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Pen Stroke

A fan-fiction author and game programmer that lives in Glendale, CA.


The hands of the clock keep turning. The passage of time continues its unrelenting march. Twilight and her friends continue to live rich lives, accomplishing their dreams and so much more. Yet, what is Twilight to do when, one day, she realizes she doesn't know her friends that well anymore?

Written for April Fools 2014. A bit of sad to balance out all the shenanigans.

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And yet another brilliant story brought to us by you. Time to sit back and relax while I read.:pinkiehappy:

Such a bittersweet story :fluttercry:

Beautiful. I'd say more, but I don't think I need to. This is simply beautiful.

Anyone else notice that all of obselescence'as stories appear to be Pen Strokes stories...APRIL FOOLS I can only guess.... They switched names and profile pics!

Quite nice. Twilight, work on it. It's worth it.

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That's completely preposterous.

4164750 within the realm of possibility though :) but it was just a joke :/

This was nice. Through the story I realized that I'm way too serious while writing. Me at the moment can not write a light piece such as this one. I'm going to pull up my Google Drive, see if I can fix that.

“They were nice,” Twilight answered. “But... I still can’t believe my father lost touch with his friends like that. Is that... is that what’s happen with me and my friends?”

Should be either "happened" or "happening", likely the latter.

This is the point on which real life diverges from every tv show I watched as a kid. Thank you for writing about it and adding some sweet to the bitter.

Such a touching story for such a hectic day, Obs... Pen... whoever you are :ajbemused:

You guys are having lots of fun today.

Solid story, though.

Oh god he's right! All of the stories AND blog posts on the right of the screen belong to Pen Stroke! THIS IS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE WITHIN AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE! EVERYONE RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!!

Hey, when did you become a moderator?

It's quite obvious whom the sad tag is really for: Twilight's best friend. It'd be one humdinger of a double standard to mope over the dissipation of Twilight's unbreakable bond with her pony friends when - by extension - such a thing would create an even greater distance between the five of them and the orphaned dragon who has no other friends or family. It's hard to give a shit about Twilight's plight when the most dependable and dedicated part of the group has to deal with even greater loneliness. So much that he wan't invited to a "long overdue get-together".

But at least he's got the right idea: he doesn't care what the fuck his friends are doing. Then again, he could still use the friendship lesson that Twi just learned. Meghan only ever confirmed that Twilight would not outlive the others, but has said squat about Spike's tragic future; he's the one who needs to understand how important it is to keep making friends.

That was sad. And very encouraging. I need to go out with friends a bit more :fluttershysad:


So what happen to Spike ?

“Yeah, they aren’t quite up for flying all the way from Clousadle to Ponyville,


“Oh no, we're going to your parents house.”


“I believe that you and your friends will be able to resist the drift until nature of their mortality reaches it’s unavoidable end, Twilight.

Everything may have its season, but the season. Shall last. FOREVER! if Hasbro can help it. Although, I have heard rumors of a Mayan calendar with an end date in April of 2045... The horses with sun tattoos match no known mythology. :trollestia:

enjoy it greatly, my friend. too many tiwlight being immortal things end with it being tragic and dark or something. rare to find something optimistic. tiwlight shall lose her friends but never her love for them, nor memories of their happiness............. and she will then befriend new ponies and beings, and then more and more............ guess it is hard to be truly sad when you look at an extended life at the chance to know more and love more beings than most people would.

...... that spying thing is creepily like something i am working on lately. much darker than this, let us say incidents leads to twilight being paranoid and terrified that her friends could get hurt......... and something kinda twists in her head.

Lost the friends I had in elementary when we grew apart, never gained any "friends" in higher elementary.
Gained friends in High, but we live on different sides of the country during the summer break with little to no communication with each other, and with interests drifting away from each othe.
This lesson is one I need to learn, just got to hope the workeplace in the future is not sport interested, else my social life is dead.

