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After the assassins sent by a rival Changeling Queen murders the loved one of Queen Chrysalis, she must find a new husband or wife quickly, or be forced into desperate actions for the sake of her swarm before they starve.

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Ouch, poor Chrysy. I am very interested in where this might go.

Uh... so Chrysalis is going to find a new lover... and it's Twilight? Wouldn't that move this story into an AU tag?


Yeah, but then you weren't really clear when this story takes place in line with the canon...

2571242 It's set near what would be Episode 25 of Season 2 when there was the Changeling Canterlot attack.

Will this be going into a canon section before diverting to getting Twilight?

Pacing feels a little jerky but the narrative is nice so far.

oh, hi there i'm chrysalis i love you :twilightblush:

that'tl go down well

Okay, I was under the impression from an earlier chapter this was before the Canterlot invasion but this makes it sound like it is after. I think I'm going to need to reread the story.

it's the Alternative to the Canterlot Inasion.Interesting that it's not the: "Oh i'm soo happy to help you help your people, letÄs make love here and now", but a more Realistic approach. Keep up the work, but don't stress yourself too hard^^

mfg Nordic

plz say yes Twi.
jous make som conditions :scootangel:

while evil should never be seen as a justifiable means to an end, necessary evil as chrissy is doing is understandable, horrid but understandable

This felt super rushed, dood. But it was okay, gotta admit.

It was that or kidnap your aunt --> niece

This is… this story is good, even if my sense of logic is telling me it shouldn’t be. There’s not enough filler for one so it feels like everything has come and gone in seconds. Everything said feels very blunt and strait to the point which isn’t how people really talk at all. Lastly it feels like there’s no emotion whatsoever as you never go into detail about how the characters feel, only going so far as to say they are happy or sad.

So for the life of me I can’t work out why I still find this story entertaining. :applejackconfused:

as before came off a bit rushed but still a good read
one thing in the last paragraph im sure you mean niece not aunt

How many here admit you read this story for the chrysalight shipping.

I got one 1:twilightsmile:

this is a fairly good read, defiantly enjoyable but the pacing needs serious work. i understand that chrysalis is rushing things out of necessity, but there just doesn't seem to be enough material there to get a proper feel for her seance of desperation. that's my only major criticism, everything else stems from that flaw. everything feels rushed and compacted, your doing in one sentence what should probably take a paragraph, or in one paragraph what should be a pages worth of individual events. the dialog is both blunt and compacted, almost to the point of making the characters act out of character, i can see the reason and the logic behind their choices, but it should still take them longer to reach these conclusions however inevitable it is. while the plot is fairly straight forward I'm having a hard time attaching myself to the ongoing crisis because you move between events far to swiftly. a simple fix for some of this might just be to give your self more time to work with, because it feels like you yourself might feel like your under some strain to get this done as fast as possible, and really if the story is good enough, most people can wait a considerably long time for something that truly shines rather then something that just glimmers.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, we are not but dust and to the dust we shall return so that we may give back what we have been given and let the light forever shine. Ahmen

very rushed despit that it is interesting but id like to c more and see were it goes also.....relation problems in the txt
Neice not aunt, also I've read this story three times and I dont' think at any piont Crysalis actually says anything about the rival queen killing sweet heart.

I'm not sure if I could fave this, sorry.

3038808 its in the first or second chapter...she has 12 of her best sent to Chrysalis hive undercover to purposely get ride of there love source...the kill redheart, and when trying to escape one of the 12 is killed then the rest of the swarm chased the other 11 back to there hive.

Well that escalated quickly but hopefully things can come to an agreement instead of possible war next chapter. :) this shall be interesting.

Its been about 30 weeks. Next chapter, perhaps?

This is really good! This is great inspiration for a one-shot I'm working on!:pinkiehappy:


This History Is Dead ?.

The idea of this story is awesome
but this chapter feels very rushed

6038867 Yes, but at least I am writing again, after letting my stories grind to a halt.

Update pleaseeeeee Q_Q

I want more chapters

An interesting idea, this story. I hope you get inspired to continue it! :twilightsmile:

7223590 Slowly I am writing a new chapter of this fic although rl keeps getting in the way.

The only thing I don't like is that the ponies aren't listening twilight said like 3 times what the situation was and they still wonder what's going on

Queen Chelicerae's Plot

didn't realize this was going to be a clopfic

Congrats. In one chapter you have made a very believable, complex antagonist.

All because of the pride of Chrysalis and the vanity and pride of Checl...

This seems to be rushed (to me at least)

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