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Applejack had always felt secure in her friendships, with the Elements of Harmony tying them together like family. But when the Elements are gone, she can't help but feel her friendships slipping. In this troubling time, one of those she thought she was losing comes to prove just how wrong she is.

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Some unnoticable punctuation errors, but no one will ever see it if they don't look closely. Well written story. There are many wise words that I could add into my hall of quote, thanks :pinkiehappy:

D'awwww, TwiJack friendshipping! :pinkiehappy:

A few small errors but still a good fic. I'm impressed, and friendship is best ship. :twilightsmile:

Very heartwarming slice of life tale, I think you captured AJ and Twi very well here, and it was touching to follow them through this small crisis of faith.

Nice slice-of-life. Good fic.
In your author's note at the end, you should write "la même chose" as "la" is the word for feminine gender words.

3597252 Huh, thanks for that! I'm no French student, I was just quoting a famous line that got me thinking, but that would be more appropriate, wouldn't it? :derpytongue2:

Awww... It was really beautiful fanfic and since I watched season 4 premiere I was hoping that someone will write something like that. Applejack is my personal best pony and I simply adore her friendship with Twilight. They care so much about each other and AJ was the first one to accept Twilight as her friend. It's hard to me to find right words to describe how much I enjoyed reading this (partly because English isn't my first language). In my opinion you potrayed their relationship and feelings very well. :applejackunsure: :twilightsmile:

3597372 Well thanks a lot, mate! I tried to balance it as best I could, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! :ajsmug:

Nice little slice of life there. Very well done. :eeyup:

This was a sweet little story~

Friendshipping fics are few and far between, and hard to do without including aspects of romance.

This is one of those stories that succeed.

Great Fanfic. I think the Princess change is what upset bronies, and made them want to ragequit. This new seasons seems to be all about change, and I feel funky about the changes but not all change is bad.

im happy that i read this :pinkiehappy:
and my 2 favorite ponies :twilightblush::ajsmug:

A great and touching little story. In particular, I really liked the intelligence displayed in the complexity of the conflict and its morals. Well done!

3602523 Hey, thanks mate! looks like I got the recipe just right on this one :twilightblush:

I still say the Elements of Harmony Aren't Gone, just the jewels

WOW! I wish I could give this more than just one fav and upvote! :ajsmug:

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Excellent work, this was a well written story.

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