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So Scoots has been doing drugs? Well shit.

4061345 Yeah she's been a bad pony.

It's more of a plot device than anything though. :scootangel:

When will the next chapter be out

4069572 Been a crazy week but I hope this weekend I can have it out. :unsuresweetie:

The drama is good and enjoyable. :raritywink:
Had a suspicion that Scoots was on drugs. :ajsleepy:
While i wait for the next chapter i will reed some of you'r other story's relay enjoy your writing stile in this ScootaBelle double story. :scootangel:

That was good. A good back story to a so far good story, :ajsmug:
filling in the blanks you did very good (oh god i'am turning in to Yoda :pinkiegasp:)
Anyways looking forward to the next one. :raritywink:

She lover her... Sweetie Belle and Sweetie Belle loved her.

It was eating at her sole, her resolve and she needed it gone.


Scootaloo said as she rubber her face against Sweetie Belle's neck, clearing the tears from her eyes.


4114460 NOt sure what's worse, I keep making the same typo or that I keep missing it when I edit. fml :rainbowlaugh:

I suggest a ctrl+f on 'rubber' each time you complete a chapter? :rainbowlaugh:

But I guess that makes since because it seemed he was there more than at home.

GET BACK TOGETHER DANG IT!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Felt a little to opened a chapter ending to be satisfying, you should least have scoot say something.

wow! fast movers huh? jeebus

A lovely story! Could have used a little fluff in my opinion, but then again I'm somebody that tends to ramble on about stuff. REGARDLESS at the stories core its quite spectacular! Er...that didn't sound like I thought the writing was bad...did it? Because the writing is good, it just needs to be a tiny bit neater, a little less rushed. I can understand why it was though, people enjoying your stories does kinda put a sort of pressure on you. But yeah, great story!:moustache:

but I guess you already made up you mind."

Also it occurs to me I should at least mention this in once in a while. Love your stories.
This was was not as high on the cuteness scale, and a lot more on the sad scale, but it was an excellent read. I was not sure how it was gonna end the entire way through, up to last second I felt it equally likely scoots would go or stay.:unsuresweetie:

One potential thing though, the counselor left the drugs in scoots room while she was off making her life harder? :trixieshiftright:

Scoots is glad, Sweetie is glad, Rainbow is dating Twilight. (did not see that coming but whatever)
A relay nice story all in all Well done sir/madam.

4380296 Hehe yeah thought I'd sneak that in there. Glad you liked it. :twilightsmile:

Somehow, I did not expect another chapter to this. Glad to be wrong about that. :rainbowlaugh:
A nice feel good chapter after all that heavy stuff, perfect.
Also, seems RD never actually meant for Scoots to leave.
Poor RD must have felt horrible all this time, maybe Twi helped with that?:trixieshiftright:


I loved the prequel. Innocent fillies experiencing love for the first time, mutual adoration and cuteness abound. Confessions and kisses, embraces and dances... it was happy, really happy.

Then there's this shit.

Cocaine. Really? Fucking really? And in the third chapter with no prior warning? Seems like a total redo of Scoots' personality. And a hint of past abuse... against Sweetie Belle. That doesn't fit with what was given as her personality at all. Not to mention that I fucking love Sweetie Belle, so I'm doubly pissed off right now. Piece of shit, cunt, fucking shit... All I can do is rage at this chapter. All desire I had to read the rest of this story has been vaporized as of this chapter.

I mean, seriously? I've been through the same shit on the victim's side... and now I've got to relate to Sweetie Belle being abused by the mare she loved? For fuck's sake, now I've got to go get fucking drunk so that I can sleep soundly tonight thanks to a fuckton of resurfaced memories. God damnit.

And lemme tell you something... Sweetie still loves Scoots after that? Nuh uh... if you're abused, you don't still love your abuser. That's called a fucking mental illness. So yeah, even if it does "get better" and they "get back together" it's all a lie. Love like that ain't love, it's a fucking problem.

Oh, and then there's this...

It's more of a plot device than anything though.

Fuck. You. You're a great author, I mean that with all of my heart. I've read your other work, and I loved it all. You should know that drug-related love stories cannot work. Especially when it's between an abuser and the abused. I speak from fucking experience here. It doesn't work.

'Scuse me, I'm gonna go get hammered now.

5103345 I'm sorry this has offended you. It is merely a work of fiction.

However there are some things I'd like to clear up: Scootaloo only hit her once and she felt so bad about it that she was willing to live alone the rest of her life over it. Sweetie wasn't being very considerate of Scootaloo's emotional turmoil.

Nuh uh... if you're abused, you don't still love your abuser. That's called a fucking mental illness.

It's called Stockholm syndrome but that's not what Sweetie has here. What happened was Sweetie felt bad too, they both messed up. Scoots tried to move on but ended up miserable. Sweetie moved on but found out she was very lonely.

You should know that drug-related love stories cannot work. Especially when it's between an abuser and the abused. I speak from fucking experience here. It doesn't work.

I'm sorry to hear that but you aren't the only one and your personal experience doesn't speak for everyone. Things happen, things change. Some have it in them to forgive.

Lastly, I do value all opinions on my works but I don't appreciate the coarse language or the way you went about it.

For some reason this fic reminds me of this song:

This was one of the sweetest story I've ever read in here. Although I think the end was a bit shortcut, I still congratulate you. And thank you for posting this fiction :)))))) I hope you will someday continue this with a New beginning title. :)

5103345 Geez, man, calm it down a notch. :twilightoops:

I really don't like stories where they suggest getting caught up in lust or starting over. What's the point? Just think back to the last good moment of your relationship and continue on from there. The reason that 'lust' occurred the night before was because they still loved each other, not because of carnal desire.

This was a depressing yet, beautiful story that delivered an oh so satisfying conclusion. Definitely a story I will remember for a while.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for sad stories with happy endings.

On another note, you hinted at her going to make things right with Apple Bloom, but you don't follow up on that? That's a little disappointing, but oh well.

All in all, I enjoyed reading one of your original works and must say that you are without a doubt the author that actually got me into ScootaBelle.

Great job!

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