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It's been mere months since Marc made his choice to stay in Equestria. He has a home, good friends, good food...But above all, he has Ditzy. But the situation is far more complicated than that. Forces are in play that they must confront. But before all this, one question needs to be answered. If only things could be simpler...

A sequel to Change in Perspective

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I know I'm not supposed to judge after one chapter, but yeah, this one seems more darker than CiP (hence the dark tag right). And just when I was feeling happy for our human friend, no doubt more strife and trouble is heading his way.

3000061 wow...that was quick!
Yes, it is a bit 'more darker'. I was getting the dark stuff out there first this time instead of waiting 10 chapters for it. Don't worry, second chapter is out very shortly


A few dozen smiling faces ,

A few dozen smiling faces,

beside her creak as a figure eeled onto

eeled? Is it some kind of dance? :rainbowlaugh:

though I think it's meaning is lost on you,


Lets just go.


it's horned head, reflecting in it's oddly sized eyes, ,


he barely heard a sleepy sounds of breathing down the hall.

the sleepy sounds of breathing[/i would work better

he shook his head suddenly.

He shook his head suddenly.

you've got nothing to loose

lose. Don't ever make that mistake again! :pinkiecrazy:

"Oh my, aren't you and evil chap?"


3000097 So that happened...:applejackconfused:
Sorry about that, I'll fix them all immediately:facehoof:


3000102 Need a proofreader?

My name is Marc...


Good stuff, I like the underlining conflict of Marc not being accepted by the Equestrians. I wonder how he'll manage to get the ponies to realize they're a bunch of pricks.


Marc was more than happily buried in his sweet tart.

A hundred perverted images ran across my mind when I read this line and it can all be summed up in one word.......... Giggity.

“I was messing around with some stuff the other day, and, I swear, it sounds like Ditzy climbed into my decks! Listen to this..." I wonder what this sounds like, but I was listening to this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRJI6uU5L_I one part I found disturbing though, flying into the notes... disturbingly like.:facehoof:

Candyfloss? that can't be healthy. Can't wait for more!:pinkiehappy:

On Hiatus... Why?:fluttercry:
What do I need to do for this to continue like regular!:fluttershysad: I've been reluctant to read this sense I saw it went on hiatus but I needed to read it! the pull was to great. This is a type of story I've been pained to find. I love this story so please don't end up canceling it... Please! :applecry:

what?! hiatus :pinkiegasp:

y u do dis 2 me :raritydespair:

Woot first comment and damn it's been awhile! Nice job though!

Good story so far, this is looking realyl good.
I'm liking where this is heading, its interesting me.

Keep it up! :D

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