• Published 15th Jan 2014
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X Pony does Y and Fluttershy Catches them in the act - Wanderer D

It's a normal day for Fluttershy! *Yay* And she has things to do and ponies to meet! Sure, things might not be the same as usual, but she can endure. Right?

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Tom dates Celestia and Fluttershy Catches them in the Act

The landing was a bit more painful than she had expected, but then again, she had never expected to see the Banana Fruit Bat either.

She didn't even know, until today, there was any such thing. But there was. And now not only was her eye twitching, she had had a relapse and her right wing had turned into a bat wing, while her fangs had grown out again.

And there were no apples to suck.

In a word, it sucked.

"Oh, so you like how warm my radiant heat makes you, don't you?" A husky voice emanated from the trees close by. Curious, Fluttershy followed the voice to its origin, finding Celestia lounging on top of a large, sun-kissed boulder. "I bet you tell that to all the sun-mares."

Fluttershy blinked as Celestia giggled.

Celestia rolled to her back, letting her long mane drape around the boulder like a rainbow of love. "Oh, Tom, you feel soooo warm." She started to glow, and Tom glowed in response from within, a light that felt weird to Fluttershy. She didn't see the snake slither past her, nor it being bathed in the same light, only to disappear.

Fluttershy walked away, testing the air with her forked tongue. Maybe she just needed to relax. A visit to the Spa should help.

Hopefully the unhealthy green aura around her would have dissipated by then.

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