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Like all of my stories, this one has a moral: Don't ignore virus scans on your computer.

Oh dear god.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This is the monster, huh? What death-dealing kraken have thy awoke?

Twilight was still rather distressed by this. Sobbing, she ran all the way home, accidentally knocking Pip into a rosebush. Little british fuck deserved it, don’t worry though.


Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute, if you don't have a clue
I'll tell you all about how I stole your waifu

In West Canterlot, born and raised
In high school was where I spent most of my days
Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool,
And playing my guitar in the middle of school

When my old ex started acting abnormal,
Fucked with a purple girl and crashed the Fall Formal
They got in one little fight and Luna got scared
But I showed that bitch the pictures in the trash can over there

Twilight gave me a hug while I looked at her rear
She said "Thank you, Flash Sentry! I'm so glad you were here!"
If anything, I'd say, that I might miss class,
But I thought "Nah, forget it. I'll still hit that ass."

I went to the dance in my sweet-ass ride
Not much later I had that purple girl on my side
Danced with her with style; she likes to do it right
And doing her in bed was just one hell of a night.


Luz #7 · Jul 8th, 2013 · · ·

I just fucking spat my coffee all over the table. (again)

2839817 This is beautiful.


Only Electrogonorreah?

Not like...Cyber-Syphilis or Robo-herpes?

When I first noticed this shipping fuel in EQG, my only thought was "I give Regidar a month to make clop about that."

2839839 She got off lucky, her death coulda been far worse

2839844 If material, will write


Have material: Sweetie Belle accidentally magically possesses Futashy. And then she rapes Futashy's couch. (Which contains Futashy's mind, since Sweetiebelle is in Futashy's brain.)(Meanwhile, Sweetiebelle is walking around town saying 'I am a couch. I am a couch.')

Chuckward is banned?

2839865 Rather, she should go into couch position and wait for ponies to sit on her. Once the whole mess is sorted out, Sweetie Belle awakes in her own body to find tow colts sitting on her.

Grade A material. Will read for days while getting myself off to it!


This is why you are a brilliant author. 20 bits says you can't break 3k words with this idea.

2839882 yes, and this time it's perma ;_;

2839893 Hurrah!

you really miss him?


"I steal waifu and waifu accessories."

I almost don't want to click on this because of the Sex tag, but Regidar is a special breed of insanity. One that creates a positive feedback loop of curiosity until your composure buckles under the pressure and you are licking the nearest small piece of Styrofoam for comfort.

Dear Mods/Admins of Fimfiction,
We need a Regidar tag badly
Sincerely yours, the Users of Fimfiction


2839919 I do, he was a legend
right up there with Mrhappyface

2839966 that would help me immensely, I could finally filter out all those annoying stories he writes!

2839944 And I take pride in that.

Very hawt.

Robot sex is mah thang. And so is ponah sex.

Little british fuck deserved it!

You made an Irishman piss himself laughing! :pinkiehappy:

2839903 Chuckward is permabanned? Why?

A million times better than the actual movie.

2840003 double whammy

2840005 I'm 75% irish, so it's my duty to hate british people blindly

2840008 he was being racist with an alt

2840010 irk

Damn right you should.

2840015 :fluttercry: May his sexy soul be at peace.

Comment posted by Stygian359 deleted Jul 8th, 2013

Reviewer: Lophane

The following review is as objective as possible but could contain some subjective influences. I'm British by birth, Kiwi by blood, and American by home, take from that what you will.

Once you’ve posted your story in the group A For Effort you’ve accepted to be reviewed. No review is made to humiliate the writer but to make him grow up and enhance his skills.

Name of story : Flashlight

Grammar/Spelling: 9/10
I saw two errors, but they would be easy to changed. Grammar was good all around.

Aside from that... Well, it's definitely your work Regidar 10/10 for originality
Twilight becoming crazed over something not that big fits her character, so in terms of NSFW I'd say you were mostly in character
All in all, I'd say... Regidar will be Regidar



Your story has been approved, it shall be removed from the 'under review' folder and put in the 'main' folder shortly.

Thank you for applying your story for review.

- Lophane

Ha! beat that for a speedy review :pinkiecrazy:

2840052 Huzzah!

2840036 inded ;-;

I've not read the story (yet) and can already tell you, this is one of the best pieces of advice i've gotten in months!

This is quite possibly the most amazing story I have read since the end of the last season. Butterflies my ponies....butterflies...

2840109 Oh boy
this story is going to make it all the more obvious

2840116 no fisto no!

Statement Begin:
And now I follow You
Statement End

That was meant for Regidar

I made a screw up... sorry Chaotic Note if you saw that... it was meant for the author here...
OH WELL :pinkiecrazy:

That's what happens when your baked!

Everyday, All Day! :pinkiehappy:

Chubby little children of any species are her fetish.

Sounds just like you. Also, this is so going into my riff lineup.

An amusing idea, and this has some rather funny parts to it, but it really reads like the rushed through crackfic that it is.

I hope you do some basic editing & revision on this to make it a much more enjoyable fic.

2840231 What? I'm not a pedophile! yet


but it really reads like the rushed through crackfic that it is.

Not really seeing a problem here. It did as it was intended. I guess I might edit it, but I normally don't for my crappy 1-shots, so...

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