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Clover the Clever has found a love so pure and true that no pony can stop it. But even the greatest love cannot conquer death itself.

So Clover will keep looking until she finds something that can.

(Commissioned by DataPacRat's generous donation to the Against Malaria Foundation)

"This story is amazingly clever. It reflects a true understanding of the nature of the world setting ... Highly Recommended"
Present Perfect

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A very cute story. I enjoyed it, thank you.

Wonderful story! I loved every bit of it. :twilightsmile:

Twilight is gonna harass poor Clover for DAYS with questions. :twilightsmile:

Beautiful. Excellent work.

Not bad at all. Very short for such a potentially epic idea (I was expecting something much more complicated), but I can see why you'd not want to go quite that far. Thumbs up!

3406888 "What's it like being from the past?"
"About the same, except everypony's smarter now."

Every now and then it is wonderful to read a story that ends with "They lived happily ever after", especially if such a story is well told. This one was very well told. Thank you.

Awww....Clover and Cookie are so cute together. :twilightsmile::heart:

Nice little one-shot!

Very nice. Happily ever after, with emphasis on the "ever".

I literally squeed at the end! :twilightblush:

I think the five of the Mane 6 might be getting a bit annoyed by the fact that they are apparently able to mass produce alicorns now, but they themselves are stuck as "ordinary" ponies.:derpytongue2:

Your story brings a smile to my face. Not many stories can pull of a happy ending with so much subtle joy as this one.

Sweet and succinct. Bravo.

For some reason this story did not show in my "read later" list, nor does it show in my Favourites where I've just placed it. Has anyone else noticed this? Any suggestions as to why?
Anyway, really cute fic. I just love long stories - even when they're short. :twilightsmile:

* Oh hey, it works now. Nevermind then.

A very sweet tale. Seeing the lovers acclimate to their new abilities and surroundings would be fascinating, should you choose to continue this. Even if you don't, thank you for a most enjoyable read, with or without the ulterior moral.

"And taller."
"Better nutrition."
"I just walked by a shop that sells nothing but variously flavored sugar."
"Mostly better nutrition."

There's a moral here? I'm afraid I've missed it.

No idea what the moral was but that was beautiful!:twilightsmile:

Benman's blog post might shed some light on that.

3425830 "... Oh. I see."
"I'll give you this, though, everypony's friendlier now. Had like, three dozen ponies bow to me when I went out for milk."
"Yeah, time was, walking through a unicorn town like this, we Earth ponies would end up with eyes full of dirt, more often than not."
"... Oh. I see."

This was reasonably smart, with its quick pacing and dense storytelling. Still, it felt a little too convenient, with whole plot elements happening in a blink of an eye, and decisions being taken without much care for the thought process behind them. I know it is a stylistic choice, and I can respect that, but the story suffered at times from this.

I mean, this is a story that ends, unironically, with "And they lived happily ever after". You certainly could have done a lot worse.

Wonderful! Definitely deserves more views. Greenthumbed!!

>Likes story. :heart:
>Gets to end. Sees link. :rainbowhuh:
>Oh no please, tell me it's not about... :twilightangry2:
>It is. :facehoof:

Is it more rational if I point out that current cryonics methods simply do not work according to independent scientists, and encourage donations to organizations working on improved preservation methods for the body and brain?

Or should I just leave you with your false hope?

Sorry, this is one of those things where just because we all really want to believe, doesn't make it true. Yes, I want to believe cryonics works, that there is a real, usable, and economical method to ensure that we never, ever lose any more loved ones, ever again. If the evidence convinced me, I would be finding time to call my grandmother and have her sign up before anything else can happen to her, and the rest of my family too. But the evidence does not convince me.

And please, before starting a fight over this, bother to click my profile page, open either of those stories or their group affiliation, and realize that I'm quite familiar with the literature and arguments on why you want to keep on living.

Site Blogger

That's a reasonable position. I think people should know that the option exists so that they can look at the evidence themselves, and it seems like you've done that. If you are, in fact, donating to organizations working on improved preservation methods, then I'm right there with you. I've donated to plastination research, and not from any altruistic motive. I just want to not die.

Don't shame yourself by pretending this stuff needs some purely altruistic motive. There's nothing wrong with not wanting yourself and your loved ones to die.

Awesome, but how did Cookie and Clover become alicorns?

I was thinking about that too, as they turned Clover and Cookie into Alicorns.
I was like - well...they know they can do that, now. I think a number of the mane 6 may want to ask for that same treatment for themselves, now.

If cryonics was that easy, I'd hope it would be used more than twice.

And I hope that if we ever find a way to transcend mortality, we don't just use it on people who've been cryogenically preserved.

I too am familiar with arguments on continence of life, and tend to agree with them.

However, I disagree on the probability of cryonics success. I think success chances are somewhere around 10%, and not lower than .1%, based on current data.

Now, cryonics success is really more like a series of filters, I.e the chance that the organization survives, the chance tech to revive is even possible, the chance an AI or other disaster kills everyone off, the chance cryptically becomes illegal, etc.

Where do you think the huge improbability of success comes from, what aspect?

Preservation? Survival of organizations? Time to reach tech level to revive?

And since you mentioned preservation specifically, why doesn’t cryonics work, and what alternative methods do you think might work?

I was being a dick five years ago, but maybe I can respond without being a dick now. Let me get something together.


Edit because I posted “Ok” instead of what I should have posted:
I don’t think you’re being that much of a dick, if people are holding onto a false hope, usually the best thing to do is crush it, especially if those who hold it consider themselves rationalists, and explicitly hold raw truth as an ideal.

The only wrong thing you did is not give the actual argument, just a condemnation. The condemnation itself is fine.

Being blunt is a virtue in some cases, especially the rationalist community.

That being said, I would like to hear your thoughts on current preservation methods and their effectivity.

See you soon,

Yo book burner you ever going to reply?

Because death is bad and I'd prefer we try to avoid it.

Sorry, I misread a word in your second paragraph. I thought it said “I hope they don’t use it on those who have been cryonicly preserved.

I am much in favor of a cure for death.

Great story except... why alicorns? Was that even necessary?

otherwise they would have died


No. Since when do the elements of harmony turn other ponies into alicorns? We only ever see them remove evil (Luna/Nightmare Moon) and defeat evil (Discord, etc.).

The ending of this story makes equal sense if the EoH just made them young. Want to be young again? Just use the EoH again. Alicornifcation is superfluous in this story

Since they turned the sparkle into an alicorn

Maybe you should rewatch that episode, it was Twilight discovering “new magic” that did that

She used this magic through the elements

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