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Rarity can't sleep. Applejack had the audacity to fall asleep facing Rarity, and now she can't get kissing her friend out of her mind – and isn't sure if she wants to. But kissing your friend while she's sleeping is wrong... right?

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Very nice story, very nice indeed!

She almost got away with it... :facehoof:

:flutterrage: Stupid sexy Applejack X Rarity make out session, but damn it's hot. :yay:

When we told you to write a prompt, we didn't tell you to write a novel! :rainbowlaugh:
I kid, I kid, because this story was beautiful and pure perfection! :rainbowkiss:

Goddammit, Rarity. :rainbowlaugh: Of all the times you had to wear lipstick...

Well, I started out violating the word limit. Then I wrote Shotgun Wedding, which violated the word limit by 2.5x. This violated it by 5x, 6x if you count the alternate ending (and 10x if you count the other four, unpublished alternate endings because they weren't good enough to put up). Clearly things are starting to spiral out of control.

And I was thinking "This is such a cute, easy, short story" too when I started writing.

What's actually doubly bad is, I actually wrote a thousand words of ANOTHER story based on this prompt, but decided not to actually finish it because I wasn't really happy with it. :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:


This makes me happy. :)

The alternate ending is quite the lulzer, but I think I prefer the main ending by a teensy margin.

Good work TD!

Edit// I should also mention, I LOVED Rarity's deteriorating resolve not to kiss Applejack, and her justifications for why she should. That was wonderful.

The main ending is a but more romantic and the entire story was excellent but the alternate ending really sold it for me. I guess I'm a sucker for happy/funny endings.

I'm not a fan of alternate endings, especially ones that can instantly follow on from the main story, as a change in tone can undermine the efforts of the story as a whole before my impressions of it have had a chance to fully set. Personally, I think it worked better when my last impression of it was a fairly sweet story of romantic tension, rather than an extended set-up to a mild joke.

Very nice sweet story there. I like how they mirror each other's desires there.

:rainbowlaugh::yay: score one for Rarity. Now they get another make out session together (just this time, awake) :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Aside from some minor polish issues, this was a solid fic. Good job.:raritywink:

HAH! Nice!

Rarity steals a kiss, with Applejack wanting one soon after...

Loved it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That end line...


~Skeeter The Lurker

If you don't like alternate endings, then why are you reading one? If you had simply ignored the alternate ending, then your last impressions would have remained completely unaffected. It's there for people who are interested in seeing what other ideas the author had but didn't end up going with. It's completely optional, and if you don't care for them, then just don't read them, no harm done.

You know, I see your comments all the time, and I gotta say, that signature at the bottom of every one of them really bugs me. And there's really no reason to be annoyed with it. By all means, anyone is allowed to comment how they like, and it's really not hurting anyone, but for some reason, I really don't like it.


I get that a lot. Thus... I direct you to my profile... More particular, the box above the comments section.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Okay the main story was good, but yeah the extra ending sold me on it too. :pinkiehappy:

Eheehee, why didn't I see this before? :yay: Ya just made my day.

I'm glad you approve! I enjoyed writing it. Re-reading it only makes me want to write more ponies. I've had a bad case of writer's block on pony-related stuff all week, but ironically it has helped me work on other things.

Maybe later tonight after I've tried out Starbound I shall endeavour to write more pony words. I have at least one story I need to get posted before this weekend's episode Josses it.

I have a couple other RariJack stories if you haven't seen them - Shotgun Wedding is a comedic story involving poor Rarity and Applejack (I think you may have stumbled across that one already) while Crepes is a more serious RariJack story, more along the lines of this one but actually a proper romance novelette.

Aw that was such a cute and funny story :heart:
Loved it :rainbowkiss:

Definitely one of the best oneshots I've read in a while. The goal was clear, the obstacle was palpable, the consequences were worrisome, and I felt ever trace of it without being dragged on and on through useless rhetoric. Thank you so much for that! I'm impressed by your storytelling abilities, as you've fit so much background that stemmed from simple descriptions. Description that had EVERYTHING to do with why Rarity was so titillated to begin with ; a perfect mix of 'show' and 'tell' as it should always be.

The payoff in this story was the best possible thing, only 'cause of Applejack's indecision that so close resembled Rarity's. The moment I read the last sentence and realized a stupid grin was pulling my face, I knew I'd favorite this.

Keep 'em comin', Titanium, you have my attention.


I don't normally enjoy RariJack, but I liked this. I liked that within a very short length you took the time justify the attraction, and actually worked that justification into the story itself in a natural way. I can easily see how Rarity might admire Applejack for her physical beauty, business savvy, and industrious, and then how that admiration could lead to infatuation. I prefer this alternate ending, as the other seemed very contrived, and it isn't nearly as believable that Applejack might sit in bed and stew over to whether to kiss Rarity, especially without seeing the same kind of justification as we saw for Rarity.

This story was originally written as a microfiction for a forum game, which is probably why it is so focused; I realized as I was writing it that calling it a "microfiction" was a bad joke, and while I have a tendency to overshoot the word limit on said forum games, this was an outright short story.

I think that it was a good thing, though; short stories NEED to be focused and not go all over the place to really work. Sometimes I feel like short stories tend to have the greatest punch to them, because they can be very singleminded and can just go somewhere and do something. They aren't the same as long stories, but you can do a lot with very few words, and I think the more you do with less, the stronger it tends to be. I know that a lot of the stories which have stuck with me the most from this site have been short stories, though it certainly has not always been the case.

