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I write horse words. Sometimes people pay me to.

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something tells me this isnt the professers first rodeo

Did he gain an accent near the end or...

Yes, for some reason

Wouldn't mind knowing the cover art's artist.

The art style looks a lot like the art style of Paganee and the character Zedwin but I was unable to find the exact picture so... maybe.

It's a fenix dust piece, just cropped.

where abouts can i find the image as ive looked through the artists derpibooru posts and cant find it on there?

He'll post it in the future

haven't been around on FIMFic for a long time
first thing I read when I come back is this
I think it was a good choice

impregnation tag might be unnecessary, considering what happens. I did laugh when his accent went German and he gave "anti-foal potion" because antibabypillen

what im I doing with my life what the hell is wrong with me, oh wait to many to list

Hmmm... R63 Zedwin? (If is spelled that right?)

By all that is pestilent...

Is that a compliment!

Finally someone gets the reference! The german word for birth control is pretty awesome.
I can't really help you with that. But, I hoped you liked it regardless.

Does bilefir sap taste as radiantly sweet as the spilt juices that flow like wine from a Great Unclean One's intestines?

So I read this after watching a clip of Ethan talking in a podcast about a 30-year old female teacher had a sexual relationship with a 14-year old kid.

Still, worth a read. :pinkiehappy:

Brilliant. Loved this story every second of it. My only complaint would be near the end where all the paragraphs cluttered together making it hard to read without losing track. Other than that it was great, and I hope to see more in the future.

Thank you! It's always good to hear that people like my stuff.

Yep, that fertility—I mean—anti-foal potion is sure to do the job.

Didn't see any typos here, and uh... yeah that is totally man-Zed. I dunno if Amby's a reference to any other character, but she was a pretty good one too.

That was a fun little romp. Professor was a massive dick/10, the accent seemed to fade in and out, and the setting was confusing, but overall a great time.

I’m glad to hear you liked it IM

Question; impregnation in the trigger warnings, but "anti-foal potion" in the story. Who is lying?

the guy made this fic or the OC?

I don't understand the question

bruh moment. i don't as well after you said this, you don't understand your own question? my own question? or your other own question?

I don’t understand your question. “The guy made this fic or the OC?”

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