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I am pleased I joined here and hope to rp on YM with someone.


A pony who has been treated badly for a long time by his family runs away to the Everfree Forest, and meets up with the Changelings.He has something to offer them.

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Woah. That's great! I liked the ending the most, a strange happy ever after.

This was alright I suppose.:eeyup:

tha pain. the pain of wishing of things that are past and no longer possible, now or ever again. yes, there are those that know

Interesting story & ending.

To be pinned under one of these branches would be another way of dying a horrible death either by being crashed or by slowly starving

Did you mean "crushed"?

Is this really an "X Becomes a Changeling" story? Because it was added to that group, and it's never implied that that's what happens here.

5667098 Shall I remove it from the group?

5668048 If it's not an X Becomes a Changeling story... :moustache:

5669972 I'll see about dealing with it within hours. barring real life in the way. If I don't deal with it within 24 hours max, feel free to throw it out yourself.

A short and sweet story, showing what I haven't seen in fics much, that is the god sides of changeling cocoons. I bet there's a lot of ponies who would love to escape their lives. For then what changelings do would be a blessing.


There was a pic there earlier but I think it was hotlinked when that was ok. Sorry.

This was a nice little story

Lovely little story that perfectly captures why I love changelings so much <3

BTW, this is still in the "X becomes a changeling" group even though it is not that type of story.

How do I remove it from the group without deleting it by mistake?

Wow, this was published in 2012?
However old it may be (and rust-written) there is plenty to keep it readable; I won't comment on any writing-characteristics.
This story has been sitting in my "Read It Later" for quite a while, and I'm glad to have gotten around to reading it! I looked through your uploads; it looks like you have another story waiting on me (whoops). Hopefully I don't have to wait too much longer to get to it, because there aren't many changeling-centric authors.

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