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Not knowing how to properly comment, I'll write a comment commenting my lack of comment.

100/10 would rape, molest, torture, murder.

WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU EVEN DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!! Nyx is awful and should never be added to a story, EVERRRRR

upvote simply for the story picture being a woman eating a delicious-looking taco. (I'm hungry, sue me.)

This story is very... strange. Upvote.

2974117 Not knowing how to insult you for your lack of commenting, I'll insult you with an insult insulting your lack of comment.

Ok...I have read the title and the description, so for shits and giggles, I'm going to comment as I go along,

"So," said Twilight Sparkle as she levitated a metal baseball bat with her magic, and loomed over Snowdrop and Nyx, two helpless fillies, both bound and gagged," you think it's okay to eat my beef jerky do you?"

W....What? The first two sentences and...Oh god this was a big mistake.

Twilight Sparkle sneered at the two worthless slime balls

Well that's rude ;-;

Twilight used her magic to bring both of the worthless fillies to a standing position. Then she raised the bat and swung with all of her magical might, hitting the fillies' knees and crushing their carpuses.

Oh....oh....uh... ;-; Well, it can only get better from here...right?

Again the fillies screamed as their limbs turned purple, swelling with caking blood. The internal bleeding caused further pressure on the enflamed tissue that, combined with the crushed bones, created a cacophane of pained mumbles.

...I spoke too soon. Twilight, why ya gotta do this, gurl? ;-;

She slowly moved two of the sharpened metal rods into Snowdrop's tear ducts, singing them shut.


Twilight pushed the sizzling metal splinters into Nyx's eyes until they hit the bone. Nyx darted her eyes, as her sight was now gone, causing the needles to dig around more, creating further agony for the filly.

What. The. Fuck.

Twilight put the bowl down and removed the two needles from the fillies' eyes, bringing them around to her. Using the needles, she pierced the labia lips of Snowdrop, stabbing them through the flank as well, effectively propping the pussy open, exposing the clitoral hood.

What. The. Fuck.

Twilight then yanked the needles in Snowdrop's labia, ripping out a chunk of flesh from each lip. There was no blood; only pain.

What in the actual fuck.

I am not fond of these OC children either. Jolly good show.

No god... no god please no, no, no, noooooooooooooooo...

I would give this a thumbs up because it has few grammar errors and stuff.
But I'm giving it 2 (1) down because of 2 reasons.
1. Snowdrop is alive while Twily is alicorn, and that's unexplained.
2. I don't know why everyone hates them so much, but I can't stand to see them hurt.

looks at title...

can we NOT do that? please? thanks.

On the other hand I always do end up laughing whenever i see ponies just harrass/ harm/ attack Nyx, especially if it is made clear that they know who and what she is. " hey everyone lets go beat the crap out of Nightmare Moon, certainly this will end well for all parties involved!::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

no comedy or story like some other things i've read which made them actually good :/ .....


I'll sue you! Just kitten. Haven't seen you for ages, mang! :twilightblush:

I'm gonna read the shit out of this later. Liking now because I already know it'll be good.


Please do one for Buttonmash. His voice makes my ears bleed.

The end was too good.
In fact, I'd venture to say it was, "WAY PAST COOL!"

3052388 You, Son, are full of Win, Pie, and now have permission to marry Applejack.

Delete your account immediately, you little litter-coated cat shit.

life's been rough man. been in and out of the hospital for the past few weeks with a kidney infection.


Aye... Well I hope you get better man. Peace. :yay:


Not really? I dunno, I just tend to care about characters more than the next guy. Doesn't mean I'm incapable of doing some dark shit to them too. :twilightblush:

No. Absolutely not. Foul. Terrible. Deletion-worthy.


Lol. I just wanted to see how many gifs I could put that were related to people's feels. x3 I mean, understand where they're coming from, but it's a fic! You can write you own and love 'em all you want. :pinkiesad2: Have a follow. ^^

i'm sorry this was probably the least interesting mutilation fic(not rape or torture) i've ever read, and i've read quite a few
there was no build up, just plain mutilation, and they get this for eating twilight's jerky? this smells more like a bad troll fic than one someone wants to read
this wasn't torture, torture doesn't cause permanent damage where as mutilation does. there's a difference. Or if you call that torture it was just boring, you could do much better, add in mental shock and torture

if a victim can easily see that they are going to die it just becomes a blunt murder with nothing backing it, by smashing their legs to powder, you achieved nothing more than a dull murder of two fillies

also the torture of the characters isn't important, it's the torture of the readers mind, you want the reader to feel helpless when reading making it hard to take, or they just don't care. i lost interest after the second paragraph but read the whole thing either way just to make sure my comment was justified and oh boy is it

okay now one thing that threw me off was when they threw up blood? at what point did you ever cause any damage to their lungs or their stomachs to cause them to throw up blood at any single point? you burned them that doesn't make them throw up blood
also what about nyx's horn? you didn't say twilight cut it off, you should add that at some point, or why didn't she use it to defend herself?

Twilight then turned to Nyx, the little filly who still had the sight to observe the macabre musings of Twilight Sparkle.

what? what was this!? this is possibly the worst line i have ever seen placed in a story, ever! your mixing something of poetry in a story where nowhere else is centered around that type of wording or that type of narration

you get 2/10:facehoof::facehoof:
but you still get an upvote because you still mutilated them in a great way, you could probably go further because of magic, but over all interesting

Oh thanks. You should read some of my stories while you're at it.:trollestia:

So is a Button Mash raping his mother fic, but I don't see a lot of people bashing on it.


Gotta work on my own, mang! War fics are my game now. x3

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the lengthy critique, as well as the inclusion of areas I could've improved upon. Your review of my story was not only uplifting, but enlightening as well.

Meh, still better that the garbage coookie cutter gamer Luna fics

Oh my sweet lord.
I can't decide of this is the best or worst thing to ever happen. Leaning toward the first

Oh come on. At least when you have time?:rainbowlaugh:


Strangely, among the folk rooting for it, I do see bashers.

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