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795921 Thank you for taking the time to read it. Like I said, I was edgy about writing it because of the whole OC thing, and I have to try to keep it new and not fall back on the character wondering the same things; I have to emphasize he has an extremely active mind and I'm not sure if I'm doing that, but I am trying to write almost the entire thing from inside him; hence the shortage of dialog. Bleh. I'm ranting. Anyways, thanks again /)

Hey, so I really liked your story "Wind." I couldn't find the comment box on the page in the group for new authors, so I figured I'd reply to you directly :rainbowkiss: I appreciate you enjoyed my story! As for the editor request, I think I have too much stuff going on to make that kind of commitment. Sorry :applecry: I reeeeally hope you keep writing though!! I really like what you're coming up with. Maybe if you need a proofread on a story I could probably do that for you :twilightsmile: It's up to you though.

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