I have to admit when I was writing this that I was pretty torn; I had come up with a few ideas for an ending. The ending seen in the main story is the ending I came up with for the story originally, but it was actually the second one I wrote; the first one was basically a parallel of the first half of the story, save from Applejack's point of view. It just didn't have the same impact, though, and the second ending, I felt, worked better.

Then I wrote a third ending which was very silly; it was basically very similar to the second ending (the one you see in the first chapter), but at the end, instead of trailing off, Twilight complains rather loudly from across the room as Applejack hesitates, naturally embarrassing the hell out of her.

"Rarity spent an hour last night watching you sleep before she finally went for it; I am not sitting here for an hour waiting for you to make up your mind."

Freaking voyeur. It was very goofy and is exactly the sort of thing you think is funny after you've written two other endings, but which is probably a lot less funny to everyone else, something I readily recognized.

The fourth ending had Applejack going through the thought process you see at the end of the ending I went with, and then deciding that, well, she's just being silly, and wakes up Rarity so she can give her a kiss. Again, another subversion ending; I think I was being quite silly by that point and writing them mostly to amuse myself.

I had the folks over on the ISD skype looking over my story, and Loeden made a crack about Rarity wearing lipstick and giving herself away accidentally that way, and some other folks snarked about it as well. Once I heard the snarking, I wrote what became the alternate ending and instantly fell in love with it.

It was clearly a great ending, but I wasn't really sure if it was the right ending. The people I asked were split between that one and the second ending (which is why those are the only two which have actually been published; the rest weren't strong enough to be worthy of the right of existing and being read by the masses), and so I went with my originally intended ending (the one you see in the main story) and put up the alternative ending because I loved it too much for it not to be put out there.

Naturally, as you can see from the comments, I've got a bunch of people who say that the alternative ending really sold the story to them, and a few people who said that the first ending is perfect. But this way I make everyone happy except for the guy who felt that the extra ending detracted from the sweet romantic ending.

Ah well. Clearly the moral is "write more pony words, as that way everyone gets something they like, except for that one guy."

This was the first MLP fanfic I ever read. I became addicted about seven months ago.

Always nice to know I was the one to lead someone into the darkness. Or is that supposed to be the light? Hmm...

Glad to hear it, though. :twilightsmile:

I consider it to be a great light...

Yes, yes it is wrong.

Comment posted by Autum Breeze deleted May 29th, 2014

heard TheLostNarrator's reading of this and really liked it. but now that i see there's an alternate ending, i can't wait to read it.

deleted the original message because it was meant for this other part

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and am always glad to hear it.

I really need to put up a blog post at some time about that reading... :trixieshiftright:

Very much enjoyed this chapter. Short, but gets it's message across.

Though, applejack, you're one to talk. You kissed rarity whilst she was sleeping, seems only fair she did the same to you... Though I'll admit, the lipstick might have been over doing it, rarity. When did you even put it on, anyway? You were in bed.

*snickers* sweetie belle's gonna love this gossip:trixieshiftright:

Always nice to see a romance that knows where its going and then makes no fuss going there. Have a ribbon:

Or was there? Rarity sighed, wiggling slightly to make herself more comfortable.

Perfect Rara :).
That said, I relate to Rarity her, and I doubt I'm the only one! :)

Or a kiss.
Rarity shook herself. How could she think of such a thing?

Aha XD.

Her hoof slowly slid from Applejack's shoulder, its movement unbidden by its master


Rarity opened her eyes and slid her body in closer

:pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

Rarity's eyes widened as she felt her friend snuggle up into her chest, her own hooves slipping around Rarity's sides.


her friend seemed content in her new position, a slight curve to her lips announcing her comfort.


Rarity knew her cheeks were burning, but did not care as she slowly caressed the farmer, watching her sleep.

Ah-haha. Sends tingles down my spine XD.

Licking her lips, Applejack realized she could practically taste her.
Ahaha XD. Eee!
Great ending ;).
(although, to be honest, I would have been happier if AJ just cut to the chase! ^^)

I liked both endings, but I may still qualify for "that one guy" because despite that my favourite ending is the one you never wrote.
To explain, I would have really enjoyed reading the 'Twilight the voyeur' version, because that's pretty much how I felt reading the first ending! XD

Still, overall, well written!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Both endings. I'm still pretty proud of this story, and am glad that I wrote it. There's entirely too little RariJack.

Discovered recently through youtube readings by TheLostNarrarator. Loved it. Had to find it in FimFiction. ^.^

I'm glad you did, and I'm even more glad that you liked it enough to want to seek me out. :twilightsmile:

10/10 STARS
oh yeah and fluffysam sent me here
but she's creepysam at the moment
for halloween

Wow, thanks! I'm glad you liked it so much.

I'll have to go thank her for sending you my way. :twilightsmile:

Howdy Titanium.

I love this story. I did not read it here on this site though. I actually listened to it on Youtube. It was amazing. Didn't know there was an alternate ending. I'll check that out later. And congrats on making it to the Spotlight.

Fair enough. Thank you for coming here and commenting, I appreciate it! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

So little happens to mean so much.

That was pretty sweet, you shameless Rarijack shipper. :pinkiehappy:

Anyone else had this song in mind? No? Okay...

Ooooooooooooo!! I really like this story its great!
Guess what I'm a shameless Rarijack shipper too!


Guess what I'm a shameless Rarijack shipper too!

There's never enough of us. :duck: :ajsmug:

I'm glad you liked it!

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