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One normal and completely average morning, everything went wrong. Rarity arrives at the Castle of Friendship to pick up Spike for their weekly gem hunting trip, only to find that Spike has locked himself in his room and Twilight is working herself into a frenzy in the library. As she tries to piece together what happened that morning, and mend a damaged friendship, she'll make a number of startling revelations.

Some of them bigger than others.

Cover art used with permission of Kilala97.

Thanks to The Albinocorn for proof reading.

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Ooh I know I'm going to like this one:heart:


I certainly hope so!


I'm going to guess that everything is a red herring, and Spike is actually in love with Pinkie. The cover art is just Rarity and Spike being happy. Totally not romantic.

I really enjoyed Rarity's "conversation" with herself. Very well done, yet again.:twilightsmile: So can we have a sequel now?:trollestia:




I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks very much for your comment. :raritywink:


4906020 No problemo!!:pinkiehappy: But seriously, will there be a sequel?

Okay, this was adorably sweet.

And I like the interpretation of dragon growth and maturity, especially since it implies that dragons base when they consider someone an adult entirely a matter of mind, since physical size is apparently entirely a matter of desire, which has always been my headcanon.

Wait...would that mean a fully grown dragon could, if they so desired, choose to shrink down to a younger size?

Nicely done :moustache:


Exactly! And on the second point, perhaps. I mean, the story implies that a dragon does not have conscious control over their own magic. They couldn't "will" themselves to be smaller to escape a foe, because that isn't how it works. Spike was able to shrink, by this head canon, because his subconscious wanted him to be small again. He truly desired it, deeply and wholly, not as a passing tactical advantage or something.

I imagine a dragon would not be used to the mindset of wanting to return to a small and weak state.


Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.


I like this. I like this a lot. It's sweet, but it presents a few uncomfortable truths about Rarity's motivations. That just means that you've actually addressed the reasons I don't like Sparity very much.

Well done, Lumino! :raritystarry:

Simple and sweet, yet also complex. I can't decide wich is stronger.

Like, fav and added to my recommendation group.

Nice story. :twilightsmile::heart:

I hope you enjoyed this vision of how a Sparity relationship might start.

I would LOVE to see a sequel to this then. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Ahh, yes. Its always nice to read some Sparity.

I d'awwed.

I learned.

I drank in delicious headcanon.

And I am left wanting so much more.

I'd say you did a damn fine job, Lumino. :ajsmug:

Also agrees with my little headcanon. A dragon doesn't grow so he can get more stuff: he grows so he can protect what he has.

Great story about those two,it brings out the lesson in it :twilightsmile:

not a fan of Sparity but i enjoyed this, so good job! :raritywink:

I was thinking more along the lines of a fully grown Zen Master dragon who has grown disgusted with the behavior of most dragons and wants to try living amongst another race. Could he, for example, choose to shrink himself to the size of a pony while keeping the chiseled features of his full growth?


And that was what I was going for. I had to admit that people had a point when they said that Rarity was toying with his feelings. I just felt, as this story demonstrates, that it wasn't intentional, just a bad judgment call.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, after all.


Thanks! Glad you all enjoyed it.


That means quite a lot coming from one such as you. Thanks for the compliment!


Some of them bigger than others.

If you know what I mean


Your avatar makes that just perfect.


You know it

Great story. :raritystarry:

Though the part where Rarity was taling with Twilight felt a bit weird for me. I mean - such a calm reaction from Rarity... but then when she 'freaked out' it came to me, that it could have been just a mask - more to calm down herself than Twilight. Not sure if that's what you were going for.

Rarity's internal dialogue was really good part, probably a highlight for me. :raritywink:

(I also like how you didn't make her suddenly realize how bad she was and instantly fall in love. I really don't like when someone rushes like this.:twilightangry2:)

To sum it up - thanks for a great story.
And now - time to sleep.


Well, Lumino, you've done it again. A great story. As a fellow kilala97 and Sparity fan, I can say with confidence that this is a great example of how not just to begin a Sparity relationship, but a relationship in general. Working on a kilalaverse fic myself, I like to think this is just many of the ways it could all begin. Although, I'm much better at writing action/adventure stories than romance (personally, I still consider myself a amateur at writing both), which is why that fic I'm mentioned earlier is a mix of the two, so I can practice. I'm currently in the process of a MASSIVE rewrite of that story to make it make more sense to the common reader. I have to unpublish it from FiMfiction so it doesn't get any more bad once overs. I only hope I can write as well as you one day.

I absolutely enjoyed this!

Well done, man, well done indeed.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Fantastic story! I really like the idea of Spike growing because of need. You wrote Zecora very well, too! I've always feared writing Zecora because I feel like my rhyming would just be terrible. You pulled it off so well, you make it look easy.

The characters in this feel very natural. They're spot-on accurate. When Twilight was frantically searching for a solution rather than facing Spike herself, I couldn't help but chuckle and think Yep, that's Twilight, alright. :twilightsheepish:

:heart: As far as Spike and Rarity, Oh, my heart was all aflutter! Just too adorable, especially Rarity's soul-searching. And kudos on including Nightmarity events from the comic! That whole story arc was amazing, and I love to see it referenced, even if it flies in the face of "conventional" Nightmare Moon canon/headcanon. Taking it that route is a very interesting one. I think the comics are lots of fun!


Thumbs way up!


Ah, but you can see that even in the show. Rarity only 'flips out' when the others are being sane. When somepony else is worried and worked up, she isn't. I like to view Rarity's theatrics as a coping mechanism of hers, but she will only indulge them when it is safe for her to do so. She didn't freak out until she was alone for precisely that reason.


Good luck!

Thanks for the comments, all. Glad you guys are enjoying this.



