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Pinkie Pie's 'cousin Horsey' comes to visit, but Twilight Sparkle is suspicious. Sometimes we wear masks to hide our true feelings... sometimes that can be taken literally.

Written for the May write-off competition, where the theme was "beneath the mask".

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Um... Where did they get the rubber?

All of my wat? (Hi Zappy!)


10/10 laughing Rainbows. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Hey howdy hey!
Haven't seen you around in a while.
Still fresh as toothpaste, I hope.

Only the freshest toothpaste on the shelf! :heart:
The horsemask's nose looks like a screaming frog.
(And now to disappear for workish reasons!)

4498012 Why wouldn't they have rubber?

Rubber's relatively easy to produce, assuming you have access to rubber trees.

I think that the story would be better if the truth was what the friends suspected all along. Kinda nice slice-of-life friendshipping. This is a standard cartoon ending, it doesn't have much impact. Also, the fact that they didn't even try to take the mask off at the end was kinda weird. :raritywink:

What happened at band camp?


You don't want to know...

"Rainbow Dash was a regular in the past, but now she owned the entire Daring Do series herself, and that was all she'd ever rented from the library before."

My wife would be so upset that you said "rent" books from a library rather than "check out" or some other way of putting it. Lol it is one other quirks as a librarian.

I liked how Horsey said that Pinkie would be particularly touched by what Rainbow Dash said.

Also outside of the joke why did Horsey not try to go to Fluttershy?

That was really good... until the ending. It was a pretty cliche joke, was half-expected, and ruined the moral behind the story. On top of that, what the heck is a "prosthetic head" anyways? And why didn't anypony try to remove the mask? Why didn't Horsey tell the truth when confronted, instead of just saying "I'm Horsey, from out of town" over and over again?

Poor Fluttershy :(

Author Interviewer

Man, I remember being thoroughly flummoxed by this story during the writeoff, but now? Now I love it. Really great characters, hilarious -- especially Fluttershy's scene -- just all-around a good read. :D

Oh gods this was quite silly.

45 More Shades of Hay You Never Saw Coming

Well, until you opened your eyes, at least. :trollestia:

Comment posted by Swashbucklist deleted Dec 29th, 2014

I'm surprised no one in town shouted "Oh God, one of the mirror pool clones escaped our purge and was hideously deformed! Kill it with fire!"

That was weird and strange and hilarious. I especially liked the different takes on the "open for business" theme.

I love the Mane 6's reactions. Those horse masks are creepy in any context.

This is the single most horrible story I have ever upvoted. I knew something like the ending was coming, and I feel not one wit of remorse for laughing. Good one.

Comment posted by Butterwings deleted Aug 18th, 2015

In any case, it was her duty as a loyal friend to help Pinkie out of her funk. Rainbow Dash was so prepared. She was about to show that she couldn't just kick regular butt, she could also kick emotional butt. Those emotions wouldn't know what hit 'em when Rainbow broke out the uppercut of supportive friendship. Aw yeah.

I like to think that this is actually what Rainbow's internal narration sounds like. All the time.

The ending was kinda obvious from a mile away, but still, this was just hilarious.

Cousin Horsey really needs to sue whoever made her that prosthetic head.

(Personally, I imagine she looks like the Abominable Dr. Phibes under it. ) :pinkiecrazy:

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