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In the time before the three pony tribes became one, a rampaging monster tears apart a noble caravan. Now the baron’s shattered family must put itself back together—with one remarkable addition.

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That was quite good. A well done setting, and interesting characters I'd love to learn more about.

Also, I found the Sir Prancealot offhand bit unexpectedly amusing.

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If you like puns about names, then you are going to love this series. I have four that I'm really proud of, and I've only used one so far.

Can't help but think this sort of just stops before it gets anywhere.

the chapters are short but i can ignore it abit. the story is great so far. it's interesting

It's pretty much unheard of I find a headcanon so closely matching mine, so that helped draw me to this. I was very impressed. It's got some real Game of Thrones vibes, with enjoyable characters and a fascinating storyline. I really want to see what happens next, so please continue it! Makes me want to work harder at my own fic (which was originally titled Kinship, ironically)!

The only problem I have is you might want to tag this story as Dark. I know, it doesn't seem dark by ordinary standards, but my experience is any story significantly Darker than the show needs the tag.

Did I mention how much I love the last page or so of this chapter? Because it truly is powerful.

Tintagelding. HA!

Also: man, this is dark. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this.

I'm sorry, but I don't think you could have chosen a less imaginative name if you tried. It's like calling Mario Bros. "Fat Italian Plumbers Fight Dragon-Turtle to Save Princess", or 80's Batman "Vaguely Homoerotic Man and Child Team Fight Kooky Crime".

I absolutely love this story. :twilightsmile:

that was amazing! :rainbowkiss:

I am very sad that it is all done and over with, but it was well written nonetheless.

Good luck on future writings,

-The Believer-

Capital job sir, really, wonderful story you got here! These types of fics that revolve around smaller episodes/stories and original characters we'd never see in the show (when pulled off correctly of course) are among my favorite! Definitely will check out more of your fics in the future, and again, thank you for the wonderful read; good luck with your future writings!!! :twilightsmile:

Is it done? That's too bad I rather enjoyed it and I like open ended endings like this not too much is left hanging and a good amount left to the readers imagination

“You died,” Comfort Glow said. “The monster killed you.”

Bramble Berry nodded. “But they got away this time.”

OUCH. :fluttercry:

Well, I quite liked this, and I can't wait for the next installment! :twilightsmile:

“But knights aren’t always good guys.”
“Of course they are,” said Bonfire. “They’re unicorns. Come on! I’ll be Discord.”

Damn. Perfect. Just perfect.

Is this story's title a reference to the Dr. McNinja comic book 'A Cumberland Ninja in King Radical's Court'?

hmmm i like this so far

3508194 m-more? yessssssssssssssssss


Are you tipping us for a morsel?

That's too short, we'll starve!

If this is going where I think it's going, based off the title and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court...
You're an absolute genius. Faved/watched. :derpytongue2:

Great characterization, writing and world building. Can't wait to see where you will take this. Look here for some more in-depth thoughts.

Maybe it's just because it's 3 AM, but every time I saw Mirror Sheen I read it as Martin Sheen.


Because why not?

Some one please help me. All I understand is that there's a group of unicorns trying to go home. Comfort is a physician, Bonfire, Beauty, and Busy are all foals, and after a manticore attack, they lose some unicorns and gain one earth pony foal. Someone PLEASE tell me how these ponies are related, who WaterDancer, Sunbeam, MirrorSheen, BaronBounty, SolidSteel, Nova, and Bastion are/were, and species please? Also, please don't tell me Comfort Glow and Bastion are married/siblings. I don't care what era you're from, that's just wrong

almost missed this little gem, great stuff

I dread to think how long this one was on my RiL list, but I now wish I'd got to it a little sooner. Not really the sort of fic I usually like (which may be why it took me so long!) but it had an attractively medieval feel to it both in terms of the setting and the political manoeuvrings that were going on. I part company slightly from most commenters (it seems) in that I wasn't that keen on a few of the names ("Tintagelding" felt a little forced even by MLP standards, since the [first] G is soft in our world's version) but despite the rather grim setting and the harshness of the tribalism I certainly found myself more intrigued than repelled. I'd have been interested to have read more about these times, actually.

Survivor's guilt is a hell of a thing.

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