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Great description. Listing all the stuff that you don't and won't do in detail is sure to make this story end up in a lot of search results for people looking for those specific things that are not in this story. So um, A+ in trolling I guess.

That's actually just for people to see. Just what wont show up. I suppose I could go without it, but I don't see how it's trolling.

But is it really needed? Particularly foalcon and scat, two things that aren't going to appear in a story without warning and won't be requested very often. is it really that big of a deal for you to ignore comments that request those things? It's ironic, but saying it will increase the chance of the people that find it wanting to see those things.

I'm just really tired of doing searches on here and finding stories that have nothing to do with what I'm searching for. Descriptions are for describing what is IN the story and are what the search engine uses. If you want people that will upvote your story to find your story, describe what is in it, not what isn't in it.

valid point, I just wanted that reassurance to people, and ask that it not be asked. But that is a valid point, I guess I was just putting too much thought into it, I'll remove it, thank you for the input.

me too.... but hell, there's gonna be more.

>o< its a nurgling!
Blessed by the plague father.

Eeeeyup but not just chaos, the plague father represents Eternal rot Decay and renewal.

Always found it strange that people just kind of passed over those monsters.

Heh. You're the only person I can think of who would get upset over being surprised with a lack of ponies being fucked in their gut knife wounds with a dildo fashioned from their own tied-off and shit-filled intestines. Presumably with a bone shoved inside to give it shape.

... god damnit, HR. What have you done to me? :facehoof:

Would benefit from a good bit of cleaning up, but eh, I'm still down to read more

Yeah, I do this kind of stuff pretty fast. I could always get better I'm just kind of messy just trying to get the next high.

Still, thank you.

Wow awesome start to a good series. I was both worried for and looking forward to a bad ending there. Tho in the context of the world, I'm certain the Pegasi would prefer to write off their dead and infected/contaminated. Rather than save them. If you remember in the Alien franchise, Ripley was always at odds with the corporation who wanted to preserve the Alien for bio weapons research. And the Enclave is no different in that regard.

Now this one was nicely done, I just wish it was longer :P

Any new ideas in the works?

I have one basically done but it's kinda dark.

I'm not sure Imma post it.

There's only a few dark-clop FOE stories that I've seen. Can't be any worse than "The Raider" if you've seen that one. It's not on Fimfiction tho.

It's from the perspective of a Raider, but it's not really filled with Gore and blood... Just lots of non con

Well if that's it, then you're good.

Aye... I'll publish this sucker then..


EDIT: Very good addition!

I was worried I'd be attacked.

Nah that was pretty tame compared to what's out there. "The Raider" is pretty bad, but 120 Days of Blueblood is the worst (that I've read, and I'm not proud of that...)!

Yeah... everyone has their tastes... this one was dark by my standards, I don't wanna see the other stuff.

“The Raider” is so close to being good for me. If it just focused on the other raiders in the camp a bit more or even the older sister a bit more I’d love it. I’m not fond of snuff, especially if it’s a foal.

You can't find it on fimfiction. Its a snuff/rape/foalcon/clopfic that you could Only read on a FOE smut list from someone's Google docs. Most of the stories have been deleted from sites like Pastebin. But I have a few of them saved including "the raider" if you want a copy.

I think I remember that. Was that the one that was essentially a long RP?

Mind sending me a link, if ya can?

Sure I will! Might be a few hours. Not sure if I can set it up on my phone.

was not that dark, for my standards and for fallout. the story concept for this chapter was good enyway

Aye, was pretty grim. At least the "survivors" have a chance at being rescued, if anyone's brave/dumb enough to raid a Hellhound den. But hey, them's the 'wastes.

