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I write horse words. Sometimes people pay me to.

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questions first is this one shots or all connected second any male on female third perticulerly male on blackjack:duck:

please let this be a think there is way too few blackjack clopfics :raritydespair: we need more :raritywink:

also unrelated but all your clopfics are awesome still need to read foe transit pretty short probably finish it by Tuesday

Thank you!
There will be more blackjack!
It’s all connected but it has different points of view!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'll admit I've not read it yet but I'll say I loved the starting lines of the description

Thank you! I’m glad you thought it was good.

Why do you regret reading this?

I thought this wouldn't be a smut. But I just saw the "and they bang" part. I'm just gonna smoke my problems away

Will all the sex in this story be female on female?

No. There will be m/m and m/f

Yay! A Menagerie of Mares Mating Madly. And a wonderful start to an interesting fuck, I mean, Fic...

Joking aside it looks good and I look forward to seeing what you do next.

Oh, just ideal foe fic! :scootangel:

Thank you! I hope you like the coming chapters!
That's some grand alliteration. And I hope you like what's coming too!

I don’t know why but watching/reading horses fuck horses get’s me hard faster than humans fucking humans... do I need help?

Not at all. Horses are sexier...

can’t argue with that logic

interesting. aside from a small error where you say Blackjack's name preemptively it's a solid first chapter however, I do hope that you plan on writing more than just sex (because that would be an incredibly stupid waste of potential) but ya good first chapter and I'm looking forward to more

Thank you, the second chapter is nearly done!

I'll say it I added you for blackjack and littlepip but now I want to know who icepick is time to read a new story lol good 1st chapter can't wait for the 2nt

West Virginia!!!

This was pretty fucking hot, and spot on with their characteristics.

What's up with the crossed out writing in the synopsis?

It just lists some slightly spoilery content tags.

This is better than the game and the game SUCKED.

It was no longer fallout it was an abomination.

ye welcome, also could i ask you an question? also good job on the fics

Your welcome. and how does one get your at?
(Also, sorry if my grammar is off)

You ask an artist if their commissions are open! And then throw them a description and money.

One small error this time.
Only littlepip had her mind wiped so Calamity would still remember P21

Actually no he would not black jack does not have her cybernetics yet with means she has not met them yet

I doubt timeline matters too much

I’m glad something good came out of fallout 76

so uh, is this story in hiatus, cancelled or going to add stories to after the wastelands came out?

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