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Because after everything burns to the ground I always tend to wander the field of ashes.


Some dreams are meant to be shared, some, only a personal goal, but the best kind of dreams are those that take years to fulfill and that time only made sweeter.

What was supposed to be my entry in the ScootaBelle Contest: We Got Our Cutie Marks! ...Now What?

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this story was great! it deserves more likes, anyway I can't help but notice the incomplete tag. Is there going to be a chapter 2? or did you just forget to change it? :derpytongue2:


OH come on. Why did u stop writing this story. In the end I will be the one continuing this...
If you won't finish this story. The idea is good but too much time passed. Will u ever continue? Please respond! :/

Sorry about the long reply, life kinda has taken over all my time. But, I would like to say that I'm not completely dead, just that my time has been focused elsewhere.

Writing has resumed on this project so you should see a new chapter released in the next week or so, hopefully two years has added to my skill rather than rusted it.


I'm looking forward to see it :ajsmug:
Thanks for replying anyway, I know it's hard to spend time writing New chapters while you have to focus on your life. Also I want to mention, no offense, but when you put something on the internet, the best thing is when you upload it fully complete, so maybe we wait for years for a good story, but we can at least view on a full story.

Sorry for the long reply.
I'm sure it will be perfect:twilightsmile:

Sorry for disturbing you again. Is there a potential upcoming chapter for the next few weeks maybe? Just wanted to ask, although I don't want to push you, I'm Just too curious what will you come up with :applejackunsure:

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