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I write horse words. Sometimes people pay me to.


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Thanks so much for the wonderful duo commission sunny, it truly is amazing

Thank you Skittles, I really like hearing that.

I dunno, but I'm not complaining about my first feature.

alright... I can dig this...

Um... When I read the description, I thought it was going to be in 2nd person, but instead you switched it to first.... Not saying it wasn't a good story, just saying the description can be a little missleading

Sorry about that, I honestly hate writing summaries. I spent a lot less time on the description than on the story itself. I'm glad you liked it enough to comment though!

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Yeesh, like 400 words in and we're already getting into it? I don't even know who these characters are yet. :applejackunsure:

I liked the story a lot. But it's the opposite for me. I'm better at writing summaries than I am at writing the story, it seems, even though a lot of ponies tell me that I'm good at writing stories.

Oh it's only a make out scene...
It's innocent.
Well, I feel the opposite. But good on you for getting good at writing summary's. It's a hard job!

Not wrong. Though this is more a reference to the movie. Which in itself is probably a reference to the song.

You might want to put a sex tag on this, just saying.

I think the mods did it! Thank you though!

Any idea where the cover art is from?

I would link to it, but it’s from an NSFW blog

Can you pm me name of the blog? I am also extremely curious.

For those curious about the artwork the character is from the fenixdust tumblr. You know how to search for it. :3


I pushed back against her, as she drug my foreleg over to her withers with her golden magic. I felt my sheath begin to tingle as the plushness of her rump came alive in my hooves once again.

The withers are horse shoulders, not their flanks/butt.

I didn't actually know that. Thank you, I'll remember that for the future.

Came for the clop. Stayed for the story.
I’m really invested in these characters now, you should make them a regular thing. Well done.

Aww! Thank you so much for telling me this. I might just write a sequel...

I swear, every time they laugh, I think of this guy.

Also you think you could make spaces in your large paragraphs?


Even if it ain’t porn, I just want more of these two. Their dynamic with each other was written so well. I shall read more of your stuff if the characterisation is this good.

Haha, well this is one of my newest pieces, but if you liked their characterization and dynamic feel free to check out my main story... It's due for an update.

This was really well done, definitely deserved the feature. I loved these two, would definitely love to see more of them.

Thank you so much! This comment made me so happy. And well, the commissioners really loved seeing it too!
I try to make my interactions as good as possible, as real as possible, when I write things. I'm glad to see someone likes it.

I actually quite like that. Cute and lewd. It could stand to have a follow-up, even!

I'm actually planning on writing a sequel, look for it in a couple weeks!

cette histoire etait vraiment incroyable ! j'ai vraiment aimer l'expressions et les comportements des personnages .
moi je dis que j'attendrais avec joie une suite! merci de nous faire des histoire comme celle-ci
------------------------------------------------------------------English translation------------------------------------------------------------------
this story was really amazing! I really love the expressions and behaviors of the characters.
I say that I will wait with joy for a sequel! thank you for making history like this

Thank you for the writing that. The sequel will be out soon, and I hope you'll like it just as much.

This was a fantastic little story! You did a great job of managing to cram so much story in less than 8,000 words! You even managed to have three intimate scenes (including the make out on the first night) but still have proper pacing and narration in between!
Some people think that short stories are super simple because they are short, but the real talent comes in making every word count in fitting a great story into a small space.

Oh! Thank you so much for that compliment, it means a lot to hear someone say that about my work!
I'm glad you enjoyed the whole thing, because it was hella fun to write.

If you just really really liked it, and wanna help a brother out... A buck or two would be great if you liked it.

A buck or two


unzips pant

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