Wasn’t sure whether or not I should comment on this story, because I’m probably just overanalyzing what’s supposed to be a collection of smut stories, but I think I can waste a few minutes of my life for this. A fair warning: I like to be nitpicky about minor stuff, so feel free to ignore my ramblings.
First of all, this reminds me more of a post-apocalypse version of F.A.T.A.L. than Fallout. If you’re female everything is trying to rape you and if you’re male you’re trying to rape everything. It doesn’t feel like something that takes place in the setting of Fallout Equestria. Not even a Fallout Equestria that runs on porn logic.
Now I’ve to admit that I only read Chapter 2 and skimmed over the others, because outright rape simply isn’t my cup of tea. But from what I’ve seen the only reference to FO:E are the Hell Hounds and RedEye being namedropped once. So basically, this could take place in any generic post apocalypse setting. A few more reference to FO:E would’ve been appreciated.
I’m not going to talk about the first, third and fourth story. Not my fetishes so I don’t think I’ve the right to talk about or criticizes them. But the second story… that’s the one I really enjoyed. I kind of have a fetish for stories that involve MC and dubious consent instead of outright rape.
Still, I think there’s room for improvements. Personally I like having more-fleshed out characters in my clop stories. Makes it more interesting than generic, easily replaceable ponies with bland personalities. It a shame that we never learnt the names of the sisters or that the main focus was solely on the older sister. It’s also a bit odd that all the raiders are male. In a setting like Fallout: Equestria there should be a somewhat equal number of stallions and mares in your average raider gang.
Personally I would love to read another chapter about the sisters new live with the raiders. Maybe with a few scenes from the perspective of the younger sisters or even some of the raiders, to make them more distinct from each other. But again that’s just my personal preferences, so I won't blame anyone for disagreeing with me or prefering the "darker" stuff in the third and fourth story.

If I could offer any advice, I would like if the characters had small descriptions. Like their color and mane color. It’s just something I noticed. On this story and others; something about dark stories always leave characters blank.

That's on purpose.

Hear me out here, if I created something super specific, people can't let their mind wander, I've made up their mind for them. Fantasy in general is more available and open if there's room for the reader. Hell, I've even thought of making the characters non gender specific so if someone wants to pretend it's their kinky male character getting violated they can... but that cuts out a HUGE portion of my own descriptive power.

The reason people make the descriptions low or non existent is so people can insert their own fantasies into the story.

See I really don’t like that. It pulls me out when I can’t imagine what the characters looks like. I shouldn’t have to fill in the blanks. Might as well give them no personality too so I can fill that in too. Sorry but I hate that excuse. I rather they be given a description instead. For me half of a character is what they look like. I know it sounds weird but half of the kink in dark type stories is the loss of innocence. It’s why flutter shy is such a perfect victim in these kinda stories. She has a personality and a face. You already gave them a personality. You gave them a backstory. As small as it is, it’s there. Why stop half way. If you actually want to write a story that people can play fill the shoes in, I don’t know. Make a story from there pov instead?

I know it sounds rude but it just seems like laziness to me. I don’t have the chops to write these kinda of stories. I’m not a creative person and I’m not looking to put my shoes into these characters and definitely not to fill in the blanks. I don’t want be there. I like the fantasy of rape can bring but I rather be far away separated from it as possible.

As much as this story is completely my thing (its even got hellhounds that no one does anything with) it just wasn’t doing it for me. I was constantly way to focused on figuring what all the characters look that I was constantly thrown out of it. It’s a writers job to give a mental picture of the scene. If I want to do that I would be writing it myself.

I need a face. No face no character. No character no enjoyment. Otherwise it’s just two colorless blobs going at it.


Personally I like having more-fleshed out characters in my clop stories. Makes it more interesting than generic, easily replaceable ponies with bland personalities. It a shame that we never learnt the names of the sisters or that the main focus was solely on the older sister.

Exactly. These are disposable characters. There’s nothing there for me to latch on to. I know rape isn’t your thing but for me part of the sick enjoyment I get from the fantasy is seeing a character, that totally doesn’t deserve it, have this happen to them. That heartbreak. That’s part of it for me. These kinda characters give me nothing and I know there are just one shot nobody’s but I’ve read stories with one shots that at least gave off an impression to me then nothing.

Who is pennies? Why should I care? Or I shouldn’t care because someone else might what the character to be somebody else? Them? I don’t get it. If people want that, role play exists. These are stories though. Maybe if your role playing you don’t need to describe what people look like but this is a story first. A short story for sure but a story non the less.

Oh, please do go this dark again, just as long as it ain't brutal guro or something, this hits that sweet spot I like in grimdark clop.

'Nother good chapter! Kinda fudged on the part where the mare that was talking was suddenly getting ploughed. There wasn't a transition to make it clear that she got picked up during or after speaking to our protagonist.

Awesome job man! Another good read,I can't wait to see what you put out next.

jup don't try and mess with raiders just kill em all

good stuff, glad to see you writing more!

It's okay, the grammar could use some fixing. Maybe fix up the writing a bit, I barely noticed they were raping her until I was told that this was the case. Maybe some flavor text here and there and writing the sounds of moans or actions. Didn't really get much from the sheriff's point of view during the ordeal.

But for a short and to the point clop fiction, ya did the deed my good sir and the deed was done well enough. Always keep improving your writing. Clop fiction is more than just inserting a dick inside something, it too is a story.

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