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That reminds me of a picture of Blackjack and Deus. To be exact, of a specific Comment

I think I know the picture you're talking about, but not the other part.

Shall i qoute the Comment/Show you what i mean?

Sure. I'm clueless and curious.

The content of this story might be crazy dark but at least the quality of writing is higher then the average story I have seen. Good work..........I think?

I nice fic, I quite enjoyed it so far! Finally a good written Fallout Equestria rape fic again, they are just too rare and you can never have enough of them!

I personally would prefer a bit more details related to the act itself, say not just writing " I came again" but actually describing how she cums, how and where it all flows etc. Or say describing the privates in more glory not just size difference as you did but say color, shape, perhaps additions like piercings etc., and I'm missing some of that wasteland vulgarness. But that's just my opinion:twilightsmile: And in no way I mean this as an offence towards you.

Overall it was quite enjoyable, I like how there is even an actual, well written buildup and not just two words and then fuck as it's usually the case with the not so well written rapefics...Keep up the good work, I will make sure to follow you!

Aww yes, I love reading about Littlepip getting raped.

the r a p e v e r s e

Sorry for the wait. On derpibooru, ID is 2198736.

As for the quotes, there are several actually but they mention that someone should make a fic based on it, or even, as I qoute

Commenter 1: I said it was alternate and you know that could've happened when she saw his huge cock looming over her.
Commenter 2: Aw hopefully he's willing to enter a long-term relationship with her after this, and won't just run off to get the next wasteland hero gal!
Commenter 1: Now THAT would be an interesting fic

What's funny is that, if Kkat is who I think she is, she'd love the heck out of this story.

Well, not exactly my liking, but still well written. Still, sorry, old habit, reminds me of something I recently finished writing

I really wanted to throw some Pip swears and actually less details to keep it in line with how the chapter was written. Kkat didn't have much dialog other than making Pips thoughts as the first person perspective. And the details were to the point, leaving little to the imagination. Another detail was putting more "biblical" in there. Since Pip is a faithful believer in the Devine. Which was kinda difficult. I only just finished the anal scene last night because using the word "sodomize" was the missing piece of the puzzle. I was looking for.

I agree and I had a hard time getting away from the "I felt this" shtick. But for some reason I just couldn't come up with some thing better. Maybe I can focus more on the other ponies in a more second person perspective?

I understand about the descriptions, I remember reading other fics that also fall short on that.
Kkat didn't really describe the slavers either, so I tried to keep that going, but also wanted some variety, I had my own idea for Cracker and the picture provided the others for readers to imagine.

Ah, yeah I read those too. But like I said in the artists notes. The picture I have as the cover art influenced my decision making. Plus it helped keep me grounded.

Of course and you did well!

Won't stop you from giving that with Blackjack and Deus a try though. No offense

Idk about that, I'd rather Kkat not know about it. I love FO:E. I bought the 3, 3.5 and the limited leatherbound print. But if kkat wants to leave a positive feedback, that wouldn't be so bad either.

please kkat forgive my sinful work, I just love pip so much! I know that doesn't make sense for a rapefic....

Ahh FOE. There is just something about clop stories in this universe that are better then show counterparts. Like a story about ponies having sex in Ponyville can’t compare to Lilttlepip having sex in Ponyville.

Also god job on this! I was expecting a simple “pony have sex” instead in the original story but it was way better then that. I haven’t read the original In a long time (2015 I think or 2014 and I haven’t re read the story since besides certain chapters) but I having a hard time figuring out where the Rapeverse (lol) starts. I’m pretty sure it’s before “floppy horse dicks” but I can’t be sure.


I think that because it’s in first person it flowed better for me. If it was from a second person I think the sex parts would of felt more detached. As it stands right now it’s more like a “chapter 10.5” then a “chapter XXX” does that make since?

I feel the same way. Just something about the theme makes it better somehow. Maybe it's our attachment and love for the characters. That could just be my case.

I totally get what you mean. And I'm glad of it, cause it's kind of what I was going for. Anyone who remembers exactly what happened in the OG story will spot the differences. I tried to point them out too. I just hope others get a kick out of it.

