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1003406 hey fluttershy. I needed to ask, can you proof read Family Guy: Road To Equestria when its finished? Its my VERY last story and it would mean alot.

Ive thought about it, and im going to stop with the stories. Im making 1 last story called Family Guy: Road To Equestria. After that, im never posting again...
I hope you all will like my last story.
have fun out there...
keep it real.

1001051 Hey Bilbo,

I guess not everyone is a good writer.

this is true, but it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy writing them. But remember this, There will always be ponies who like and or love your stories and then there's just the haters that are going to dislike a story just because of grammar or punctuation, Hell, I never thought that I would write a story, But once I found this website that's exactly what I did, also you should check out my story. Oh yeah and I'm a proof-reader, so if you need any help do not, and I repeat DO NOT HESITATE to ask me for it.

~Respectfully Fluttershy


Ive thought about it and, im going to stop with the stories.

this is due to the amount of dislikes ive been getting. I guess not everyone is a good writer.
ill leave the stories, but they will not be finished.
Sorry for any inconvenience
: (

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