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Discord has been meddling in other dimensions and to the horror of the Princess has brought a creature back from one of them to prove it. The main six must now help to return this tragic wayfarer to his home, but not before he leaves an impression that will be hard to forget.

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i'm willing to give this a chance:twilightsmile:

So far, so good. Hope the next chapters will be a bit longer.

Me too.

2401976 and 2403961 Thanks chaps, the chapters do get longer. This was the first fanfic I wrote, but I didn't really think it good enough. Now I'm redoing it somewhat and just putting it up. Don't hesitate to criticize, I know it needs work

short chapters, it's fast paced , and not enough details

2404131 Understood. I'll be working on that momentarily.

Way to go lying to san marc.

not a bad start but needs more meat keep on writing.

2406601 Yeah, I know. I'm adding bits where I can at the moment. I didn't expect for my oldest story to get any attention, but looky here!

i am curious to how this will continue ,keep going:twilightsmile:

I think It's better when you write, what Point Of View it is. Or it will be hard to read.

But the Story is still good and I hope of more.

Kinda weird how Rainbow Dash goes from sympathetic to hostile so quickly.

You'd think he'd ask why she BIT him.

2471434 Obviously she's a bit kinky :facehoof:

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Pegasi eating fish is apart of my headcannon as well.

2521791 Well, it makes the most sense. When the three tribes were separate, where would they get the energy to fly from? Equestria may have tonnes of spare magic everywhere, but, as the Everfree hints, it isn't quite so abundant outside its borders? I don't know, just seems right, since all ponies eat eggs and stuff already anyway

2458504 All the characters being Bipolar caricatures is Quicksear's signature!:ajbemused:

2458504 Seems you guys forgot Rainbow's reaction to Twilight in s1 e2. That 'Are you a spy?!' moment didn't exactly make her seem level-headed, either. And 2521906, I'm sorry you got a negative impression, but thanks for giving it a read anyways.


Excuse me if I dont know every single authors habits, how inconsiderate of me.


I seem to have, thanks for pointing that out.

Never was there a harsher punishment for Twilight.

The comment Box is now no longer lonely. :)


Well that was cute, is this a Dash/human? Derpy/human? some other pony/human?

This story is awesome! Just dropped by to tell you that.

could you give us a hint on who you will ship him with? or will it be more than one mare? just an itsy bitsy hint?:fluttercry:

2547302 and 2547217 Seriously guys, I don't understand how you can ask for hints :derpytongue2:

Get's along with RD, given real food by RD, given a tour by RD... must be a Chrysalis/human ship.

2552197 Is there a universally recognized sarcasm emote here?


This story seems to be suffering from the Barney and Friends Syndrome, where the main character just accepts everything that's happening to him without logical responses.

2553674 Heh, I got your sarcasm, It's just it seemed like you missed the hint I did throw in my previous comment. All in good fun!
2555209 Yeah, suppose it might look like that, but on the other hand, what would be the point of fighting if one thinks there's a distinct chance of them just being insane? I tried to use that as an early conflict breaker here. I'll keep your comment in mind though, for other stories.


2555235 So Marc thinks the ponies are insane, or he thinks he's insane?

2555264 In the beginning, Marc first thought that the docters (?) were playing tricks with him, more that he'd actually gone mad. by the time he realizes this isn't the case Twilight is feeding him information. Also, because he spent a lot of time being told where to go as an orphan, its pretty much his default reaction now

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2555338 Oh lordy...You know, this wasn't meant to be a rewrite, just a reposting of my flagship story, but mate, those ideas may very well form the basis of, say, two more chapters? I don't know how, but I WILL try to get those in here somehow. I always thought this story was too abrupt somehow, but maybe I can use these ideas as plot fillers until the final pop at the end.

Here's my question, though: why is no one curious as to what happens to Discord? I left that unintentionally ambiguous originally, but decided to see if anyone else picked that up?

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2555405 Actually, I thought this story would be better off without any shipping, the character needs to be able to navigate his way through the intricacies of friendship, not just a few words of advice and suddenly he's plowing Applejack! :rainbowlaugh:

Are you the one who wrote this story, or are you posting it on behalf of another writer? As you go along, you could always rewrite the sections to incorporate new points and ideas, rather than trying to fit it into a predetermined course. No reason not to try and improve the story, it shows how you've progressed as a writer. :twilightsmile:

2555488 Totally agree with your first point.

I wrote this story about 3 months ago, but I rushed through it, leaving many errors and plot holes. So yeah, now I'm just going over it and fixing all those annoying errors, and including a few new things as well. So far I've just improved what I've done before, but your views especially are going to be a big help in fixing the upcoming rush of events. Thanks a lot and hope to see more input over the coming chapters


2555539 Well, I'm looking forward to reading more of what you have in store for us!


2555539 By the way, I liked the last chapter because it was the perfect length, your chapters should be at least 2000 words to avoid rushing through the events and allow for a more thorough description.

2555573 I find myself agreeing with you yet again...I am aiming for about 1800 to 2400 from now on, but sometimes not a lot happens, sometimes a tonne happens purpously quickly. I'm not a good enough writer to turn a lot of words into a short scene, you see. That tip will surely come in handy with the next chapter, and then chapters 15 through 17. I should just slow down some more, too, spend a little MORE time working through the whole story...


2555597 Indeed you should, it would allow the reader to fully comprehend the narrations, the emotions within the different characters, without quick changes in the scenes.

2555625 Indeed. I haven't been too harsh on my narration up to this point, other than some overt vagueness early on, and then skipping past all of Twilight tutelage. I missed a point there, between trying to convey the time gap between chapters and getting straight on to Rainbow's fish scene, but I was out of it when I posted that chapter. (Just got home from a holiday, had serious stuff to catch up on)
Still, better than the first draft, so that's my consolation prize

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