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Bad Dragon

I write so that one day I may finally stop writing and be free, but these damn new ideas keep finding ways into my brain. I need to write more to vent them out!


From a long lineage of Princesses’ guards comes a brave stallion. His only goal is to become a champion among the Canterlot guards like his forefathers before him. All he needs is an opportunity, and he’ll show everypony what constitutes a hero.

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Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger — Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past — You must fight just to keep them alive

Unfinished Thought - Evening — Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
I Have Been Doing Some Very Bad Things — Greater Complications Are Now Evening Against Me

Bloodsport - Fight to Survive — Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
I've worked hard every night and day — So I'm prepared to make my way — Mind and body are the perfect team — Now's my chance to live my dream

Unfinished Thought - Through Crowded Rooms — Correlation: 40% (Lyrics)
I Stop Clocks With Blind Precision — No One Knows My Traffic Vision — And When I Feel The Surface Give In — Time Has Stopped I've Failed My Mission

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Flash a-ah—King of the impossible—He's for everyone of us—Stand for every one of us

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While Flash sentry may be failure and an insult to name of the heroic Royal Guard, his father may have actually saved lives during his moment of glory.

Have we forgotten what can happen when Celestia is separated from cake? :rainbowderp: His father may well have prevented the greatest tragedy since the reign of Discord! :trollestia:

4824820 I knew the situation was tense, but it seems I still haven't accounted for all of the potential head canon endpoints. Thank you for adding that streamline of data into my explicit story background material. You are, indeed, correct in your estimation. I don't even want to form an imaginary scenario of what would become of Equestria without the heroes, like Flash's father, there to save it. :trollestia:

I Am Prepared!

EDIT: Correlation is about 70%.

Conred #5 · Aug 9th, 2014 · · 14 ·

The only good ending to any Flash Sentry story is the moment when he die in shame.:ajbemused:

4825137 Thank you for participating in the Game 1. Sadly, your submission will not be ascended to the reading recommendation song status.

The song is about hyenas and becoming a king. With all the talk it's also too distracting to be listened while reading.

The only correlating lines in the lyrics of this song that I found were:
Meticulous planning tenacity spanning
Be prepared!

That puts the song in a range of 5% to 10% correlation. At least 40% correlation is needed to win the game. Thank you for playing. If you want, you can play again.

4825198 Well, I did the shame part. If dying was a requirement, then perhaps there wouldn't be any Everyone rated stories about Flash. With Flash not dying, Everyone can at least enjoy the the tragedy part of it, provided that I don’t change the ending.

that was a little mean shining

4825626 You're right. Thanks for pointing it out.

*Fixed.* :twilightsmile:

4828118 noooooooooooooo

4829951 Did I mess up? I thought you wanted it fixed? Do you think it's worse now? Talk to me, reader.

4829968 it was perfect!!!

4829980 It was out of character for Shining Armor to be mean. I don't know how I couldn't had spotted this mistake before publishing. The old version can still be found ->here<-, btw.

Anyway, I'm using your feedback to better this story and myself, whether you like it or not. In fact, I'm making it a general rule for posting in these comments from now on.

If anyone else dares to comment on this story, I will appreciate it and abide by the suggestion if it makes sense. And then… and then I will thank you for it! :trixieshiftleft:

4834591 he was mean at the wedding

4834636 Well, Twi did insult his presumed waifu, but you do make a valid point. I'm making this into:

Which ending do you prefer?
a) “You blew it,” Shining Armor hissed at me. “You’re a disgrace to the Royal Guard!” he continued whispering. — “I have no excuses for my failure, sir.” — “Well, maybe you just don’t have the capabilities needed, to be a Royal Guard, have you thought about that?”

b) “You blew it,” Shining Armor whispered to me. — My emotional barriers crumbled. “I’m a disgrace to the Royal Guard, sir.” Tears started to form form in the corners of my eyes. “I have no excuses for my failure, sir.” My voice crackled. — “Serving the empire can be stressful at times. Some ponies just aren’t grounded enough to perform the rigorous tasks that we assign to them. Perhaps being a Royal Guard just isn’t for you, have you considered that?”

4834727 Congratulations, you've just won the Game 3. Let's wait and see if we have any more winners.

4834741 What's my prize?

4834765 You received an upvote, but seeing that I haven't fully satisfied you yet, I'm giving you another one.

4834781 i would rather have a cookie

4852281 That was awesome. Thank you. I've made corrections in the light of your comments. :twilightsmile:

4851241 Indeed. :rainbowwild:

I want to know why the pinkie hate? God I hate dash fans and luna fans they are worse then hitler for hating pinkie. I am telling ya this whole website is full of anti pinkie propaganda lets call them the lunainati a secret pinkie hate group controlled by powerful fans who write fanfiction for the purpose of getting revenge on pinkie for hurting their waifu. The dash and fluttershy fans are a part of it too we call them the freepegasions.

5014999 Since Pinkie Pie gets away with her crime, it is evident that there is no Pinkie hate going on in this story.

There is some hate going on this site, though. The hate of Flash Sentry is far more prevalent than Pinkie Pie hate.

I've made a group for those few of us who have a shred of tolerance left in us. It is a sanctuary from all the hate on fimfiction.

Fair enough since flash does have a lot more haters and that group I might I join it. On a serious note I think character hate is silly that post was kinda of an exeggeration I know the fanfic was more for the lulz and such I liked it.

