmed when he curled a wing over my sweaty body, and kissed me on the cheek.

“I like fucking more than I like getting my rod polished, honestly,” Calamity shot back a moment later. I just stared into his eyes as I felt the deep tissue massage in my pussy, it was a good soreness though.

“Well, I guess that works out…” I said before gently booping the bigger pony. He smiled and flashed those pretty eyes at me.

The door to the room opened up, and an astounded looking Velvet Remedy stared at the two of us. I lit my horn and grabbed the door, before shutting it in her face. Hard. We heard a gasp and a curse, before the sounds of the prissy unicorn storming off reached us through the door.

Calamity and I just laughed, because we had found each other, again.

And this time, I would remember it…

The End