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This story is a sequel to In Her Shadow

It is amazing how time can change some ponies. Once, the very prospect of flying terrified Prism Bolt. Now, he soars through the sky, lording his skill over any pony he can. It's all in good fun, he doesn't mean anything by it.


When practicing for Tornado Day, a single poorly timed slip-up destroys any respect the citizens of Ponyville had for him. To earn it back is going to require hard work, something the pegasus has always dodged.

Perhaps all he needed was the right motivation.

Once again, all original characters contained herein are the property of Kilala97.

Massive amounts of editing and proofreading done by Prak.

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Yay! :yay: I love these little peeks into the possible future generation. Glad I could give a little assist again. :twilightsmile:

Oh, don't let me forget to give a shout out to Kilala, her art is absolutely amazingdorable and I love it. :pinkiehappy:

This felt like a true episode, man.

Loved every second of it. And before RealityCheck finds something to bitch about with it...

...Do I even need to say it...?

Approved for the Library. Of course.

~Skeeter The Lurker


This felt like a true episode, man.

That is the greatest compliment you ever could have given me. Thanks a lot, man.



Hehe, I only say what I mean, mate.

You are very welcome. VERY welcome indeed.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Dude your writing is too good for words, well done on the characterization! I don't think the writers at Hasbro would have done any better.

Great story you deserve everything! ~Alex

P.S props to the artist thats the best artwork I've seen in a while

Dude, seriously. My only dream with my work is to get to a level like this. You are one of the best writers I have seen on this site. Keep up the good work.

I absolutely love this universe, and I love how you write. The characters truly seem to come to life in your stories, and not everyone can do that (I know I can't). You have managed to make your way into my list of favourite writers on the site, and I sincerely cannot wait to see what else you have in store.

Keep up the good work.

Excellent job, man! This had everything I liked! Way to go! :eeyup:


I'm agree with him :rainbowkiss:


" [...] But the record is for pegasi only. No griffons, no dragons and no... er... sorry. I don't even know what to call you," she admitted awkwardly.

It was a question he got often, and Turquoise didn't seem bothered by it. "Turquoise Blitz," he said [...]

Best. Sentence. Ever.

it's very intense, I see a great self-respect, very polite but not weak. :moustache:

Another very well written fanfiction. :pinkiehappy:

damn, i only wanted to glance over this, but it pulled me in and forced me to read every single sentence. the only thing that took me out of the moment was claire using "darling" more than once, but then i don't know how strongly she's influenced by her mother. from her pictures i'd assumed she was slightly "rowdier".
great story in any case! grabs hold and won't let go.

Grats on the front page! Another great story good work Lumino!



I'm glad you enjoyed! Thanks very much for the review;

Just like A Little Push, this was amazing.
Crazy mad respect for you, Prak and Kilala97 for bringing this story to us.
I really hope there's another one coming. Maybe with a Prism/Whirlwind thing. Definitely hoping for it.

It might be a bit early but this is the Best Fic of 2014.
Hands down.

Mature feature.

As expected.

~Skeeter The Lurker


I tried to make it as accessible to people who didn't know the characters as I could. My prior two stories with these characters go into a lot more depth of defining the OCs. The reason I stopped doing so here was because I needed to stop 'Reinventing the Wheel'.

This seemed like the best time to do so, since it was a direct sequel. Future stories will likely progress this, which is unfortunate. Still, like a good crossover, I try to make the stories enjoyable even if you are not familiar with the non-canon source material.

Thanks for the review;

Damn good work here. You, sir, deserve an angel...:scootangel:

At this rate guys, we are gonna have a positivitely viable spin-off of FiM before the actual show ends!! We already have all the personalities and who the new characters would be---and of course we need to have shot-outs to the original main seven characters of FiM and other assosciated main background characters as well, since they are the parents of the seven new leading characters!!

Now to the story, guess that it shows that loyalty runs in the family. Prism showed that by actually putting his ego away (after enough brusing), as well as allowing his best mate T to fly with all the other pegasi, despite Spitfire's defiance. Basically it was all of Ponyville saying "Fuck the record!!!" just like they did 24 years ago w/Rainbow Dash.

and I can see that it looks like the relationship between Prism Bolt and Whirlwind is mending nicely. And it's a refreshing change for Prism, as opposed to being characterized as the stereotypical jock.

Edit: 100th like :pinkiehappy:

That was great!

So A Little Push and Through the Eyes of a Friend are the other two stories in this 'verse so far, right? Any others?


And we present Arby Works, the renowned artist, playing the part of Fluttershy!

Give him a round of applause everyone!

