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“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.” George Bernard Shaw


Everything is going great for Sweetie Belle. Well, her job isn't, but she's not too worried. She's got Scootaloo, the best filly-friend in all of Equestria. After work they go out to the local gin joint and dance and drink and blow off stress from the work day

Sweetie Belle, an aspiring jazz musician, takes the stage for some extra bits. Everything is looking good in her life. Until she overhears a conversation that calls everything into question.

Just a quick little slice of life.

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are aged up to whatever early 20s is equivalent to in pony years.

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He started perplexed for a second then nodded to the band,


They walked in science for a few seconds as she chose her words.

ah yes the classic Walk-in Science, you just trot along and BOOM discovery after discovery!

Speaking of discovery the idea I thought we would be dealing with in this story from the long description was anti LGBT+ views. The insecurity was a nice surprise and felt real.

So the rules on this site state that you cannot have copyrighted lyrics that are not your own or from MLP. I know that old black magic is itself old but and I don't know much about music or copyrights but I'd steer clear of putting other songs in your works in the future.

(oh and second sentence of the long description on this fic you describe Scootaloo as 'the bet' and I'll bet you meant 'the best' unless she has a not so secret gambling addiction.)

Good story!! I don't often see this pairing as grown ups :)

Obligatory link to one of the most underrated bands of all time:


They walked in science

:facehoof: that's a new one for me. lol Fixed thanks

Yeah the anti LBGT thing has been done to death on this site. I wanted to do something a little different.

As for the songs, yeah IDK. I've used songs in my other works, like The Belle and Bloom Show. I'm not claiming to own or have written them... hmm I'll have to review that.

Twi-Fi #4 · June 23rd · · · Songs ·

Yes! They were great musicians! I have a double LP of one of their live shows from the early 70s.

Nice! I will use this as an excuse to share another great underrated live band from the early 70s! (Who also had the best live vocal harmonies I've ever heard when I saw them live about ten years ago in Costa Mesa:

Twi-Fi #6 · June 23rd · · · Songs ·

Psychedelic, man. I like music with Hammonds and Leslie cabs.

Do I have a treat for you then! This is a local LA band I've gotten to see twice!

Twi-Fi #8 · June 23rd · · · Songs ·

Oh wow, they sound like something out of the late 60s. I'm getting a Paul Revere and the Raiders mixed with the Velvet Underground vibe from these guys. And they do certainly seem to love their Leslie cabs.

I don't want to eat up your comments section, but please feel free to PM me here or elsewhere if you ever want to talk music; I love 60s and 70s shit.

Same. I love most stuff from the 60s. From pop to psychedelic, and even some avant-garde stuff like Silver Apples.

Really nice to see a story not only with this pairing but also having Sweetie as jazz musician. It's a really great sight to see. Nice job!

Singer Sweetie Belle is best Sweetie Belle.
Nicely Done.

What a fun story! There aren’t enough stories about the CMC actually in their adult life.

A small thing, from an obsessive jazz fan: the jazz scene at this bar isn’t really how it works. You’ve got far too many genres at play. I thought at first the bar was a bebop/hard bop bar, since you mentioned Coltrane and Sonny, however then the Charleston and swing shows up. I think I read boogie-woogie and smooth jazz mentioned as well. Not to mention Sweetie sang vocal jazz with the band. This is the equivalent of going to a “rock” bar and having the same performers go from Metal to Psychedelic to Elvis all within the span of a few songs. Logically, a jazz combo is going to have one or two closely related genres they play.

Damn it! I was hoping no one was going to call me out. Lol

Yeah they are doing the Charleston and jitterbug/Lindy Hop, listening to smooth jazz, and Sweet is singing Ella Fitzgerald. It's more like open mic night with a very versatile set of musicians. The last song is a 60's pop/rock song. Personally I'd love to find a place like this, but yeah definitely not very realistic.

The boogie-woogie blues was Scootaloo and Sweetie's joke about playing it there to be disruptive or as a gag. Could you imagine going to a jazz lounge and the pianist just starts playing Jerry Lee Lewis? It would be... distracting.

Absolutely, unbearably sweet. Great, now I want to grab someone and do the jitterbug.

Singer Belle? Best Belle. Scientific fact.

Swinging! That's some boogie-woogie piano. Sweetie will need another venue to play that at.

Reese #19 · June 23rd · · · Songs ·

Well, that was nice, and somewhat interesting as not the sort of thing I usually read. :)

(Though from the description, I'd for a bit early in the story expected Sweetie Belles from two different timelines to cross paths... which probably would have been a rather different story. :D)

(Though I'm afraid I'm quite tight on time at the moment and don't have time to listen to the linked videos; I hope that that's not a problem. I might or might not get to them at some later point.)

No worries! It's doesn't affect the story at all, and I appreciated the jive talk. Since everyone is sharing music, I'll leave you with a couple pieces you may or may not know.

That Old Black Magic is such a great standard. I'm particularly fond of Sammy Davis's version, but the most interesting cover is by King Pleasure.

Summertime is a classic in every way. I think the best performance is by Sidney Bechet, back when clarinet was in style.

And because you like Ella Fitzgerald, Bill Bailey and All of Me are two of my absolute favorites.

Those are great! I like Sammy Davis' voice. Ella is just fantastic!

Summertime is a great song. I also like the Zombie's version of it.

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