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Rainbow Dash writes a novel and challenges Twilight to proofread it. Twilight accepts the challenge and gets to work. Unfortunately, Twilight is met with a piece of literature so terrible, that she can't even find the heart to tell Rainbow Dash how terrible it is. What will be the outcome of this short adventure?

Please note that the comedy in this story is a bit bland, due to the fact that it wasn't supposed to be a comedy when I first began writing (I know right?). This is just a stupid idea I had one night. It's one of those one-shot stories. Make it happen, people!

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Dash is quite cruel for making Twilight read this just to say it were 'comedy'. That being said, have an upvote and the knowledge that I almost dropped dead with laughter when I saw the cover art. :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm, I don't like that moment when I'm editing a story and I think, 'Did the author intentionally write the story this poorly?' So I can really understand Twilight's head space going into it.

However, the story itself was quite predictable and the comedy just didn't reach me too much. The part that was most humorous for me, I feel slightly ashamed in admitting was the misspelling of the word 'shuddered' as 'shuttered' two times in the story. I think that sort of ironic humor worked better for me than any of the jokes in the actual story. So overall, the story didn't really work for me.

Good for a first story! The payoff was a bit strange and didn't quite leave me with anything, but it was far from terrible. I hope you find the ideas to write more. After all, you can only get better! :pinkiesmile:

3876402 Sorry to hear that, but I'm glad you didn't freak out about it. I'll fix what I can when I get the chance. Thanks for the feedback!

Quite decent. I liked it. Thanks for the laughs!

This was fairly decent, but I just didn't feel moved by the comedy. I did have a few laughs, but ultimately the funniest thing to me was the cover art. Keep writing though, you can only get better:twilightsheepish:. All things considered, I feel you've earned an upvote.

When Rainbow picks up Spike, she says something like "a pegasus what becomes a Wonder Bolt?"
I think you mean "that".
Overall it's pretty good. I felt Spike wasn't quite as Spike as the show, but then again, I'm a horrible writer so I wouldn't have done him any better.
Take my thumbs up.

By the way, LOVE the picture!



What will be the outcome of this short adventure?

absolutely nothing of general importance

Shred it.

3876860 You're absolutely right!

Well, that was... Umm..... Unexpected

Oh dear lord, Pinkie and Rainbow invented the troll-fic; this can only end in tears.

Rainbow story reminds me of many, many, many, many, many, etc, many stories here on fimfic. Though most of them were not done in that way on purpose.

Now I want to read it, so I can judge whether or not it is truly "The Worst Story Ever Written". And I would know, because I hold that sole honor. No one knows, but it's true. When you're given a negative score on your story assignment, you know it's pretty piss-poor.

Been seeing alot of 'Rainbow Dash torturing Twilight Sparkle with literature' lately

Rainbow Dash wrote a troll story...


Is it just me of could the story RD wrote be he ponyfid story of Full Life Consequences?

I think Twilight would have checked to make sure it burned or didn't survive any other attempts to destroy it. I mean she is probably quite through.

Proof reads.... everyone wants one.....

I swear to the lord is it's
"My Little Pony: My BIG Consequences"....

Wowzers! I did not expect this many likes! :pinkiegasp:

THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! :pinkiehappy:

I want to read it so bad... :raritydespair:

Y U NO LET ME :raritycry:

Comment posted by Chadbane deleted Feb 1st, 2014

3876531 Hey, Chad... I noticed that you like to proofread stories... Wanna help me write a sequel on this? You can proofread it, and I'll just write what I can.

3880124 Sure! I'll PM you ideas!

Worst story ever written became the best story ever written, where did I hear that?

Dat cover art...

Made my day...

"This is literally the best story ever!"

*looks at quote*
*looks at chapter title*

if I was Twi, I'd just tell her I wasn't able to do it because it would throw off her schedule but Applejack would 'love' to proofread it for her and would no doubt give an honest opinion about it.

then again I like AJ way too much to do such a thing

It's 'The Room' syndrome all over again.

"It's so horrifically bad, you need to watch it."

3878235 I am MeesterBob, and I approve of this message.

I want to know what Rainbow's story was...

Comment posted by AceOmega deleted Feb 2nd, 2014

Tes mu'un kai nahk... Ezo nolet nok Hell?




Sorry, I can't see that sentence without finishing.:twilightblush:

I'm pretty sure that stories featuring Rainbow Dash writing are always the best :rainbowlaugh:

You had me cracking up


I should write this. I really, really should write this.


The story was boring up until the end, where I promptly sat staring at the screen, and started laughing. :pinkie crazy:
:pinkiehappy: Moar?

The picture made my cry laughing :rainbowlaugh:

ok i give, its fucking awesome.
best worst story ever!

No, Rainbow, stoooop! Trollfics aren't funny! :applejackunsure:

Great terrible story, bro. Had a decent lol, especially when dash revealed its a trollfic. Keep writing! And have fun!

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