That's the catch 22 of rapefics. There's no negative feedback lol. I often find fics with 50/50 or lower like/dislike ratio to be the better ones. Too many sjw readers see the word "rape" and go "ew! downvote!". All it does is make the story stronger muahhahahhah!

As far as violent extreme fetishes go, ordinary rape is pretty vanilla – I wouldn't have believed I would ever say that – there are far more depraved things out there. One look at the Lord of violent fetishes, headless_rainbow's content will prove that; the length of the disclaimers alone should be enough, in fact.

Anyway, his like:dislike ratio tends to be somewhere around 1:1 to 2:3.

Plenty of SJWs read non-con. Anyways, this was really good.

Yeah, as much as I wanted to make it more violent. It just didn't feel like it fit with the og chapter. The cut content in my authors notes are a step more violent imo. And more in line with what I like in a violent rapefic.

Well ain't that an oxymoron lol! I guess we come in all kinds of shapes and backgrounds.

You’d be surprised to know along with having a intimate time with a partner, Rape is one the top fantasy’s for women by far.

I’m not going to pull the “woman want to be dominated” because anyone actually arguing that point is likely a scumbag in the first place but some (not all) would certainly like to be dominated if it’s all consensual and there in control of the sex by safe word or something.

It’s definitely maybe something with human nature but then again a lot like to switch the roles up and femdom is also pretty up there so it’s probably just a personality thing.

Inb4 someone claims I’m advocating rape in real life, which I’m not.

Ikr? I think about that often. Like, why get all upset over a fictional rapefic about magical talking horses? When irl women occasionally ask their partners for a rape play session. You can see the posts all over the r/sex reddit. And that's just one source. There're dozens out there with the same thing. And a lot of them are women complaining the guys don't get rough enough. Or maybe that's my bad luck bringing me to the similar posts.

The unfortunate double standard is that guys aren't supposed to or even allowed to openly voice their power play/fantasy fetishes. Only with a trusted partner, which even then is kinda iffy.

Normally do I search for "fallout" to see what FoE story that turn up that haven't been added to the groups to keep a complete collection, even letting the stray HiE story that I see pop up inside... But this... This... yea giant nope from me

Comment posted by Eldorado deleted Jun 19th, 2020

im sure alot who read the original fics thought about this now and then
btw, a bit of advice on some of the chapters make lil pip the agresor not the victim....like say when they 'rescue' velvet from the slaver camp have lil pip get pissed off at velvet for her arrogance and decide to take out some sexual frustration on the air headed songstress...honestly there were moments when really velvet needed a good smack upside the gob...she was very much the Daphne of the group...always getting into trouble.

I have been playing with the idea of a scene that has Velvet being raped right before Littlepip shows up and rescues her. I felt that the slavers could've forced her to both play doctor and had their way with her and entertain them with her singing if they wanted. All it would take is her failing a speech check.

thated be fun too, either way...btw is each chapter a self contained alternate scenario for how eache event could have gone or will they chain together to slowly create a much more sexualized universe...im asuming its the former cause some of the later posible um....intimate activities that pip and co can get into are....rather lethal

Yeah, the former. I'm just branching off what's already been established. For example: I and many others felt that Daff--the raider in Fillydelphia-- should've won the "unarmed" fight against Pip. So I'm gonna take it as far up to that point as I can, and then it's the rape scene and the reason for it just before it all goes down. He should've had more experience fighting Unicorns, since it was implied that he rapes and fights other slave mares a lot.

....I can post it now? Cool.

Literally finished this comment as the site shut down so I copied it before the page was gone. Hopefully it doesn’t explode it again. Anyways...


I have been playing with the idea of a scene that has Velvet being raped right before Littlepip shows up and rescues her.

Ooo, I didn’t even think about other characters being involved. Velvet has been criminally under utilized. The only clop that even involves her is Kip’s Queen abraxo story and like some less than 1000 words tentacle thing. While Pip has like 10 or more.

She probably hasn’t been used a lot because her character doesn’t set well for a lot of people. But she’s prime material for this type of story.