I have been in four elementary schools thanks to my parents having to rent a house and move regularly, changed cities in Hungary six times, then changed countries where I live two times (and about to do the third time), and I'm only 23. I've seen my friendships arise, bloom and wither away over and over again.

This fiction was talking to my heart: never give up making friends, even if you know that one day you will have to say good bye. Thank you, Pen Stroke.

Well, that... wasn't that sad.:twilightsmile:

The final night I spent with my friends before leaving for college was the hardest I'd ever cried. When you've spent a huge portion of your life amongst the same faces and personalities, it's hard to believe that things could ever change, nor is it easy to cope when they do. The halycon days we spend with the ones we cherish most occupy a portrait of normalcy in our heads, and it's difficult to accept any other reality as ordinary.

It's been four years since I graduated high school - I just graduated college, in fact - and despite the fact that precious friends have departed my daily life, this change has become the status quo. Shifting tides are now the norm, and through seeking value in the ordinary moments, we learn to cope when the jewels of our existence are buried.

(Well, that turned out markedly more poetic than I had planned. But it's all from the heart).

I found the introduction rather clunky - I would've preferred a more gradual buildup, revealing set pieces from the future that slowly indicate that Twilight isn't the dainty, naive unicorn of yesteryear, but Celestia's sagely advice took the theme home for me. She would understand best of all ponies, afterall.

Overall, good story. Not the best around, but accomplishing what it set out to do.

finally got to this, and great job :pinkiehappy:

"the Great and Powerful Princess Prissy Pants and her Pristine Purple Guard." oh man thats just the best

I don't get why Rarity would think Futtercord isn't an item. 'Cause I'm a FLUTTERCORD shipper (no disrespect intended to shipers who ship Discordx??? or Fluttershyx??? the question marks are for whoever you ship them with.)

very very sweet.

Written for April Fools 2014. A bit of sad to balance out all the shenanigans.

Not sure if trust

The day I left middle school was incredibly heartbreaking and this just brought that all back. Only one of my friends joined me in high school, but my middle school friends had found me on my knees in seventh grade and picked me back up. They were my first friends and I think those are generally the hardest to forget. Now if you'll excuse me, I seem to have something in my eye.

Wow... I find most April Fool's stories are usually people fooling around and making zero sense. Your story felt like an honest-to-goodness story about the consequences of life's constant changes. You even wrote it as masterfully as always. thumbs up and fav.


Of course Spike is ever right by her side.

I think the dislikes came from watery eyes not able to tell the difference in thumbs. Because this is beautiful once again pen stroke! :heart:

This... Moved me in a way that i have not been moved for a while. It is and it shall stay with my forever. You, Pen Stroke, are an artist of words. Thank you so much, for giving this piece of art to the world, for all to enjoy.

not sure why I did not comment back then, when I read it for the first time...
But it is very relatable story for many of us.
I had few very good friends from high school and we had been in contact even after that... actions, visits, holiday camping trips.
But some time ago one went to university abroad, one moved to capital with girlfriend and I moved because of work. after that we had one awkward attempt and several phonecalls, but it somehow felt like talking to strangers.
On the other hoof, I had made new friends from people I had been on Galacon with and it somehow helped.
Yeah, very well done and full of emotions

This is so bittersweet, but at the same time, it's so much of the truth, I mean, this is very Honest and I really love the way Pen Stroke writes these stories, they're always very intriguing and I always have a great time reading them. This one was very bittersweet, though, it also reminds me of the past in elementary school...

A whole different experience to read this after watching Canon have it's go at it - with a different angle, of course. I wonder how many have? The similarities and differences both stand out.

It does of course have personal resonance for me - not only because I have very tenuous ties with just a couple of friends from my own past, but because I also know my mother has been through many more in her own life. (She did rediscover some of them on social media, though, which makes me wonder if Twilight is going to invent that - or import it from the human world - as a "solution".)

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