This is a great story, I think it really explains a lot of the mindset of the Royal Guard, bodyguarding nigh-invincible rulers in incredibly peaceful times.

It kind of makes sense that the most dedicated guards would want to be around Blueblood, because even if he's a douche they have the chance to actually save his life if he's attacked, rather than either stop an attacker who could never harm an alicorn anyway, or be useless against a threat like Discord or Tirek.

5160139 I'm glad you liked it. I also like your head canon. I was a bit sceptic weather this fic will came across as a bit hard to swallow with all the determination that the main character portrays. But you got the point of it, and that pleases me.

For me, It's not the 'failing the empire' that I find most tragic, it's the guards' talents, wasted on their useless jobs.

5160274 That was clear to me, but I don't know if I would call it that tragic.

"They also serve who only stand and wait."
-John Milton

5161583 Wasted talent. Wasted life. I can't think of anything more tragic than that. It's just sad to watch them wait their life out.

Thank you for adding this to the group.

5304795 Always a pleasure. :twilightsmile:

But it's Flash, so it's not a tragedy for the same reason Merchant of Venice. (just without the antisemitism)

5377412 Flash Sentry hurt Princess Luna. How is that not tragic?

But... she's CC's waifu.... that's not okay...

Flash Sentry was tensing up over PINKIE PIE? Now that is proof that he is the ultimate kind of loser. Tensing up over a BALLOON! He needs to go sacrifice himself to a timberwolf. This story describes him perfectly, he is a pathetic, lousy guard and in my opinion a waste of space that could be used by a better character in the show, such as a three winged pegasus that snorts sulfuric acid out of it's nose.

5377490 Who is CC?

5725443 You must really hate Flash Sentry, don't you? What ever did he do to you? Steal your Waifu?

5725468 I don't do the whole waifu thing. I didn't even know what the hell a waifu was until someone told me about it. My hate for Flash comes from how the writers of the show could use him. If they were to hook him and Twilight up, it would transform Twilight into a Disney style female protagonist, just has to have a man (stallion) in her life rather than remaining independent and strong. If they do hook her up with him, she would be greatly diminished in my opinion. They may as well make her a side character and replace her with Colgate, Lyra, Amethyst or to make things interesting, bring Sunset Shimmer back into Equestria full time and put her as the element of magic.

5725491 Indeed. If Twilight was to hook up with Flash Sentry, it would spell her demise. :pinkiecrazy:

'a Disney style female protagonist, just has to have a man (stallion) in her life rather than remaining independent and strong.'
Like Nala? Or Anna or Elsa? Or Merida (Brave)? Boo (Monsters inc)? Tanana (Brother Bear)?

5725787 Gregious, didn't Nala hook up with Simba (she was from The Lion King 2, I think) Regarding those others, I never watched them because they came out long after I outgrew Disney films like that. I'm thinking along the lines of Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, Belle, Ariel, etc.

Bad Dragon, her hooking up with Trash Sentry would indeed lead to her demise. She would have to placate a stallion rather than focus on what she was originally created for, to focus on friendship. Now while I love the fact that they made her an Alicorn, I don't think Lauren would have wanted that if she had remained with the show and I'm damn sure she would never have even thought of hooking her up. Hasbro needs to look at it this way, we are a huge driving force when it comes to the economic success of MLP: FiM. Would they really want to risk losing at least part of the profit machine? Yeah I'm sure the target audience would love to see her get hooked up but not only would a lot of us not want to see it, if there is a chance it would hurt the bottom line, I'm sure the shareholders and investors would oppose it as well, especially given that Hasbro has been doing quite well here recently, and MLP is a large part of increased profits.

So any female who forms a relationship is some kind of traitor to feminism? And the other characters are so because they are based off of the folklore and fairy tales.

5729122 Gregious, that is not the case. I simply think hooking her up with Flash would ruin her character. If she must be hooked up with a military pony, hook her up with one of those night guard unicorns in the "It's About Time" episode. Hooking her up with one of those guys I would support 100%. Or hook her up with one of Luna's guards, that I would also support, or how about an every day, non-military pony?

I agree that if they hooked her up with flash how they started to in EqG that would ruin her character but a proper relationship (like you said) could be good. If they do it right and not turn her into a blushing idiot every time she bumps into them.

Nala in Lion King is still a strong character though.

That Guardian article I read today made me a bit defensive, sorry about that.

5729814 Gregious, I agree with you regarding Twilight. Having her be blushing around whoever they would hook her up with makes her look more like an awkward teenager than a princess. I mentioned the unicorn guards because they look tough, strong and they don't have that stigma that Flash Sentry has from the EqG movies. Whenever I see pony Flash and think of that ship, all I can think of is the pretty boy from Equestria Girls and Twilight blushing like a 12 year old when she bumps into him upon returning to Equestria. Had Equestria Girls never been made and they were going to try to hook Twi and Flash up, there would be no history, therefore no uproar over it would even exist.

Don't worry about being so defensive, it's alright.

What did you think of Trenderhoof?

5732879 Trenderhoof? Are you kidding me? While he's not as bad as Flash, would not be compatible with Twilight. I'm not sure who would be.

I didn't mean is he compatible with Twi, I meant what are your thoughts on him as a character.

5733518 Gregious, Trenderhoof is an alright character. I don't know if he is the type that would be good as an every episode character but as a side character that shows up every now and then he would be good.

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