• Published 15th Jan 2014
  • 5,863 Views, 140 Comments

X Pony does Y and Fluttershy Catches them in the act - Wanderer D

It's a normal day for Fluttershy! *Yay* And she has things to do and ponies to meet! Sure, things might not be the same as usual, but she can endure. Right?

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Fluttershy's day is finally over

Fluttershy was a very disturbed pony.

A very disturbed pony indeed.

Things had not gone well this day, and much of her understanding of reality had not only been challenged, but also shattered into small, intangible pieces of dimensional-sense that had fluttered away almost like little pink butterflies.

She had never imagined, upon waking up this morning, that things would go out of whack so effectively. In fact, the craziest thing she had expected today was to have to dissuade Angel from breaking Mr. Bear's arm.

But no. It hadn't happened as planned. In fact, right now, had she gazed into the mirror, she might have understood how deeply she had changed.

Her left eye twitched in asynchronous motions, while her right one remained in place, with little more than a pin-prick for what should be her iris. Her mane was a mess, with twigs and branches and pieces of mortar doting it; her tail was twisted into some sort of sapient whip that kept snapping at any random moving creature in its immediacy; her coat was striped with darker shades of yellow. Her wings, one bat-like and another feathery, rustled in an imaginary wind, and a little, branching horn was starting to show through the mane that covered her forehead.

She licked her lips with a forked tongue, looking up when the door to her room opened.

Discord stood there, grinning at her.

"Oh, my, little Fluttershy," he chuckled, floating up to her. "You certainly look... chaotic."

"Discord..." Fluttershy's voice seemed to caress his name. "You planned all of this, didn't you?"

"Moi?" Discord pretended to look innocent, by looking as guilty as possible. "I might have."

Fluttershy grinned, moving past him and slamming the door closed with a kick of her leonine hind legs. "Good." A quick motion and the door was locked.

Discord blinked. "Why did you lock the door?"

"Because." Fluttershy pounced on him, knocking him onto the bed. "I don't want to be caught in the act."

Author's Note:

I have no idea.

Or maybe...

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Comments ( 83 )

What the fuck.

I'm slightly upset by the knowledge that this will quite possibly be more popular than either of my stories.


~Skeeter The Lurker

Literary triumph of the week.

This comment blitz brought to you by:

Skeeter The Lurker

~Skeeter The Lurker

I... kind of want a sequel

I'm a horrible person for wishing that one chapter was Twilight snorting cocaine but I'll settle for imaginary images of her marrying a tentacle instead. :twilightsmile: Regardless I'm happy I stayed up and read this mind fuck of a story.


Chaos juice doesn't cause chaos, it's just a hallucinogen. Fluttershy just spent the day wigging out on all her friends, and is now hoofcuffed to a bed in the hospital.

That was more entertaining than it had any right to be. Don't ever change, you.

I feel like I just paged through a choose your own adventure story, only without the choice. Or the adventure.


Twilight Sparkle Marries a Tentacle and Fluttershy Catches them in the Act ยท 8th Jan 2014

>clouds of brown dust swirling about
oh god

I love/hate this story so much.

Wanderer D does random, and FIMfiction catches him in the act. :pinkiegasp:

I was starting to think that Fluttershy was slowly transforming into a draconequus herself, but didn't think you were going for this!

Humm, rather random, kinda amusing.

You need.

what the s**t did you smoke to think this up? and can i have some?

That...was deliciously odd. I feel like I just had some apple pie that was chanting pi the whole time I was eating it.

...and for some perverse reason, I had Twitch's "Flutterborn" playing the entire time I read it. Made the whole thing even more odd. :pinkiecrazy:

Well that was certainly, uhm, a thing. Yeah. Definitely a thing.


This feels like a certain fic of mine that everyone seems to like even though it's essentially mad libs with Dunsparces

Goddamit Regidar.

This reminds me a lot of the story "Things Rainbow Dash Doesn't Like"
It's random, but I've seen randomer. I did rather like the twist at the end :raritywink:

3790107 welcome to the party. We have waffles.

Hmm. Experimental story created using mad-libs prompts.

I can't say that it was enlightening, but I can say with certainty that it was an amusing diversion. I'll classify this fic as "good".

:rainbowderp: Well. That was certainly a thing that happened.


Where can I get some Chaos Juice?


My reaction in a nutshell :rainbowderp:

D. :applejackconfused:
Goddamnit, D. :facehoof:

This is why you're my favorite author. :rainbowlaugh:

are you two related...? :derpytongue2:

so, you just wanted a reason to put fluttershy in the bed with discord, nice way of doing it

This whole story: just...what?

Best ending >:3

I'd like those five minutes back, please.
Complete waste of time, not even funny.
Will not read again, will not rate.

Simultaneously manages to be both the best and worst story ever published on this site.

Oh gosh... I HAVE A VIVID MIND :twilightoops:


What did I just read, and may I have some more?


Well that was unexpected... in a good way though :derpytongue2:

Probably the most believable way of shipping these two I've ever seen.

I refer to Celestia and Tom, of course.

And I have to say, I found Chapter 2 ("Twilight Sparkle Marries a Tentacle"), the funniest of them all.

Really shows your skill with the written word.

But why?

3793588 Eh, probably. Maybe twilight explained that they were like penises that penetrated deep into Luna's space.

Dear author. Please explain to me......

WHAT THE F*CK DID I JUST READ!!!!!!!!???????



wait wat...? more please:pinkiecrazy:

T'was another story created by the alliance of Wanderer D and Discord. :derpytongue2:

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