You sure post a lot for a Lurker. :duck: Glad you enjoyed it!


Thanks a lot! I pride myself on solid characterization, so that is a big compliment you just paid me. Glad you enjoyed the story!


The biggest question I had was what had happened to the vase Rarity found at the beginning of the story. Did Twilight knock it over when she rushed out? Did Spike hit the floor so hard he created tremors? Did somepony actually break in, but neither Spike nor Twilight noticed?

Then I reread the chapter title, and everything made sense. Obvious, Spike also developed telekinesis as a result of growing up and accidentally pushed the vase with his mind. How cleverly subtle.


Do you EVER leave a normal comment? :rainbowlaugh:

Glad you enjoyed the story.


This story I have to say was an amazing and interesting read. First off, your theory on how dragon magic worked was amazingly brilliant, and deserves a thumbs up all on its on. Coupled with the amazing writing and revelation of Rarity and you more than deserve a thumbs up. I look forward to seeing more, and as always, until next time

Yes! Thank you! I have been dying for another good Sparity, Or Rike...hmm... Yeah Sparity is a better term for it, story for awhile! Possibly since 'Of Age'. Anywho, faving!


Hah! Glad you enjoyed all the little bits of detail and world building I threw in there.


Ah, 'Of Age', my favorite Pony fic. To be compared to it, even in passing, is a huge compliment.

Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the comments!


Very nice!

I am usually not a fan of Sparity fics, the only time I write them are future fics when she is dead (hah, nice!) but I think it is mostly for the reason you state in your A/N's… everyone skips straight to love, Rarity realises how much of a fool she was to never see the amazing young man in her life and immediately falls for him. *cough cough* projection *cough cough*

This, on the other hand, was in my opinion, a very well executed and believable Sparity fic.

Well worth the like and the fave.

Spike started to pick up the mess in the room , Just enough to make room to lay down when he thought 'Lunch with my lady Rarity?' His eyes drooped a little, 'Wow after all these years' His worry before was calmed & his energy drained, Spike drifted off 'Gosh ,I hope I don't mess things up' Just a second...
"Spike!" Twilight called " Everything's worked out with the mayoooor?":twilightoops:
Zacora looked at the sight "Where oh where is the giant drake, Did I make another mistake? Spike opened his eyes & panicked "What?!" "TWILIGHT!"
Zacora smiled " Well, Twilight Sparkle to our surprise Your little Spike is Stallion sized" Twilight looked at him " Spike what happened?":facehoof:
Spike thought of what to say & He popped out " Rarity...Gone,,, Lunch!" Twilight screamed "YOU ATE RARITY FOR LUNCH!":twilightoops:
Spike recoiled with giggles " Gosh, Oh No, I got invited out to lunch with Rarity!" Twilights eyes went to lesson zero. (you know it):raritywink:
Zacora laughed "Your hearts needs you have fulfilled now a family you must build" Twilights head twisted in the most unnatural way & sprung back.
Twilight yelled "IT'S ABOUT TIME" Now bouncing like the pink mare "YES YES YES YES YES YES YES":twilightsmile:
Pinkie popped out & said "Well DUH!" :pinkiehappy: " FOREVER!"


Aaw! That warmed my icy shriveled aromantic heart :twilightsmile:


As many good writers realize, Sparity needs a lot of development on both sides to work well. That's usually a lot more than you can fit into a one shot, and even doing it in a chaptered story can be difficult unless you span it over years.

People have this misconception that romance starts with 'I love you.' Wrong. Romance starts with 'Wanna go on a date?'

It is slow, deliberate and, above all, subtle. Real love isn't the height of passion or dramatic declarations of love or nuking changlings with a blast of pure love power.

Real love is much more ordinary and subtle. That doesn't mean those moments of passion don't happen, but the belief that they are the base of a relationship is one of the many reasons the institution of marriage has turned to crap in recent years.

Lust is easy, love is hard.

Thanks for the review!



Points for making me hit the dictionary to see what 'aromantic' meant.

Glad you enjoyed!



4907286 It's what I do my friend.

:pinkiehappy: Over 9000 stars!!!

(Get it?)

Dis Gun Get Good

Reaaal refreshing to see a Sparity fic that's actually legit most of the time its like; "Rareity, I <3 U" - "But, Spike, I've <3ed U ever since i first saw you dig up gems!!1"

Though, I guess the same could be said for any pairing as far as unrealistic romance goes... but! This is real, blossoming, complex love. And I like that kinda stuff!

--Pyro The Good Sparity Lovin' Reader

Marvelous story. I think my next few days will be spent exhausting your submission. Your characters are superb. And Zecora was excellent. Celestia knows it's hard writing her.

4907271 "Romance starts with 'Wanna go on a date?'"

"If there's one thing I've learned in my years of relationship experience, it is that the first date, friendly or not, will either make or break any potential relationship."

That was actually a line from Rarity in the latest chapter of one of my fics. It holds true. The first date is really where it starts, and it sets the tone for the rest of the relationship.

Oh my, I must say I enjoyed this fanfic immensely! It is very well done, and I love the pace it set, and the honesty it exuded from the characters themselves.

I'd love to hear about the date itself, but that is neither here nor there. So thank you, and again I'll say I enjoyed this story a lot. c:

The other day I was just thinking "I haven't seen a new Sparity story in a while, good thing I'm almost done writing one!" :derpytongue2:
You beat me to the publish button by a couple days at most.
Seriously though, good job. In response to your note at the end, this was a great take on how their relationship might start.

I... Demand.... MOAR!!!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Another fantastic addition to the Lumino library. Good job!


A shame that, I would have loved seeing this play out. Definitely one of the better Sparity plot hooks I've read. :pinkiesad2:

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