Glad you enjoyed;

3833436 stfu im spike fgt :moustache:
But I am intrigued by the premise; I still have yet to read it. The instant it was added into the Sparity group I became intrigued but now I think I'll read the precursor first. :raritywink:


To be fair, it isn't really focusing on Sparity that much. Their kids play an important roll in this one, but not in the prequel. Hence being in the Side Ship folder.


3833474 Don't care, Sparity is involved. Guaranteed reader. :moustache:
And, as I said, it legit sounds interesting. x3

A really excellent sequel here. One question, do you plan to do another sequel focusing on Prism or one of the other Mane 6's kids?


More stories? Of course!

I think I'm done with Prism Bolt being the star for a while, however. I've had my fun with him, now some of the others need some attention. The current idea I am working with is actually looking at Claire.

That isn't to say Bolt and the others won't be there, because they will. They just won't be the focus of the story. Much like Claire was in this story, but was not the focus.

Glad you enjoyed;

3833759 I welcome the fact of taking a look at the Sparity children since I believe that there's really no stories that focus on Sparity foals.

One thing I would like to see is actually a Starburst one.


You should probably give this a read, then.

As Sweet As Lavender - By Draconian Soul


EDIT: Link is fixed.

3833778 someone is actually writing a Starburst one right now I believe

nice job. You might want to link to her Fimfiction account as well though.


There is actually a reason that I didn't. I have a lot of issues with people thinking these are my OCs because they don't read the description at all. I'm afraid if I put up two links, they might click the FimFic one, see how bare the profile is, and never see her DA one. Might seem silly, but this is the internet. If you underestimate the ability of people to screw something up, you will always be surprised by how creative they can be.


3834662 "The deceleration of something beeping foolproof simply shows one has underestimated the determination and enginuity of fools." - Douglas Addams.

where was scoots while rumble was at tornado duty?


Maybe there as a spectator, maybe taking care of Echo, maybe somewhere else. I dunno. Her presence wasn't needed for the story, so I didn't really keep track of it.


It was just missing something that the other one had. But that being said i liked this.
I still need to give the others a read (Damn Bronies and the fuck ton of good things they write! :derpytongue2: )
I mostly just dropped everything to read this because im already invested into the Prism Character.



Yeah, I wish I knew what it was missing. I honestly felt that this was the better story, but the public does not agree. Oh well, we learn from our failings. Next time will be better.

Thanks for the review;

Finally got around to reading his, and I loved it. Future fics are a guilty pleasure for me. I can't get enough of them, and you write some damn fine ones. :ajsmug:

Had this sitting in my tabs forever, but Im glad I finally got around to reading this!

Hope to enjoy more stories from you like this!

Wow.......Rainbow Dash is still a jerk >:(


Hah, you must not have Italians or Germans in your family if you think that.


You are correct, I have china and Dominican Republic running through my veins


Allow me to explain, then. In some of the family oriented European cultures, parents (especially mothers) can be very assertive with their children. It doesn't come from hate, it comes from love. Family is critically important to those cultures, and when they see their children misbehaving in a serious way they tend to become very upset/disappointed. In this kind of a dynamic, Rainbow's yelling is a pure and simple message that "You fucked up, bad."

Also keep in mind that she was in a training position. If something got screwed up in the tornado, ponies could get badly hurt (as said by Twilight in Hurricane Fluttershy). To see her own son not taking it seriously was both a show of disrespect to everyone there, as she said, and putting her on the spot. It is more the idea that she expected better from him than he showed, and she let him know that loud and clear.

Also remember, when Prism took things seriously, she dropped it instantly. She was still assertive and gruff, but she wasn't any more against him than she would be to anypony else. She was using her anger and aggression to communicate the message clearly.

As a male myself, I can say that there are some times when I needed to be 'shouted straight'. Sometimes you cross a line, and you need to be made perfectly aware just how far out of bounds you were. That is what happened.


Personally I think that deep down rainbow is upset that her son snickered at her oldest friend( cause no one makes fun of her in front of dash) and chose flutters over her own son


Well you are wrong, but you can view the story however you like. The prequel story has already well established that Rainbow Dash loves her children more than anything else, and failing them is a big fear of hers.

Do you honestly believe that a mother's love for her child can just 'go away' over a few years? Not unless you are accusing the mother of being a reprehensible being.


Either way that whole outburst and dismissal was highly uncalled for, I would have just pulled him aside and talked it over


...Does Rainbow Dash really seem like the 'Lets quietly discuss out differences away from everybody else.' kind of character to you?


No, and that's what upsets me

Nice story with Prism. I am excited for the final part of the story.

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