If you do go with it will you do first person or third person and would it be the same for any other POV characters that have an idea spawned off them?

If it involves Pip, I think most people would prefer 1st person. But for Velvet, it's going to be 3rd, so yeah. I already Have 350 words wrote for that scene. Doesn't sound like much, but it's gold. lol.

I'm familiar with those stories. Velvets design and personality isn't great.

I don't know the full story but how it it ok to take down someone's story just because they got but hurt that there wifu was hurt? 1st off the only way they would know about there wifu getting raped would be that that there looking to beat there meat to child aka foalcon rape fics. So what it's ok to "hurt" other people's wifu but not yours? That doesn't make any sense! The reason places like this excist is so that people can have a good time without getting judged or kink shamed. Yet your hypocritical asshats have the nerve to take down a story cuz you saw that your wife was being "hurt"? It's a fictional character mate! If your gonna be a SJW saying he's a dirty pedo then you are too for reading it and searching for stuff like that to land there in the 1st place. The irony is painfully unreal and frankly cringe af. I'm just a random bistandard and not any one person's side. But this is redicuious. You shouldn't throw stones at glass houses. Can't have your cake and eat it too etc.

Mods were really strict on the "rules are rules" cliche. My copying of anything from the OG story was a convenient excuse to get it taken down, as well as Pacce's 'A mare worth Fighting For'--which I was using as an example-- got taken down as well.

Mods would've never cared if no one brought it to their attention. Which is why Pacce's story was untouched for so long, regardless of the fact Kkat gave official permission for him to make his story and add it to canon.
The mods also pointed that out and said "Kkat has no power to say whether or not a story is allowed to copy or alter another." ; Which it does say in the rules that even with an Authors permission, everyone still has to adhere to the rules, regardless.

However the workaround for that I found was to use "same, but different" words. So for example in the OG story, Kkat used 'maze', whereas I can use 'labyrinth', that way the plot in the story remains unchanged, it doesn't share the same words, and therefore not the same narrative; as stated in the rules.

Same goes for any Dialog.

Comment posted by Ruggedragon deleted Jul 1st, 2020


Kinda like people making new fake genders and religions everyday.

Ooh boy. I’m won’t touch this comment with a 10- foot pole.

Whos it going with the next chapter? Im really looking foward to it, cant wait :D

Been focused on my other story, don't want my main readers to feel I've abandoned them. But, it'll go pretty quick with what I've got planned.

Gotta say I'm really liking this so far. Here's hoping for more chapters in the future

Velvet chapter got posted and deleted? Or you just added the tags as in little teaser for "What is to come" ?
Sorry for the question, hadnt checked on the story for a while and just noticed, needless to say still hyped for the next chapter hope its going good! ;D

Just a tease. I was getting close to finishing it, but I kinda hated how it was going since it was too similar to Pip's chapter. I kinda like the idea of introducing and seeing Velvet as a prostitute over showing how she got there. I wanna just dive right in, you know?

Yeah I get what you mean, I think so at least. I personally dont think "Diving straight in" will do any harm, quite the opposite. I believe based on what you have in mind with this fic here, it will work positively on the overall chapters. Can only speak for myself but yeah.
Eitherway, just do it like that, the way you feel best with it. Im certain it will turn out great as long as you are in it. Afterall theres not much sense in forcing yourself to stick to a way, that you yourself dislike in the end.

Thanks! I do like my original idea more than when I started adding all the "backstory" and sex that went with it.


Honestly, while it's good to have a backstory and a firm backbone to the setting, I'm of the opinion that there's nothing wrong with starting out just before the action, so to speak.

Damn, i miss tease release. Well, i really like prostitution kink and i await as much as needed. Thanks fo this fic my friend!

Didn't miss nothin', I was close to posting but I never did. I'm gonna fix what I got first then put it up.

Any update on when the next chapter gonna be released?

working on it. I'm gonna skip the Velvet one for now, and finish up the Abomination chapter, since it's way closer to being done. I wanted to do everything in continuity with the book. But I don't think anyone would care if I came back to the others later.

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